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I hope some of you like "Number One" and for those that don't then maybe you'll like this. This one is a bit softer. So for you softies, this one's for you.

All comments are appreciated as they will decide if I continue this story or not so if you like it then I'll thank everyone here in advance...Thank you

Miko-san by: J.R. (the) King

Chapter 1: Those Big Brown Eyes

I remember it like it was yesterday although it wasn’t too long ago. I was on my porch at home having a cigarette appreciating another day on Earth when I see my friend pull his black Honda Civic into my driveway.

“Hey, what’s goin on B?” I said as we slapped hands as traditionally as usual.

B is short for Brandon; I’d met him some months ago when he moved back to North Carolina from Ft. Lauderdale. He knew everything there was to know about cars, especially when it came to performance upgrading.

B stood at about 5’8”, had dirty blonde hair, and a muscular build. A pretty laid back guy but still about as rowdy as they come. He usually wore Polo’s or wife-beaters with some form of shorts, and any Nike’s he could get his hands on.

“Hey man, I just came from the Flea Market and there’s a couple with Brindle/Boxer Mixes for forty bucks.” He said taking a seat on the whicker furniture beside me while sparking a cigarette of his own.

“Oh yeah! How old?” Needless to say I was intrigued.

“Little over nine weeks.” He responded before taking a drag off the cigarette.

“Damn, you wanna go back?” I was already excited and I hadn’t seen the dog yet. I had sixty dollars alone sitting in the pockets of the Basket Ball shorts I slept in.

“Yeah man, no problem…I’ll wait in the car.”

I ran back inside and threw on a tank top and a pair of Reebok’s then counted out two hundred more dollars to go with the sixty already in my pocket.

On the way to the spot, B told me about the pup but it went through one ear and out the other with building anticipation and Rap music playing in the background.

I remember praying in silence, hoping that some Paris Hilton or Mike Vick wanna-be hadn’t bought all the dogs.

B and I stepped out of the black Civic and headed across the gravel lot maneuvering through the tiny spaces between cars already parked.

The Flea Market was made for people like us. It had the same stuff as your local Mall only at reduced prices. If you know a thing or two about the stuff you’re buying then it’s not hard to find a steal.

Eighty-five percent of your Flea Market vendors will tell you their products are new when it’s used. –Sigh- But either way you’re guaranteed to pay less and still get what you want in good condition. Just don’t allow yourself to get ripped off and don't be afraid to haggle.
It’s also as good a hang out as any and just as easy to meet girls…or boys whichever your preference.

I had a problem keeping my eyes off the skirts until we got to the couple. The husband sat on a chair while the wife kept an eye on the pups, which were scrapping around inside of a fold out cage.

“There they are.” B pointed at the cage while I turned to look at the simple black marker on paper sign posted on a nearby wall.

-Brindle/Boxer Mix Pups, $40-

“Which one?” The man asked me while he kept a puppy on his lap.

“The Brindles.” As soon as I spoke, the older woman let out two white Pits while the Brindle scampered up to me.

I was silent for a second as I knelt down to pet her. Black and brown striped coat, a line of white along her muzzle, white tipped paws, and a white tipped tail that wouldn’t quit.

I held her head gently in my hands looking her over while the guy told me she’d already had her first two shot and that she’d need a Parvo Vaccination the next week.

I looked back to the pup that licked over my hands and nuzzled into them playfully and our eyes met. I paused staring into those deep, big brown eyes.

“I’ll take her.”

-To Be Continued-

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Nice story^^ I like it.

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Nice job on the story