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07-16-2008, 11:05 AM
Miko-san by: J.R. (the) King

Chapter 2: What to do?

Raising three kids, let alone three boys is hard…Especially for a single mom in her forties like myself. If that wasn’t enough Saber had to go out and buy a damn dog. It hasn’t even been two weeks yet and she’s managed to do her business in every room of the house.

That is, all except the kitchen. Thank goodness. I suppose I can make do as long as he’s taking care of her full time and remaining to be the man of the house. Still, I suppose she is a cute little runt.

“Tch…Saber, turn that music down already and come eat!!”

“I got pain I can’t even express, go to war not wearing a vest, if the mother ****ers lay me to rest then I blow a blunt on the day of my death. I just went to see my father in the place that he rests.”

“Pocket full of cash, older now I step in my Jordan’s, die for anyone that you see in my squadron. **** was illegal now it’s legal; we ain’t begging your pardon. We ain’t sell our souls, we ain’t come with a bargain…”

-Sigh- my mom would have a problem with the music, because it puts up too much competition for being the loudest. Anyway I ended up naming the pup Miko, Japanese for Priestess.

The name was fitting; she’d be loyal, friendly, yet a strong protector of her new family all at once and she seemed to like it. Anytime I cooed her name, she would dash right over to me and sit at my feet with her ears folded back, tongue hanging out, and tail constantly whipping in every direction.

No one would be a bigger fan of those big brown eyes than me…”I’ll love you till death.” I smiled down at her as we headed down the steps to the kitchen.

I crossed the threshold of the kitchen and turned to Miko. “You know what to do.” She let off a slightly squeaky bark and proceeded down another flight of stairs into the den while I fixed my plate.

I gave my mom thanks and a kiss on the cheek and went into the den where Miko lay by her food and water bowl. “Breakfast…” I smiled and went into the garage to get her Puppy Chow. For now, one hand full would do. I had large hands anyway so she was still getting spoiled.

While she ate, I ate… Until then I watched ESPN to check in on any morning Sports news.

I said goodbye to Miko for now, and assured her I would be home soon. I went out to the 88 Supra and began to get in when I heard a voice.

“Yo! Saber!!” It was Rika. She was a tough little cutie, or that was my thought. Her attitude left most guys acting like they were third graders.

“What’s going on?" I seemed dumbfounded only because she was walking instead of sitting behind the wheel of her EVO.

She always had that feisty look on her visage so it was hard to read her most of the time but along with it usually came clues. “My car isn’t tuned the way I like it so thanks for the ride.” She said nonchalantly opening the door to the white vehicle.

Rika was a gear head and pretty. She usually kept her hair tied back with chopsticks exposing her soft but stern facial features. She wore tight things, leather, straps, buckles, tanks, but not skirts. Her bust, waist, hips, and toned *** made all gawk but I knew better. I suppose that’s why we got along but I’m not exactly a choirboy myself.

“Start this baby up Saber, lets go!” She would snap at me as I climbed in over the door. It was hot out so I had the roof off. I didn’t respond and let the engine roar to life as she was trying to speak.

She slapped the **** out of me and disengaged the Supra. “What the hell, girl..”

She slapped the **** out of me again and I began to growl, giving her my war face. “You better wipe that stupid look off your face, you know better than to call me girl like I’m some floozy, and I was asking about your dog!”

“Dog’s fine, she eats, she sleeps, she plays, and she does her business all over the house. What more can I say?” I finally turned the ignition again and pulled out of the drive.

I loved being behind the wheel of my Supra; she was still pretty new to me but I had her tuned right and ran her tough. Stopping at a light, I stole a glance over to Rika, and noticed a small smile but it quickly went away when she saw I was staring.

“You want another?!” She asked as she raised her hand.

“Pfft, relax…all I did was see you smile.”

“I don’t smile.” She snapped and for the most part she was right, she usually was smirking or grinning. Ya know of the devious, conniving sorts.

“If you didn’t have so much cleavage I’d swear you were a man.” I joked.

“You want me to bounce that head of yours off the hood of your own car?” She retorted and grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back. This was ok since I was already parked in the school lot.

“I know this might hurt.” I smirked. “But this is really getting me turned on.” I licked my lips gave her this wild, wily stare that she couldn’t stand since that’s what I used to get close to the air headed girls around campus.

“Ugh.” She said disgusted and just got out of the car. I locked up and took the face off my CD Player. The car had a built in alarm but it wouldn’t keep someone from getting my faceplate.

We were seniors and well respected I guess, but popularity wasn’t my scene. I liked to be like a poster on a wall…observing. Another reason Rika and I hung out a lot besides our love for cars, she’d taught me everything.

“So you got your first race tonight.” She told me as she sat on someone’s M3. She hated BMW’s, especially Mercedes’, especially those who drove them, and even more the parents who bought them for their kids.


“Gotta burn your tires out sometime, we’re gonna give em a show…me and you, team race against those punks downtown with their so called ‘shop.’” She said in disgust while grinning all at once.

“Uh, I don’t know…”

She stepped up to me, in a sultry manner at that. “Aw, what’s wrong Supra Man.” She put her face next to mine whispering into my ear. “Run out of cock?”

We were caught in the moment when Blake’s RX-7 skirted up. “Don’t give it to him too early Rika, he’s gonna need it after he loses.” Jake instigated from the passenger seat of his brother’s car.

I looked back to Rika as if she were crazy since Blake’s RX-7 was left hand drive, straight from Japan. If it weren’t bad enough Jake had a Toyota Altezza back at home known as the Lexus 350 here in America.

“Just make sure you don’t granny shift and jump on the clutch, amateur.” Rika retorted then grabbed my arm nearly ripping it off as we headed towards the building while the brothers drove off yelling and laughing mockingly behind us.

“Well ****, Rika!”

“Don’t cry you’re taking on the RX-7. I swear, boys are such babies I’ll see you after school.” She let me go and went off in the other direction, hips swaying like clockwork.

When lunch came, I ducked from the girls and my boys even Rika. I needed to clear my mind and have some time to myself, and mom was at work.

As I went inside and shut the door behind me I kicked my shoes off and made sure the coast was clear but as I walked upstairs I noticed a trail of fur, which led to my room.

I was nervous, had someone come in and hurt my dog? I grabbed my aluminum ball bat from the closet and let my hand mold around the doorknob before bum rushing my own room.


“What the fuuu.” There was a person, a naked person, a naked female person with a caramel complexion and black/brown striped ears and a tail that ran up to me on all fours before standing on two.

Her paws turned to five fingered hands and five toed feet, she pounced me, licking my face. “Welcome home master!” She would nuzzle me but my mind was stuck on stupid.

To Be Continued