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(Chapter 1 is pretty short.)

Chapter 1

Tsunami watched from the corner of the room, covered in shadows, as the masked swordsman jumped through the opened window. Once she knew he was gone for sure, she walked over to her parents' motionless bodies on the hard wood floor.

"W-why did he do this to you!?" She started to cry, her long purple hair draped over her face. She pounded the ground in anger, tears moistening the floor. Then she decided there was only one way to seal away her anger. "Mom. Dad. I will find your killer and give him the same fate as he did yours." She stood up, purple eyes full of tears. She clenched her sword, the Mizuku, and headed out the door, praying that Amaterasu would care for her parents in Heaven.

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I don't know what fan fiction is, but that's cool :)

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Chapter 2

She walked down the long gravel path that ran to the town, Aki, the Autumn village. The Mizuku was slung across her back, in its sheeth, as she traveled down the path. GRRR! Tsnuami held her stomach. "I should've brought along some food. I'm starving! Wonder if a town's gonna come up soon." A rabbit hopped across the gravel. "Hey there little bunny." She reached down to pet it and stroked it gently." Tsunami smiled at the wonders of nature and wondered what it would feel like to fly through the sky, touching the clouds as you swept by them. The rabbit skurried away. GRRR! "Stupid stomach!" She continued to walk along the path.

Soon, a Temple could be seen over the hilly landscape. "Finally! A town that hopefully has some grub!" She rubbed her hands together thinking of all the delicious foods that crossed her mind. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Ok. I'm not there yet." But before she knew it, she could see the whole town. It was busy with people at the markets that lined the streets.

"HALT!" Came a voice. She relized that there was a young man standing at the gate with a sword slung across his back. "Stop where you are!" Tsunami looked at the teenager with amusment. "I am the warrior who guards Aki, and I will not let you pass."

"Let me by. I only wish to eat and then I will be on my way." She walked closer but the boy put his gloved hand out.

"I will not let you pass unless you win a battle against me. I see you have a sword."

Tsunami nodded. "Fine. I will fight, but not to kill."

"Agreed." The teen drew out his sword while Tsunami did the same. Tsunami lunged at the kid and tried to do a swift attack but the boy just blocked it. "You are weak." The teenager teased. Tsunami jumped back and decided to let the boy attack next. He jumped high into the air and came down with a BOOM! "Wha!?" He had only hit the ground.

"Over here." The boy looked toward the voice and saw Tsunami standing out of the way.

"How!?" He thrust his sword out of the ground and turned to Tsunami.

"It's an old trick." She leaned on her sword then dissapeared along with her sword.

"Where'd she go!?" He looked left and right, eyes wide. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around. It was her! He fell backwards and landed with a thud.

"So. Do I win?" She smiled and looked down at him, sword held on her back.

"Y-Yeah." He had a hard time standing up from the shock. I never lose! What went wrong!? He turned to Tsunami. "I-I'm Isamu by the way."

"I'm Tsunami. Nice to meet you." She held out her hand and Isamu grasped it firmly and nodded.

"C-Come in Tsunami." He led her into the village and all eyes turned on them as they walked down the middle of the street. Tsnuami could hear a few whispers. "What happened? Isamu never loses!" A lady was whispering to her friend. "Don't mind them, Tsunami." Isamu said without turning his head.

Once they got to Isamu's house, he asked, "So. What brings you here?" He sat down and took a sip of tea.

"My parents died not to long ago." She looked down.

"How!?" He set down his tea.

"A masked swordsman. I saw it with my own two eyes." She was starting to cry.

"I-I'm sorry. But go on please." He took another sip.

"I swore to Amaterasu that I would give him the same fate," She drew out Mizuku, "Under the blade of a sword." Isamu nodded.

"Umm... you don't mind me asking, but could I travel with you? We could travel to the Forbidden Area of Ryuu, land of the dragons. The killer might be hiding out there." Tsunami looked at him, eyes filled with tears and nodded.

"Yes... you may. We'll leave tonight." Both of them finished their tea and waited for dusk to come.

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wow, sad thing about her parents! on the other hand,i cant wait to find out why they were killed, keep writing.