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07-30-2008, 01:40 AM
I meant to take a break from corrections for a while, but then I found this one half-finished in my lyrics folder and decided that I ought to finish it up before starting anything else. So here I am.

(Also: man, this was an embarrassing song to translate.)



>deashi sosogitai yo
JERASHII sosogitai yo

>kyuu ni tegatao dakiyoseru
kyuu ni senaka o dakiyoseru

>mune no todo o tsukami
mune no kodou tsukami

>towa no taikoku chigatte
towa no haitoku chikatte

>saa hizamatsuide ai o koyouni
saa hizamazuite ai o kou you ni

>saa hagirainado jyubakutto warae
saa hajirai nado jubaku to warae



Where do I even start? There aren't errors, per se, it's more that the so-called translator completely threw out the original lyrics and made up a completely different song to the tune of this one. I mean, just look at the first stanza:

kizu o tsuketai sono hada ni
boku no ai de shibari
nidoto kienu ato o

Current translation:
>Though I've seen friendships ruined when love is involved,
>I just can't resist anymore
>I need you, more than you'll ever know

My translation:

I want to wound your body
And bind it with my love
Leaving marks that will never fade

I... don't think I even need to explain what the problem with the current one is, seriously.

Attached are my corrected versions.