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Godess Azmaria
06-30-2008, 03:03 PM
Chapter 5

Keitaro walked around in his room, he couldn't relax. He felt something was wrong.
He couldn't bare it anymore, and left his room.
He went down to the kitchen, to get something to drink. He stood in the door, and it hit him:
The kitchen would perhaps never be used again.
Nothing would be the same. Shinobu was there for everyone of them, but were they all the time there for her?
Keitaro didn't want to admit the truth.
They had taken her for granted, they expected her to always be there.
Sadly, this was no longer the case.
Keitaro felt Shinobu's soul all over the house. It was like it told him to not be sad.
"Is she already dead?!?! Shinobu! I'm not giving up hope on your return!" Keitaro was devastated, he wished he could saved her.
"I let you down, I would give my life to fix it...but I can't..."Keitaro sighed.
I'm sorry."
"Keitaro!" Naru came running down the hall, with a note in her hand. Keitaro went to see who that were in a such hurry. It was Naru.
"What is it, Naru?"
"Its a note from Su!"
"Is she visiting her home country again?"
"No! Dumb ***, she left!"
"Left? Where?"
"To find Shinobu, look at what she wrote!" Naru gave the note to Keitaro.


"I've decided to go after Shinobu.
I can't just sit around waiting, because northing's gonna happen. Not unless we make an effort ourselves.
The police just sit on their fat *** all day, discussing tracks, evidence. I've had it! I can't live like this anymore, i just can't!
Until Shinobu is home again, you wont see me again, and if she doesn't come back.
Then neither do i.
So i wanted to use this as a way to (maybe) say goodbye. Perhaps we will never see each other again.
But i really enjoyed my years at Hinata Sou. Goodbye .. I'll miss you a lot. I'll miss you all very,very much, thanks for many good years in my life."

Naru and Keitaro stared at each other for a moment, before they both hurried down the hall.
"This have to be some sort of joke."
"If it is, THEN it's in a VERY bad taste." Naru and Keitaro ran to Su's room.
Everything were cleaned up.
Absolutely Everything was as it was use to be, but it felt like empty.
Like Su had left them for ever.
"What are we gonna do?"
"There is a possibility that Shinobu wont come home. Do you think what happen then?"
"Then we have lost Su forever too! I'm not letting that happen! We gotta go after her!"
"I agree, but we don't know where she went! Any ideas?"
"I don't care where she went!" Keitaro looked at Naru.
"I want her back, I'm not letting another of my friends leave forever!"
"Naru,..listen to me..."
"I'm not gonna let this happen over again, like deja Vu! Not over my dead body!"
Naru ran down the stairs, and out the door. She ran,with Keitaro beside her, down the Hinata staircase.
They ran, like the devil where in their way.
"Where could she be?! Damn you,Su!!! Why did you have to be so stupid!? Havent we lost one friend already too much?!!?!?"
"Hey, take it easy, don't ..."
Naru and Keitaro sat down.
"We have to get to her, or else we never see her again, do you understand?!?!?!"Naru had tears in her eyes.
Keitaro gave her a hug,and held around her.
"Don't worry, we'll get her back, don't you worry." They walked to the train-station. They were trying their luck there.

"I'll take left side, and you'll take right side, OK?" "Sure."
And then,they searched for Su.
This was the quickest way to leave Hinata Hot springs. She had to be there, Right..?"Did you find her?"
"No luck here...sorry Naru."
She sat down, lowering her head.
"It seems like we lost the track of her." Keitaro wasn't smiling.
"Is that what you think?"
"We're not able to find her, she could be anywhere. I think we need to give up, give up on her,she's not gonna come back."
Naru cried, on Keitaro's shoulder. Just then, a person walked by. Wearing a Chinese hat on, and hurried by.
"Excuse me, could you help us?"

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interesting. they seem to be totally desprate! but lets see. this starnger makes it more interesting. cannot wait for the next chapters!

Godess Azmaria
07-03-2008, 12:07 PM
"Chapter 6

"Is this pain not going to an end soon?"
Why did life end up this way? Shinobus only wish was to be running up the staircase to hinata, and cry her eyes out.
Shinobu didn't seen a happy end to her life.
She would probably die, and thrown into a dark hole in the earth,and buried.
Shinobu's dearest wish was to feel Keitaro hold her hand once more,before she died. And then she would never see him again, not before he died himself, hopefully of old age.
"I hope we'll meet again, in heaven...I'll wait for you, Sempai, i love you so much, that it hurts!" Shinobu saw her life float in front of her eyes. Her arrival at Hinata sou. The most happy years in her life. And then...only pain.
Hopefully, they hadn't forgot her not just yet.

Because how the situation was now, it didn't look like she would ever return to her friends again.
Shinobu thought back to when Keitaro came to Hinata sou.
It was a disaster.
Not only did she see him naked, but with someone's underwear on his head too. Shinobu didn't care about seeing Keitaro naked.
But she wanted to go back to that happy time.
Everything lightened up when Keitaro arrived.
It was dark, and darkness. Shinobu couldn't see anything, they had locked her up in a room where there were no light.
"I wonder where they're taking me...."
"But I don't need to guess, they're planning to kill me and bury me far away from japan."
She sniffed.
"What a life i have." No-one would find me, ever. I wish i just could die now, i don't have anything more to live for."
"My life, my friends, my everything were in Hinata Sou.
Now that I'm not there anymore, i don't mind to die." Shinobu laid down, on something that felt like a bed.
"I will never come back, so what does it matter?"

