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I lay there on his bed taking in his sweet sent. All my senses are alert when I hear the door slide open. I see two red eyes staring at me. He doesn't know this but even though I'm ten feet away, I could see the single tear streak down his face, leaving a glistening trail. He wiped it away and walked into the pitch black room.

He walks over to and places his warm arms around my waist and pulling me into his lap. I sit there. It's the happiest I've been since the day he left. I feel his lips at my ear.......

"I told you not to come looking for me" he said.

"You knew I wouldn't listen. But I tried, I really did, to stay away. It was so hard. It felt like you did worse then leave. It was like you.......... "

As he felt my tears he held me closer. I never wanted him to let go. He lifted my face with the tips of his fingers. His red eyes staring into my green. Then he kissed me. The feeling sent a chill through my body as I clutched tighter.

Then I pulled away. Though disapointed, he knew why I had to.

"If they find you here....." he said, "I don't want to think what they'll do to you.

"Don't underestimate me" I said in a playful tone.

He knew I was dangerous. I told him so the first day we met knowing that we would be together for a long time. But I never let him know exactly how dangerous I was. I know I should tell him but......

"I know I told you I am dangerous, and that I never exactly explained how much exactly. And I don't want to, because I'm afriad it might scare you away" I said shuting my eyes tight, not wanting to see his reaction.

"At this point I'm surprised your not afraid of me! Where we are. What I'm training for! It isn't exacly the safest thing ever" he said trying to make a point.

"And what I do! How I think! WHAT I AM! YOU WOULD BE SAFER STAYING AWAY FROM ME! And your worried about me? You should be screaming for your life because I'm alone with you! Everything about me is a trap! The way I look, how I smell, my intelligance, my grace. EVERYTHING! When I was human I was very different from the girl you fell in love with!"

"I know. And I don't care what you are. I would love you no matter what, vampire or human. It doesn't matter to me" he said smiling.

"I love you too, but what price do you and I have to pay for that? Your life? YOUR SOUL?"

He just stared at me thinking about what I said. I shut my eyes and listened. His chest was moving up and down jerkily. I looked up.

"Are you laughing?"

His chuckle turned into an all out roar.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to upset you but it's hard to believe! I know you wouldn't lie to me. But your a five foot four, 110 lb. girl.... that can kill me?"

I sat there a little upset that he couldn't see how dangerous I was to him.

"Would you like me to prove it?"

"Of course, love. You know I won't turn down a challenge."

"Ok tough guy! Give me all you got don't hold back. I won't be holding back and that could be dangerous. So be careful."

"Ok, but what do I get when I win?"

"I don't know. But when I win I get to ask to stay here with you."


"Oh come on! Two seconds ago you were so sure you were going to win are you doubting yourself, Mr. Uchiha?"

"Fine but if I win you can only visit like this every once in a while."

"Alright fine!" I said quickly so he couldn't change his mind. "Ready, set, GO!"

As soon as I said the words he shot off the bed into the center of the room. I got into a crouch baring my teeth and hissing quietly. I launched myself through the air, three shuriken taking my seat. I seen the red eyes at the dresser and was there in less then half a second. But he was ready. He had a kuni out waiting. I grabbed it and squeezed until it was a ball of metal in my hand.

I looked up and he was gone. Quickly I moved from were I was standing, seeing him in the far corner of the ceiling. He blinked and I was gone. I hid under the bed, knowing that when he jumped down the springs would give him away.

I heard the soft creeking of the bed, then the soft thud on the floor and his feet were visible. I waited until he was in the middle of the room and not facing me. I lept from were I was, knocking the bed sideways into the wall.

Before he knew it he was weaponless and I was on his back, my lips at his throat.

"I win" I whispered against his skin. Then kissed the largest vein in his neck feeling the blood flow under his skin, smelling its sweet smell. It's almost like it sings to me.

I jumped down and faced him. I was a little afraid that I had scared him. Then I heard him laughing again.

"That.... Was.... Awesome!" he said between laughs.

"Well, I guess this means I'm staying!"

He frowned a little but noded in agreement. Then I heard foots steps down the hall. They were probably coming to investigate the noise.

"Sasuke, someones coming. I'll be back when they leave."

In a flash I was out the window. The door slid open and I heard a female voice.

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It's a-w-e-s-o-m-e, sempai! I luv it, girl! yay! i found you! heehee! yay! It's sexy(can i say sexy?) and yet innocent! You create the hottest characters! Teehee! I luvs it! Your fic is Kabuto Aproved!

Before he knew it he was weaponless and I was on his back, my lips at his throat.

"I win" I whispered against his skin.

that was my favorite, yay!

Encouroging optimism, keep goin'

you rock, sempai!

Sailor Mystery
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That was so awsome! I love the detail LOL

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i ne inspiiation to write thehird chapter! Give me awesome feed back ppl! plz?

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The storyline rocks! Keep going with that theme. She should come to live with them. You might want to introduce a major antagonist. Maybe not so much as a person as her own issues in being a Vampire and Having a relationship with a human. IDK, thats all i got.

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あうぇそめ しとり!

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Wow that was not only awesome but dangerously sweet! I enjoyed reading and think you definatly have talent for writing fan fiction!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!