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Chapter 3 - Lunch With a Puppet Master

Genoas continued with his story:

Patti loved Julius with all of his heart, but Julius's family deemed her unworthy of marrying him. Julius was angry with his family, and against their wishes, married Patti anyway. He and Patti lived happily for a time, even brought a daughter, Carmen, into the world. At this time, he was in his basement working on a top-secret robotic project. Soon he lacked the funds needed to proceed, so he asked his friend, Paul Fieldbrook, to advance him the money. But Paul was persistent. So he made a deal: if the robot succeeded, then Paul would get the position of president in Sasusaku Robotics, Inc. Paul accepted, and the robots was successful. Paul got the president job, and he was making money hand over fist. But all of that came crashing down. Paul's son Cecil soon fell in love with Carmen. Carmen rejected his advances, so Cecil told his father. When Julius heard about it, he asked Carmen to at least bring Cecil in for a date. Carmen agreed, and the date was slated for the following week. Carmen then called Paul, told him that she loved him, and for the next three days, begun to hatch a plan to embarrass her father. When the night of the date came, Julius thought this would be a way to calm both Paul and Cecil down and make Carmen love Cecil at the same time. But Carmen announced that she was pregnant with Cecil's baby. That sent Julius to a rage, cursing father and son outright. Paul and Cecil struck back, and a fight ensumed. Carmen and Cecil left after the end of it all, laughing all the way to the car. Julius was more than ticked, so he put Carmen off his will and even said to the press, "She's no daughter of mine. I have no girl." This got Carmen very angry, and this led to a bitter father-daughter relationship that lasts to this day. Because of this, Julius felt that he can trust nobody, thus led to a dramatic change in him. He is now the opposite of what he didn't want to become - a cold, ruthless, heartless human being who only purpose is destroy happiness, anyone's happiness.

As soon as Genoas was finished, Gudak, Udak, and myself were shocked. How can one woman, I though, turn a man's colors from green to gray? How can she do a thing like that to her father? If Carmen can break his heart, then surely she has the power to make amends. I asked Genoas if he knew where Carmen was. Genoas told me that Carmen is currently a student, and she just about to head to her next class. That was the opportunity I was hoping. I instructed Genoas to inform Carmen that three very important men wanted to see her, and I gave him the address to the Harunus Legislative Building, where the Gustas have their office at. Before we left Genoas asked us, "The girl has been through a lot, Mayor Stellius. I must ask that you go easy on her."
I gave my word. But I warned him that if she can't give me straight answers, I have no choice but become a ruthless interrogator. Genoas understood, and called for two students to escort us to the exit.

I returned to the Manor a hour later after discussing a battle plan on how to deal with Carmen with the Gustas. I suddenly noticed that there was a envelope taped to the door. It had Sasusaku Robotics' return address on the front, and inside was a letter from Paul Fieldbrook, the president. it read,

Mayor Stellius,

I do not know when you have recieved this letter, but I have some a confession to make. The explanation that I gave to the Gustas was not the entire truth. There are actually 13 robots in the series, the thirteenth made at Mr. Martin's request. The model is S-703, and bears the codename of "Imperium." Mr. Martin wanted Imperium to have more radiation than all of the other humanoids. When I asked Mr. Martin of the purpose of Imperium, he told me that it was just a precautionary measure, in case all go insane and drunk on power. He does not offer an explanation as to why Imperium will be more powerful than all twelve. Mr. Martin originally wanted me to send this letter to inform you of a lunch arrangement on the coming Friday, but I wanted to tell you all I know about Imperium. Only you and the Gustas know this information, and for right now, that's how I want it to stay.
I shall be in touch.

Paul Fieldbrook

I quickly stuffed the letter into my vault and went into an influx of emotion. Was Fieldbrook really telling the truth, or was this another one of Martin's bold-faced lies?

The next day John Hikaru came to see me. He said that Carmen G. Martin had started a robotics business of her own, appropriately named Narusaku. The business was started by a large cash donation by Paul Fieldbrook, which supports his story that he has distanced himself from his boss. Carmen had made plans to buy the Robots from her father, yet the negotiations are going nowhere at this moment. But Carmen wants to show her father that she can do business by hereself, which greatly impressed me. Before he left, John left me a hand-written note from Carmen, informing me to come to the Narusaku headquarters at 1261 Harunus Court at my earliest convienence. She also told me to bring two members of the Legislature with me. I called the Gustas, telling them to come to the Manor immediately.

1261 Harunus Court was a relatively old building with the smell of renovation. Gudak and Udak advised me that they still don't know what we are getting ourselves into, but I assured them there would be no surprises, at least for now.
"Ms. Martin is currently busy right now," said the secretary as we stated our business. "If you can wait here, I will infrom her that you are here." She vanished between golden-painted double doors, which I assumed was the entrance to Carmen's spacious office. I had noticed that the office was very beautiful. According to Udak, their office was done the same way.
"Ms. Martin will see you now."
We entered pass the double doors. We walked into a narrow hall and another set of double doors. We opened them, and the most beatiful office I had ever seen was behind me. And I saw her.
She was lovely, with red hair and sapphire-blue eyes. She has a shapely figure. and her grace and charm is normal of a young woman at the age of 23.
"Mayor Stellius, Senators Gusta, please come in and sit down." Her voice complements here beauty.
As we sat down Carmen began to look at us suspisiously. Finally she said, "I am sure you have plenty questions. I cannot promise you I will have a logical answer for all, but please ask them."
"This is my question," Gudak said. "Why did you decieve your father like this?"
"I was hoping you would ask that first," she said. "I understand you know all too well about my father's attempts to use the DarkStars for some humanoids he has built. But I am sure that the robots are just a cover."
"What are you-"
"You see, Senator Gusta, my father, Julius A. Martin, is a power-hungry businessman. He will do anything short of murder to accomplish his goals. I am well aware of the use to which my father put Sasusaku Robotics. He pays his friends and cronies by that name, and by some way Paul let this little fact slip when he wrote to you two days ago."
"How power-hungry?" Gudak asked.
"He tried to eliminate his closest business opponent to gain a foothold on the government's new contracts for robotic work."
Who is the closest compeitior?"
"Me, Mayor Stellius."
I was shocked.
"The reason that most of Sasusaku's products never make to the assembly plant," Carmen went on, "is that my father always wants something that can give him the leg up on his business ventures. Such as the case with these humanoid robots he is claming to test right now. I am not a very good businesswoman with a sharp intellect, but all I know is that Dad is hiding something with the production of the robots."
"You think so, huh?" said Gudak.
"I do not think so, Senator Gusta, but I know," said Carmen. "Which is why I have summoned you here. I want you to know that I have just aquired the humanoids from my father, and I intend to give you free acess to the robots for you approval."