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"Sasuke! Are you ok? I heard a lot of noise and came to see if you were ok!"

"Yes, I'm fine. I was just angry, thats all."

"But look at your bed! It's flipped on it's side! And what's this?" she said picking up the deformed metal ball.

She was very observant and that bothered me a little. But she wasn't exactly subtle with the way she fawned over him. When I stopped to think about it I wonder if I did the right thing and stayed out of Sasuke's life, would she be his girlfriend? But my thoughts were interupted when Sauske spoke.

"Oh it's nothing. I flipped over the bed because I miss my girlfriend, Hime, that's all."

I smiled seeing the shock and hurt on her face. I know it was a little conceited but I felt like he was mine. I've waited almost a hundred years for my true love to come along. Now that he has, I'm not letting him go. So this girl bothered me a bit more then a human should bother a vampire.

"Oh you have a....... girlfriend? That's nice. What does she look like?"

HA! the only thing I could do was laugh. She was trying to compare my looks to hers! This also self conceited, was a little funny. Because I am immortal I'm beautiful to humans. I look like this because I can lure my prey to me. Which is kind of nice not having to work so hard for dinner. Too bad I don't hunt humans!

"Oh," he said a little unprepared for the question, "well, she's beautiful. She has stunning hazel eyes, short spiky brunett hair, and frosted blond bangs. With amazingly smooth alabaster skin."

I could tell he wasn't paying attetion anymore. He was staring off into space thinking of detail about my appearence. He turned his attention to the wndow, turning away from the girl. She frowned clutching at her waist length blond hair in her hands and wiping the little bit of wetness from her ice blue eyes before continuing.......

"You know Sasuke, I'm here for you. I could do anything you want, be anyone you want."

This was her attempt at taking my place. Becoming what I am to him. Which is funny because she thinks that are relationship is what you would say, more physical then emotional, for him to be this crazy about me. But she was wrong. Our relationship could never progress that far because of my bloodlust. Just because I don't drink human blood doesn't mean that I don't lust for it. There's only one way that our relationship could be that way and that's if I made him immortal. Something that I am very against doing. I will not steal his soul for my own greed, and even to a point, his.

Then he was laughing. Not at her but at her feeble attempt at replacing me. She glared at him. Not with anger but with hurt. She's always been wanted by guys and to be rejected by the only one she wants is hard for her.

"What?" she choked out, blinking back tears. Her voice breaking a little at the end.

"Rose," he said, his voice thick with apology, "I'm not trying to be rude. But, it's just not that simple. I can't just pretend your Hime. That would be wrong. Not just in my case, but in yours as well. You will always know that it's not you I would have those feelings for. Rose, your my friend nothing more."

She was very upset and just managed to just leave the room before she burst into tears. Sasuke sighed and turned away from the door. I was standing in front of him. He jumped a little because of how fast I got there.

"You heard that didn't you?" he muttered, blushing a little at what he said about me to Rose.

"Well, I am the perfect hunter so hearing is one of my strong suits. I thought what you said about me was very sweet."

"I meant every word." he said looking right into my eyes. "Do you think I was to hard on Rose?"

"Of course not. You broke it to her gently and told her nothing but the truth. You also delt with the matter as soon as the issue presented itself so as not to give her false hopes."

"Ok, thank you. That makes me feel a lot better. How about we start cleaning up my apartment?"

"Alright! But don't you mean our apartment?" I said.

"Yes. Our apartment" he said smiling at his words.

I danced around the room picking up stray kunis and righting, then making the bed. Sasuke walked to the dresser and picked up the ball of kuni I made. He looked at it carfuly turning it over and over. Then a puzzled look shot acrossed his face. He looked up and seen I was watching him.

"Love," I smiled a little at the nick name he had for me, "what am I holding in my hands?"

A smile shot across my face as I thought about when the ball was a kuni in my hand.

"Well, hon, remeber that kuni you were holding when I attacked you in front of the dresser? I got excited and needed to vent, so what you hold in your hands in the product of my excitment."

He laughed, amused at my recap of the night. I walked closer to him and wraped my arms around him, standing on the tips of my toes so I could touch his lips to mine. Suddenly my feet weren't touching the ground and I was floating to some place I couldn't see, because I refused to seperate our lips.

Then I felt the soft cushion of the bed, heard it creaking softly from our wait. He laid over me, kissing me harder and faster than before. I pushed him away quickly before he pushed me too far and he didn't have his life to gamble with, at my expence, anymore.

Although his mouth moved off my lips they didn't leave my skin. He continued kissing me from my jaw line and down my neck. This had to stop. Now. Before he knew it he was lying by himself on the bed, and I was standing across the room by the window.

"Mabe I should hunt now rather then tomorow. You may be willing to risk your life with me, but I'm going to be as safe as I can. Don't worry I won't be long."

With that I was out the window and running. Letting my senses take over me fully. I searched in the dark looking for the slightest movement. Finally I caught the sent of a mountain lion. I stopped and searched. He was up in a tree 100 ft from were I stood, looking down at the small prey below. I jumped in the trees and drifted silently into position. I crouched down exposing my teeth, hissing and growling. The lion turned and swiped at me hoplessly. I launched myself at him. My hands making contact first, they grabed at the folds in his skin tearing chunks of fur out. My teeth made contact next and clasped on to the top vertibra of the neck and sqeezed until I heard a sharp crack. The lion lay lifeless in my hands as I began to drink deeply.

When I was done I raced back home. I jumped trough the window to find Sasuke waiting up for me in a chair. I walked in and stood before him. He got up and laughed a little bit. I stood there puzzled as he got up and walked towards me, grabbing a rag from the bathroom on the way. He came over and wiped my mouth with it. I looked down at the towl to see it red with blood. I apologized quickly as he started pulling leaves and twigs from my hair.

He laughed a little when he seen my riped clothing. I streched and yawned.

"Could I borrow a shirt? I don't want to dirty your furniture with my dirty clothes."

"Oh, yeah of course you can. They're in the top drawer to the left."

"Thank you."

When I finished dressing in the bathroom, I came out to find him asleep on the bed. It had been a long night. And I wouldn't doubt he had been training hard that morning and afternoon. I curled up next to him and fell asleep to the sound of his soft snoring.

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I got excited and needed to vent, so what you hold in your hands in the product of my excitment."

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This is great without being corny and it it COOL!

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need inspiration!