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Godess Azmaria
07-13-2008, 11:44 AM
Chapter 8

Shinobu felt the coldness get under her skin, getting to her heart.
"Will i freeze to death?"
She was having a fever, and she was cold and warm at the same time. Shinobu was hungry too.
It felt like forever she had gotten anything to eat.
"If I had one wish left in this world, I would wish to die, pass over to the other side."

She tried to not think about the others at Hinata.
"I can't take this anymore.."
Shinobu folded her hands, and prayed to let this pain come to an end, one way or another.

"Dear god(or Buddha, or whatever they praise in Japan/Asia) please let me go to heaven, let me leave this painful life on earth."

Shinobu had been ill, for quite a while now. And she wasn't getting better. Was this His punishment?
"What did I do wrong? Please tell me!" Shinobu thought about it.
"Was it the last wash of clothes, was it the last thing I cleaned? Or was it my love for Keitaro?!"
Someone opened the door, in a hurry.
Shinobu wanted to say something, but the words wouldn't come.
"What's happening?"
"Here is your food, this is dinner, so you won't get more today until 10 o'clock, OK?"
"Um, yeah, may i ask one question?"
"What happened to Sihozu? Where is he?" I haven't seen him around for quite a while."

"Oh, you mean the guy that brought you here?"
"He is dead, it's been 2 days ago now." Shinobu felt the world froze.
Sihozu had often visited her, to make her less lonely.
Sihozu got in a fight with one of the other's on the ship, and the other person he was pissing off, shot him in the chest.
The man didn't look at Shinobu while he said it, but he didn't have sorrow in his voice. He left.

Shinobu felt she was someone else, she fell/sat down on the floor, not moving.

The world was gone, and she was the only one left.
They had taken away the one thing in her life now that actually mattered for her! "If I only had a gun in my hand,I would shoot myself..."Shinobu said out loud.

She remembered one of their conversations....

"Sihozu, when did you come here?"
"Since i was 5 years old, its my father that rules this organization, and im supposed to take over when he dies."
"And do you want to take over for him?"
"NO, I'd rather die than taking his place, for all i care, he can rot in hell!
Shinobu kept listening.
"I hate him, I always have, and i always will. If there was one thing I could do to make up for my father, I would let you go, I would release you from this place."
"What about you then?"
"Don't think about me, Shinobu, my fate is sealed. But that doesn't mean your fate is to die here. I'd rather see myself die, than you dying in the hands of my father!"
Shinobu and Sihozu shared a kiss, and a hug.
"I promise i will do anything I can to get you out of here, that's a promise...and I wont break it.
Remember that, I'm always here for you. I hope you can forgive me. I would give you my life to make up for it."

Shinobu sobbed, she let everything out.

Sihozu was the only person there, that actually treated her life a actual human being.
And not as an caged animal!
Shinobu looked at herself in the broken mirror. She looked like a mess, her eyes were red, her nose were sore.
And she had a headache.
Everything that she had left to live for,was gone. Revenge time. She would revenge Sihozu's life. Somehow, someway...

07-13-2008, 02:15 PM

It's really awesome! Wonder how she'll escape and get revenge.

keep writing! lol

Godess Azmaria
07-27-2008, 10:06 AM
Chapter 9

She wasnt sure what the time was, the days and hours just floated by. It could be sunday, it could also be thursday.
Shinobu didn't count anymore. What was the point? She wasnt going home.
She was going to die here.

Shinobu was going to die alone in a dark and small room. Far away from her friends and family.
It was just then, that Shinobu discovered a small line of light at the door. She went up from bed, and walked towards the door.
Shinobu noticed the door was open.
They probably had forgot to lock it after giving her dinner. She opened it and went out in the hall.

It was dark, and only one light was shining. She continued up right.
There was a door, which was open.

She stood before a staircase, that probably lead up in the air, fresh air..
"I would love fresh air right now."
She went up the stairs, and opened the door in the floor. It was empty as far as she could see.

She took a chance, and went out. Shinobu took a deep breath.
"Ahh, fresh air..finally...."
Shinobu walked towards the left side of the boat. There was water, water as far as she could see.
"Perhaps I should jump into the water, and swim to shore. Shinobu stared at the ocean for a moment,smiling for once.

"There gotta be an island here somewhere...-"
"Hey?! What are you doing up here?! You're not allowed to be here!!!" Someone was yelling behind her.
She froze completely.
"Crap, they noticed me..."she turned, slowly around.
It was a muscular man, with tattoos all over.
"Spare me the lechure, and I dont want to hear begging, it's your last breathing moment on earth!" He grabbed Shinobu's arm and dragged her along.
"Where are you taking me?!"
"You'll soon find out..."he laughed.

"No!" Shinobu kicked him in the leg. "Let go of me!" He laughed.
"Tell me where Sihozu are!!!!!!!!!"
"Oh, that s*o*b?"
Shinobu really wanted to kich his ***.
Sihozu's dead, we threw him overboard 3 days ago, a fish probably ate him." He said it, like it didn't matter.
"In that case, you leave me no choice." He took up a stick,and beated Shinobu unconcious.
"Puh, she's a pain in the ***."
He looked down at Shinobu's body. His wicked mind thought on ways to kill Shinobu the worst way he could think of.
Shinobu rolled down the stairs, and she got a bluemark on her forehead.
"There now, you can suffer the rest of your shortlife time locked up." He enjoyed it when he saw people suffer, people dying and people being sick.

