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07-13-2008, 07:41 PM
Chapter 3

Tsunami and Isamu had entered the Forbidden Area and were now walking on a path that led into the forest. "We better hurry and get through the forest before anything happens. There's dragons raoming around." Isamu suggested as they walked into the woods. They heard the chirping of birds and the grass ruffle under the paws and hooves of animals.

Half way through the forest, they heard a loud roar that seem to shkae the entire Earth. "We gotta go now!" Isamu said scanning around.
"A dragon." Tsunami had always wanted to see a dragon and now would be her chance. "No... we'll wait."
"What?! Are you crazy!? That thing can roast us alive!"
"I'm staying. You can go on ahead. I can catch up." Tsunami looked at Isamu, not budging.
"You're serious." He shook his head slowly. "Fine, I'll stay, too." Another load roar shouted out at the skies. "It's gotten closer."
Tsunami just nodded and scanned the canopy's of the trees. All of a sudden, a burst of wind came, making dirt and twigs swirl in the air, making it hard to see. Tsunami covered her eyes and saw a large shadow heading right towards them. It landed a few feet away from her and let out another roar. Isamu covered his ears.

Once the dust had cleared, she saw the dragon. It had black scales all over it's body, bright purple eyes much like her own. The dragon's claws were massive compared to her size and it's red wings were larger than its own body! It roared but it sounded like it said, "What have you come here for!? Leave my territory and I will spare you lives!" Tsunami stared at the dragon. "D-Did you just say something!?"
"What!? Tsunami you're crazy! It can't speak!" Isamu was filled with fright.
"You can hear me!?" The dragon asked.
"Yes. I can, b-but why can't Isamu?" Tsunami rubbed her eyes to clear away some of the dirt that got in her eyes.
"Tsunami! What are you talking about?!" Isamu drew his sword.
"What is your name?" The dragon seemed surprised that someone actually understood him.
"I'm Tsunami Ryuu. And you are?"
"Ryuu?! As in the heir to these great lands?"
"What? I-I'm no heir."
"Then why are you here?"
"I'm trying to find a person that killed my parents. A swordsman."
"I saw someone pass by here not to long ago. His name was Takeshi I believe."
"Then I must find Takeshi and put an end to his life!" Tsunami looked at the dragon with pride.
"Takeshi? Who's that?" Isamu put his sword back in it's sheeth. Tsunami turned to look at him and said, "It's the killer that I'm looking for. This greatful dragon has helped us answer our question on who he is, just now, where to find him." Tsunami turned back toward the dragon.
"He was heading toward the village of Gugano, right down this path." The dragon pointed at a path that was unoticable with a flick of his tail.
"Thank you... What is your name?"
"Kuami. I will let you pass through here without any interupptions on your quest from any other dragons." With those final words, Kuami flew off above the tree tops and out of sight. Tsunami turned to Isamu, "Kuami said we could head down that path." She pointed with her sword.
"Tsunami, I swear, you're going crazy." Isamu smiled. "What path? Who is Kuami?"
"I'll explain on the way." She put the Mizuku back and headed down the hidden trail.
"She's crazy." Isamu muttered and ran to catch up with Tsunami.
"Why did Kuami say I'm a heir to these lands?" Tsunami thought as Isamu ran up beside her. "I'll soon find out after I kill that swordsman!"