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Chapter 1
The Plan

Long ago, in the land of Amarzyon, there existed many kingdoms, although only two had proven to be strong enough to be well known, the Kingdom of Naldar to the West, and the kingdom of Arlendor to the East. Long ago, the two had made an alliance, creating an almost unstoppable force. Part of the alliance was that the two kingdoms would be united by having the heirs to each throne wed when they had come of age. You see, the kingdom of Naldar, ruled by King Talmere and Queen Aurora, had seven beautiful daughters. In the same light, the kingdom of Arlendor, ruled by King Yassier and Queen Salma, had seven bold and handsome sons. Because the two kingdoms were so close, the children all grew up together and became very good friends. Among the seven sons and daughters were only a few years difference, the oldest daughter, Kalyn, being eight years older than the youngest daughter, Emalyne. Likewise, the oldest son, Brendyl, was only nine years older than the youngest son, Korin.
As Brendyl became older, he began training for battle. At the age of eighteen, he was sent to lead the troops into battle in the Great War. Kalyn and Brendyl were madly in love with one another, and were set to be married upon his return, however, his return would never come. On his way home, Brendyl and his men were ambushed and he was shot through the heart with an arrow. When word reached the kingdom, an immediate change in Kalyn appeared. She began to close herself off from the rest of the world, and turned to sorcery in order to try to bring Brendyl back, but it was to no avail. One night, she was out in the woods, watching the stars, when she was startled by a dark figure wearing a black hooded cloak. He claimed that if she came with him, she would get anything she desired. He called himself the Dark Sorcerer, and he claimed that if she followed him, he would bring her beloved Brendyl back to life. Upon hearing these words, Kalyn immediately agreed and left with the Sorcerer. When it was discovered that she was gone, search parties from both kingdoms were sent out, but many never returned. Of the few that did, they were not able to find a single trace of Kalyn anywhere, and after several months, she was presumed to be dead. Because the two oldest heirs of both kingdoms were now gone, their duties and responsibilities were placed on the shoulders of the two next oldest, Serenity and Aerandir (Aaron-deer). Both stepped up and took responsibility, although Serenity was only fifteen, and Aerandir was only sixteen.
Three years passed, and it was shortly after Serenity’s eighteenth birthday that she started to have a strange dream. One evening, she was on the balcony of her bedroom, looking out upon the ocean, when she heard a knock. She turned as she heard the door open and saw her younger sister, Kaina walk into the room.

“What are you doing here, Kaina?” she asked as her gaze returned to the ocean.

“I dunno.” Kaina replied with a shrug. “I just thought that you might wanna talk or something, since you have been locked in your room all day. That really isn’t like you.”
Kaina was the next youngest after Serenity, and the one Serenity grew closest to after Kalyn’s disappearance. Kaina was sixteen, but her seventeenth birthday was quickly approaching. She had short, dirty blond hair, and sparkling brown eyes. She was slender, and stood about 5’9”.

“Yea, well, I have just been thinking a lot lately.” Serenity said as her long brown hair began to blow in the wind. She was about 5’11”, had brilliant blue eyes, and a slender figure, like that of a model.

Kaina sighed as she leaned with her back against the railing. “Am I gonna have to pry it out of you? Or are you gonna tell me what you are thinking about? You know, you haven’t really been the same since Kalyn died.”

“That’s just it. I don’t think she’s dead.”

“What are you talking about? Wouldn’t she have come back by now if she wasn’t?”

“Think about it, Kaina. They never found her, alive or dead, they never even found a trace of her! I had that dream again last night. The one about Kalyn, and when I woke up, I just knew. I don’t know how to explain it, I just know she’s alive.” Serenity said as she focused her gaze on Kaina.

Kaina shrugged as she pushed herself off the railing and headed for the door. “Well, if the best guards and search parties can’t find her, I don’t know what to tell you.”

“Delwyn.” Serenity muttered as the door closed behind Kaina. “She is the bookworm of the group. Maybe she would know something we could do to track Kalyn down, someone or something that could help.”