As Shinobu went unconcious, she felt her life pass her by,before this happened.

She saw her life at Hinata Sou pass infront of her eyes. Naru,Keitaro,
Mutsumi,Kitsune,Su,Sara,Motoko and Tama-chan.
"I bet, That in a couple of years, Naru and Keitaro are married with 2 kids, and I never got around there to see it."
When she tried to picture her old home.
She saw Su and Sara.

But they didn't explore hidden passages anymore. Su and Sara didn't feel like it anymore. They only wanted their friend back.
"Maybe when I become a ghost I can go back..."
Shinobu began to cry,inside her.
"But if I become a ghost, I'm no longer able to talk with the others...." This was the last thing Shinobu would think for a long time.
Because she went unconcious, probably she would end up in a coma. No one would know when and if she ever would wake up again....


07-28-2008, 12:30 PM
she was so close to being free
I have hope she will make it, i hope she wakes up to and that guy doesnt hurt her too badly

Godess Azmaria
08-12-2008, 04:23 PM
Chapter 10

"We can't let her go,because then she will go tell about us." Another man was questioning this.
"But, what does she actually know about us?"
"All she knows is that we took her away from her friends and family. If we let her go, she'll just go spill the beans about us.."
"So that means we're stuck...."
"No, we're not, just let me think."
"Where are we anyway?"
"I think we're almost around Senkaku Islands.
Why do you ask?"
"We can just drop her off, and no one will find her ever, we'll just beat her unconcious and let the waves get her to shore." The other one's stood looking at the man.
No one will question her to be kidnapped.
They will,if they find her, think she was on a boattrip and fell off and almost drowned. Everyone was quiet.

"If she makes it that far, that is."
"Good idea, how far are we from these islands?"
"About a couple of hours i think."
"Should we let her say goodbye to her life?"
"Nah, just get it over with."
"Ok, shall I do the job?" The other man laughed. "It doesnt matter,someone's gotta do it anyway, any volunteers?" One of them walked across the floor, and down the stairs, where Shinobu's unconcious body were. He had a gun in his belt.
And he was going to use it to shoot Shinobu. And afterwards they would dump her body at sea.
"And once she's left alone on an island to die, no one will find her."
"Really? Isn't that kinda...unhumanly?"
"Okay, now im not being fair, maybe someone will find her, but they would only find her dead body."

The man who went down to Shinobu, came back dragging her body with him. "Okay, shall we just throw her overboard now?"
"No,I have a better idea."
"Okay, let me hear it."
"Let's put her on that island there, if someone finds her drifting in the sea, they will make an announcement on tv and radio."
"Man, you're a genius!!"
"Alright, that island it is then. Lets get moving."
The man laid Shinobu down.
"Don't worry Shinobu, you'll be alright." Shinobu was still unconcious when they arrived at the island.
"I can go to shore,place her in the woods, and leave her there, how's that sound?"
"Thats fine by me,just get rid of her,ok?" He nodded.
The man took shinobu in his arms and climbed down the ladder of the boat. While he was carrying Shinobu.

He walked into the forest.
And he also had to make sure they couldnt see him anymore before he ran away.

"Shinobu? Shinobu? Can you hear me?" There was no reaction from her. He had no choice, he had to slap her to get her to wake up.
He laid a hand over her mouth, to keep her quiet.
"Dont say anything, keep your voice down!" The man took off his hood. Shinobu opened her eyes.
And then she noticed him.
"OMG...I thought you were....where were you?!"
Shinobu stared at the figure of Sihozu, The one she thought was dead and she was never going to see again.
"I can't believe you're still alive! I thought you were a goner!!" Shinobu gave him a hug.
"But ...what are we doing here?"
"We were gonna leave you on this island to die, i volunteered to do it, they think im gonna come back alone."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm not gonna come back alone, i'm not gonna come back at all."
Shinobu looked up at him,where she was sitting.
"I'm fed up with being trapped on that boat. I'm gonna run away, and so are you, if you dont rather want to stay here then?"
"No, I wanna go home now."
"I thought so, come on."

"Alright, then that settled, you're coming with me young lady.
She smiled.
"Lets get going before they start to catch on, ok?" "Sure."
"Any pain?"
"No,i'm fine, as you said, let's get going." Sihozu and Shinobu ran through the forest,as fast as they could. Trees risping them up on arms,legs and face.
They had scars and marks all over from running through thick forest. Shinobu had also fell down a couple of times.
And they both had gotten hurt from torns. But they didn't care, they were going back, Back to Japan.
"I believed you were dead, they told me they had killed you and threw out off to sea, making sure you were eaten by sharks." She wiped away a tear.

"Yes, that's true, they did threw me off the ship, but I wasnt unconcious, far from it. I got around and climbed up the ladder.
And I hided in the lower part of the ship, I disguised myself with cutting my hair, as you see, and putting on different kind of clothes.
Shinobu was listening intently.
They didnt recognize me, i don't think they ever will, not before we're out of reach for them. Hehe. He kissed Shinobu on her forehead.
"What was that for?"
She smiled.
"For our friendship."

(hope you like chapter 10 guys:D)