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What? xD I couldn't think of a good enough topic name. [:
I'm not too great with fanfiction and I'm not good with fighting scenes. But I'll try my best, One thing, I need to thank whoever is reading this now for choosing to and all. 8D Yeyness. [x Uhmmmm. Yeah! FIRST, Warning, if you haven't seen the second series, then you'll be spoiled. OO:
Disclaimers: I don't own the series, you think if I did I wouldn't be working on the series right now!? Heck no, I'd be making the third series right away~! Unless.. They are working on a third series, and I'm unaware.. o__o;

(Yuji's POV)

It was early in the morning, Shana and I were training. She requested for me to take the day off, but I refused. I didn't want anything to happen like last time. I wasn't completely vulerable. But I know that I must be more strong to be able to protect the Reiji Maigo inside me. Without it, I could disappear. I wish we could finish this training, though. I want to be able to do something over Christmas Vacation with Shana. Truth is, I can't focus as much anymore when I'm with Shana.

Right out of the blue, I was hit upside the head.

"Yuji! Are you paying attention to me!?" Shana yelled at me.

"Huh!? Ooh, I'm sorry.. I was just thinking.." I explained to her.

Of course, she questioned "What were you thinking?"

"Nothing, let's just continue," was my only response. In return I got a hit with the wooden katana. I squinted. I came back and swung the wooden katana in my hands at Shana. She wipped hers and threw the wooden katana in my hands in the air, and as it did she hit me in the stomach. I fell down.

"You don't seem as focused as you used to be, Yuji.. What--" she was intruppted.

It was my mom. "Do you two want some tea?" She asked happily.

"Sure," Shana answered before I could. She grabbed my wrist and lead me upstairs while my mom finished making the tea.

Both of us were sitting on the bed, bassically having a staring contest. After a few seconds passed, Shana broke the silence. "Yuji, what's been going on recently? You used to be so focused. Now you're--" I interuppted her.

"I.. Can't stop thinking about.." I stopped there, I didn't want to admit that she was constantly on my mind!

"What?" She insisted that I tell her..

"I can't stop thinking about you.. Since.. Christmas Eve," I finished. It was only two days after that I choosen to be with her. It's been awkward ever since.

"Yuji..." She said, somewhat stunned.

I leaned in toward her and placed my lips above hers. As I did, my mother walked in.

"Oops, sorry!" She giggled and left the tea beside the bed. As she walked out Shana and I both blushed.

[[ End of Chapter one. [: ]]
Yeah, I know, small. 8D But there is more to come. [: Annnd.. Sorry for spelling mistakes. OO: And.. Sorry that it's horrible. x.x

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Nice^^ There are some repeatings however I like it.