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Chapter 2: Discovery

In a few minutes, Carl D. Ross, director of the Stellian Bureau of Investivgation was before Udak and Gudak in their legislative offices. Udak told him right off the bat, "Did you gather any dirt on Martin that we should know about?"
Ross shook his head and said simply, "No, Senator Gusta."
"Well then, you have to ask your men to step it up," said Gudak sternly, "Because we have a conversation between Martin and Fieldbrook talking some kind of top-secret plan!"
I hit play on the boom box, and Ross listened what I listened to just a few moments ago. Ross looked at me and said, "Mr. Stellius, when did Fieldbrook last spoke with you?"
"Last week, at my office," I recalled. "But he was with another man."
"Then that second man could tell us what in the blue heck Martin's got up his sleeve. Ain't nothing that a little supoena woudn't fix."
"Just a moment, Carl," said Udak. "Martin might be on to us right now. His manipulation runs deep. Even the purest of hearts can believe his lies. I'm very certain that he may have planted a bug to listen in right now. We just don't know where it is."
I noticed a small red light blinking in the wall where Gudak was standing. I got Udak's attention. "Do you see the red light that's blinking above your brother's head?"
Udak soon saw it. He told Gudak to take cover, smashed his fist into the wall, and reached into the hole. Soon he found what appeared to be reminants of a mini camera. "Like I said, Carl," he said as he tossed the battered camera away, "Martin would do anything, and darn it, I MEAN EVERYTHING to make sure we issue a blank check for the pieces. But if me, Gudak, and Mr. Stellius have our way, Martin would lose this breadwinning contract. Now, Carl, I want to keep looking at the tax returns, financial statements, balance sheets, everything that proves that Martin's really dishing out robots."
"Robots? What robots?"
Gudak handed Ross the blueprints of the weaker models given to me by Fieldbrook. "These robots!" he said.
"I have seen these blueprints before. I was digging around some files, until I have a CD-ROM. When I loaded it, it had the same blueprints along with the schematics. The ones you gave me, Gudak, these are six robots. The file I read shows a series of tweve robots. Did Fieldbrook said anything about that?"
"No, he didn't reveal the names of the more stronger models," I said. "All Fieldbrook can tell us is that he will reveal the stronger models during the hearing in two weeks."
"Which means, Carl," said Udak, "You have to step it up a little bit. Martin's been throwing his weight around for too long. We need to stop his free ride."
"I will try, Senator Gusta. Good day to you both, and to you also, Mr. Stellius." and he left with a smile on his face.
"Nice guy," I said.
"Yeah. A little too nice," Gudak concurred.

I returned to Stellius Manor around 6:00 that night. I saw a note taped to my door. I took the note and then went inside. Afer I had sat in my chair, I read the note.

Want to know the real truth about Julius A. Martin? Come to the Seka Dragosian Arts School at dawn. Bring two with you, but no one else.

Genoas Samus

I immediately called Gudak's private line and left a message. Around 8:57 he and Udak came to the Manor to speak with me. I showed them the note. Gudak said right now he needed all the dirt on Martin he can get. So he and Udak agreed to accompany me to the Seka School. That night I recieved a call from Joseph. He told me that my former assistant and good friend John Hikaru wanted to see me when I returned. I wrote a note about the appointment and sticked it to my desk. I then went to bed.

The Seka School is located in the foothills outside of Stellia, in the Galational Mountains. It took a lot of manpower to actally get to the school. Gudak, Udak, and myself started at the foothills, where my house is located. We then went through three major stages to reach the Seka School, which is on the third stage. The font door was right in front of us. I knocked on the door. A young student opened. I introduced myself, and said that I had an appointment with Genoas-sensei. She directed us to the main study room, and told us to wait for a few minutes while she lets him know we're here. We talked to each other until a old man appeared before us. He is in an yellow robe, with a walking stick in his right hand, and a file folder clutched in his left hand.
"Genoas Samus, I presume?" I asked.
"You are right. I am Genoas."
"Please me my two associates, Senator Udak Gusta of the Ninetieth District, and his elder brother Gudak, Senator of the One Hundred Seventh District. They have come seeking the truth as well."
"I know why they have come with you, Mayor Stellius," Genoas said. "The question is, can you handle what I am about to tell you?"
"We are prepared," Gudak said. "Please begin, Genoas-sensei."
Genoas sat down and told his tale:

This is the story of Julius A. Martin, and how he became the cold and heartless creature that he is today. I know, because I trained him 10 years ago. When Julius came to Seka seeking the Dragosian Arts, He was a gentler, kinder sprit. He got accostomed to the Seka way very quickly. He became friends with most of the other students. One day, he came to me with an curious question. "Genoas-sensei," he asked, "Why is that that most of the friends I left back at Stellia, rich people like me, call you a liar and radical?"
It was truly odd, because no student ever asked that question. As I was looking for a way to explain, I remembered another student, John D. Hikaru, who asked me a similar question. So I explained it to Julius the way I told John: "My student, you may have had a priviliged life, but as for me and the rest of the student body, times were tough. Your friends shrug me off, saying behind my back, 'How can a poor man teach me how to live my life? That is nonsense!' so they view me as a radical because they had not heard me speak. Their souls are willing, but their minds are not." Julius has a sense of renewal and calmness. He told me that his parents will send him to business school once he was back in Stellia. But he told me he would not forget what I had just taught him. Julius continued to be a model student. He also met a young woman, Patti Persias, while he was here. Patti soon confided to me that it was love at first sight. The two would soon be all around campus, and everybody wished them well. It was then time for Julius to leave the School. He gave Patti his house address and his phone number, and told her to call if she had the chance. She called during classes, and at night, when everybody was asleep. Soon Patti graduated and the first she did on the outside was see Julius. He loved her even more. But because of her family's backgorund, Julius's family wouldn't want anything to do with her.