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07-08-2008, 06:55 PM
My brother recently purchased a copy of Warlords 4, brand new for only eight Australian dollars.

Now I know this game only took the creators six months to create, and I realise why it doesn't seem to be so popular, the lack of effort they put into this game practically.

But I am seeming to enjoy this game regardless, it's a nice simple and quicker version of Heroes of Might and Magic. Now before you start abusing me I know it doesn't compare even slightly, but do you really feel like spending hours on each map just having a game with your mate? I know I don't.

So for my brother and I this game was the perfect choice, it doesn't take days to complete a map and it's nice and simple. A lot less frustrating than spending hours on a heroes game when someone just manages to sneak into your town when you don't notice it, then it's game over.

Of course having my choice I would choose Heroes of Might and Magic any day of the week, but this game was incredibly cheap and I feel it was easily worth the eight dollars he paid for it.

Having said that I wouldn't bother playing this game single player, if it weren't for being able to level up your warlord and then take him into multiplayer maps.

So thoughts on this game?

(I'm not expecting too many replies here)