Shinobu went to dreamland.

She dreamed about life on Hinata sou, from now on. It was like, she could see them clearly,their daily doings.
"While she wasn't there? Was it some kind of magic?"
She didn't like what she saw.
Everyone had changed. Kitsune had changed her sake with tea, she wasn't the same.
She didn't pull pranks on everyone anymore.
She weren't the sly fox everyone knew she was.
Naru, was of course being Naru. But without the famous naru punch. Motoko were still deathly into Kendo.
The thing was, she didn't train anymore.
Shinobu looked for Keitaro, he was doing nothing, he was in his room, he stared into the wall.
"Keitaro! Can you hear me?!"
Shinobu screamed at him. It was like...she was a ghost...
"Am i dead? That would explain it...."
Finally, he looked like he heard her. But he walked out of his room. Shinobu were sad, no one could hear or see her.
It was like, she never were around.
"I wonder how Kaolla are doing..., I hope she's her old self." Shinobu looked at her room.
But she weren't there, the jungle were gone.
"What happened to her room?!" Shinobu saw a note on the ground, it said:

"Everyone, i've left to go after Shinobu, i cant sit here, waiting. The police just sit on their fat butt all day, doing nothing but eating donuts and talking about their weekend!
I've had it. I'm going after her, i wont return until she's home, and if she doesn't come home again...
So then neither am i.
I've had many good years here, but I'm leaving, i want this chance to say goodbye if we don't meet again. Goodbye."

"NOOO!!! SU! I'm responsible for her life."
"Please, dear god, don't let her pass away, if there is anyone that have to pass away, its me, she have her whole life in front of her. Don't let her throw it away,because of me."

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wow! the chapters just keep getting better. im in love with this series. i really like the way you write and i cant wait for the next chapter:laugh:

Godess Azmaria
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Chapter 7

"I can't believe it, we lost the track of her!"

Naru were slowly realizing that they had lost Su too. First Shinobu, and now Su.
"Who's next? Me?" She said in despair. Naru and Keitaro sat on a park bench, in the sundown.
"When the sun goes down...what do you think will happen?"
Keitaro tried to say something, but the words just wouldn't appear.
"Will Shinobu's life slowly leave this world?" She didn't look at Keitaro, like she was afraid of his answer.
"Well, no one, not even Shinobu, wherever she is, can predict it."

"What are we gonna tell the others?"
"I don't know, Naru.."
"We can't tell them, we lost Su as well, and that we just have to deal with it, because we weren't fast enough to reach her!!"
Keitaro didnt say anything.
"It's like a betrayal they will remember for life!" Naru felt salty tears come up, and run down her face.

Her shoulders were shaking.
"Naru...are ...are you crying?" Keitaro looked at her, with a worried face.
"Yes! Its all my fault!!"
She fell into Keitaro's arms, crying.
"Shh....it's not your fault, it's the unknown people that took Shinobu that have the blame...."
He let her cry.
To loose two close people did something to you, it was hard to understand why, but there was no answer to that question.
Shinobu was 16, and Su was 16 too. But she was 3 months older than Shinobu.
Her birthday was in October, and Su's birthday was in January.
Now, Shinobu wasn't maybe getting a chance to celebrate one more birthday, maybe her life was over at 16....
It was their fault.They were so busy leaving for their own things after dinner 3 months ago.
No one had cared much about helping Shinobu. It was after dinner, that she disappeared, maybe for good, forever.

"I don't feel like going back to Hinata Sou right now, do you want to take a walk with me?"
"Are you sure?"
Yes, I need to...get my mind off things, everything have been so intense these last months."

"I don't want to realize the fact, that we may never see Shinobu again."
"The best thing we can do right now, is praying and hoping." Naru tried to smile, but it turned into a strange face.
"A part of me doesn't want to realize it, and the other part of me, knows I eventually have to.

But it just feels wrong."
"Its like throwing away every little piece of hope. Throwing away every chance we have left of finding and getting Shinobu back alive. And not in a chest, dead."
"If she is dead, it's our fault, we shouldn't left her that day, after dinner." Naru and Keitaro walked in the street, they didn't say much.

Words weren't needed.
Because they thought just about the same thing both of them.
They thought about Shinobu's whereabouts and her situation. And also where Su could be right now.
The word ''IF'', had a new meaning for all of them, if Shinobu was OK, if she was dead, then what?

What if....The list was long.
Naru and Keitaro stood, holding hands, looking at the ocean, and the sundown.

It wasn't long until it was night. The clock was 9.30.
"When the sun goes down...I heard a poem about it once."
Naru took a deep breath.

When the sun goes down, your breath dies. When the sun goes down, you close your eyes and rest. The sun will shine to a new tomorrow. And tomorrow there is a new day, all waiting for you. A new day...all sunny and bright. The sun shines with a new hope...

Tears welled up in Naru and Keitaro's eyes. The sun were going lower and lower.
"I want to stop the sundown," Naru thought out loud. When the sun went down as a silhouette in the sea, they closed their eyes.
"When we get home, we're gonna light a candle for Shinobu, it will shine bright for her. It will bring hope to her."
"Do You know what she would say if she saw us now?" Naru asked Keitaro when they walked home.
"It's our lives, we can't decide our lives, we float with the river. And no matter what,I will always be there, cheering you on, till the end of time."

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I hope they find her:(
its kind of sad right now i want her to be ok

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It's sad... :(... but good! :D