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07-22-2008, 06:10 PM
This is like a Sasusaku story and kinda like a Narusaku and InoSasu
well there are some couples of Naruto in this story so yeah i hope yoo enjoy it!

Main Characters:Sakura,Sasuke,Naruto,Ino,Hinata,Shikama ru,Moegi,Rocklee,Kiba,Temari,
Gaara,Tenten,and Neji!!!
More characters will appear later on in the story.

Sakura Haruno:
A very timid,innocent,kind,gentle girl .That is 18 years-old.who has a beautiful voice and also has Leukimia and is very poor.She lives with her little sister Moegi and her mom and dad.Sakura has many dreams but sh eknows that her dreams will never come true.But she has one dream that she hopes before she dies she hopes i'll come true.Her dream is that ii sfor someone to love her for who she is.Her life is very harsh and she survers cause Moegi is dying because she has a tumor so she'll do whatever she can to help her stay Alive.But Sakura is Gonna be an Angle someday.But moegi has a tumor and there is a possibility that she could stay alive.By apperating her but her parents don't have enough money to afford the opperation.But one day Sakura got accpeted to a singing schooll but when she's there this are a disasterd becasue of someone!

Sasuke Uchiha:
Sasuke is a very popular guy in the singing school.Sasuke has a great voice also all the girls are after him.All tha girls want to be near him.Sasuke is the top student in all the singing classes.Sasuke hopes when they fo back to singing school he'll find that is sweet,kind,and other things.But Sasuke survers of his parents death.But Sasuke Doesn't know that he is adopted.Sasuek doesn't really know that his REAL parents died.

Ino Yamanka:
Ino is the most popular girl in the school.Who thinks she is all cool and could get anyoneshe sees all to her self.But Ino survers because the death of her motherand she lives with her farther and he hits her everyday when she is in vacation for no reason.Ino takes away Sasuke from Sakura.She also does bad things to Sakura!

Naruto Uzumaki:
Naruto is Sasuke best friend.He also has to survers because his little brother Konahamaru is dying because of cancer.He struggles some days he feels sad and other days he feels happy.And another thingd that he struggles of his that his mom blames everything on Naruto.Like she blamed it on him of why Konahamaru got Cancer.So he also has a Harsh life!!

Hinata Hyuuga:Hinata is Sakura's best friend.But at first Hinata also struggels of the death of her parents so she lives with her aunt on vacation.Which her aunt makes Hinata to all the chours and yells at her and hits her for no reason too.So she wishes that someday that she'll never live with her aunt anymore and that she'll find her true love someday!And exept her for who she is!

And if you liked it plz let me know!And be honest!
Chapter 1 part 1 Sakura Haruno

Sakura:Mom, Where is my backpack!I'm gonna be late for school!
Mom:It's next to Moegi's bed
Sakura:K thanks i'll be going now!
MOm:K bye have a nice day at school!
Dad:Bye Sakura
Moegi:Bye Sakura!
(Sakura hed out the door and went to school.As Sakura enerted school everyone kept on looking at her,Like if she had a bug ion her face Sakura went to her first class everyone still kept on looking at her!She sat down on her seat and felt neavors.As her teacher walked in class the priciple walked in as well and he annocend)
Principle:Ladies and Gentleman,Sakura Haruno got accepted to that new Sining school so let's all give her a grand of a plause!And she'll be starting next week!
(Not almost everyone clapped and Sakura was very very shocked!She told her Parents about it!They let her be in the Singing school!0
ONe week later..
(Sakura packed everything that she had away and put it in a suitcase.And she put it in a car that will take you to the Bording Singing School!She said byr to everyone!)
Sakura:bye mom,dad.and moegi.
(She gave everyone a hug and a kiss on the cheek.She put her last suitcase in the car.while she opened the car door moegi came running and said!)
Moegi:Sakura don't go who will play with me who will take care of me and who will drive you to the cementary when i die?
(Sakura was very surprised that Moegi said that.)
Sakura:don'tsay that your not gonna die.... i'll miss you
Moegi:I'll miss you too
Sakura:Here Moegi i want ou to have my Charm bracelet!that i found in the streets.
Moegi:But it's your and ....
Sakura:I want you to have it
9Moegi nodded.They gave eachother one last hug!Tears fell ou tof there eyes.Sakura got up went inside the car and left!

To be countined......To Part 2 Yeah i think it was short but the next part might be longer!Hope you liked it