View Full Version : Original Fiction: Koshakki Karu: Chapter One

07-01-2008, 03:38 PM
Well,Its not fanfiction,Its just a story I wrote!Enjoy!:p
__________________________________________________ _______

Tanarukazu Village, Hospital, West wing, Room 305, 4:08 am.
"I'm sorry Kekka,your mother...she...she's dead."said the doctor. "NO!"I screamed,"SHE CANT BE DEAD!" I pushed past the wall of doctors that gaurded the room and burst in,red hot tears rolling down my face.
"Mom!Mom!"I said,"Don't die please dont die! I love you too much!Daddy already died,you cant die too!"I fell to the ground by her bed and weeped.I reached up and touched her face...It was cold and soft.She had blood falling from the corners of her mouth and terrible wounds."If you live i'll never mouth off again and i'll pay more attention to training."I cried for hours,then into the room came my boyfreind, Kirumii.I stood up silently and walked over to him.I put my head on this shoulder and he wrapped him warm arms around me.We stood like that for a while,until he said,"Kekka,h...how did she die?" I gestured for him to sit down and I sat on this lap and said,"She died doing what she loved...Being a great ninja." "Koshakki Sensei said you were excusted from training to day...I..."Kirumii tried to say.I then stood up and declared "No,a great Kunoichi once told me that a ninja must always train even if it my kill her."