Serenity’s thoughts were interrupted as her door opened again, and the youngest sister, Emalyne poked her head in. “Um, I am supposed to remind you that the guys are coming over tomorrow. Remember this summer they are staying over here.”

Serenity nodded as she watched the last of the setting sun disappear beyond the horizon. “I did forget, thank you, Emalyne.”

Emalyne was twelve years old, and the fraternal twin of Korriana. Emalyne was the cutest of the group. She had bright blue eyes, like Serenity and her mother Aurora, and medium length blond hair. She was only about 5”3’, but she had a lot of spunk and was one of the most hyper of the group.

Emalyne could tell that Serenity didn’t feel like talking anymore, so she closed the door. As Serenity fell back on her bed, she closed her eyes and started thinking. She’s alive, I just know it! That dream had to mean something, but what? I think I will ask Delwyn tomorrow, she is always in the royal library, she has to know something about interpreting dreams. I have never had the same dream more than once, but once a week for three consecutive weeks? And on the same night every week too. Is someone trying to tell me something?
Serenity’s thoughts faded as she fell into a deep sleep. As she slept, she had the same dream, again. She was standing in a dark void, and all that she could see was a bright light. She covered her face to shield the light from her eyes, but saw that the light had a shape. As the light faded, she saw Kalyn, sitting on her knees, the wings of an angel sprouting from her back. The wings were covering everything but Kalyn’s face, which was stained with tears, and Serenity couldn’t help but call out to her sister. Kalyn heard her sister’s cries, and tried to stand, but was unable. As she tried, her wings spread, and Serenity saw that Kalyn’s hands and feet were chained to the ground. Serenity watched in horror as chains began to fold Kalyn’s wings and hold every part of her sister down. Serenity tried to run to her sister, but couldn’t reach her. As Serenity began to give up hope, she heard a voice and saw an island in the distance. The island was coming closer to her, and as it grew closer, she saw a luscious green valley, with a rising rock face. The voice only said it once, but Serenity heard it as clear as day, “Celestial City”.
Serenity’s eyes snapped open as she heard a loud knock on her door. She sat up and saw that it was already morning, and well into it for that matter. She heard the knock again, followed by the maid’s voice. “Young Sir Aerandir is here to see you, Your Highness.”

Serenity looked around, trying frantically to find a brush and something to wear. “Uh……t-tell him to wait for me in the courtyard!” she said as she ran to her dresser. There was no way she could let him see her the way she was.

She heard the maid walk away, and she found the turquoise dress that her mother had given her for her birthday. It was floor length and shimmered in the sun, with sleeves that started just below her shoulders, and had slits all the way down to the wrist. Serenity threw the dress on and put on her seashell necklace that Aerandir had given her. She tore the brush through her hair, and when she was satisfied with her appearance, she ran out of her room and headed for the courtyard. As she quickly walked through the halls, she looked out the window, and saw that young Rowan’s fan club of screaming girls had already found him. Serenity let out a chuckle as he was pulled in several different directions, and she laughed again as the girls started to run from the castle guards who had come to break up the party.

“You look gorgeous.” She heard a voice behind her say.

Serenity whipped around, her hair flowing around her face. “AERANDIR!”

Aerandir smiled as he took a few more steps toward her and grabbed her hand. “I see you are wearing the necklace I sent for your eighteenth birthday.”

“And I see that Rowan’s fan club is very well informed.”

The two laughed as they headed down to the courtyard. Aerandir was quite handsome, as were all his brothers, and Serenity was happy that he was the prince chosen for her. Aerandir had medium length brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a dashing smile. He stood about 6’, an inch taller than Serenity, and he was very chivalrous.
As the two entered the courtyard, Rowan was standing next to a laughing Delwyn, trying to brush all the lipstick and dust off of his white shirt. “It’s not funny!” he said as Delwyn continued laughing.

“Oh, c’mon, Rowan, you know you like it!”

“Well…….maybe a little. It would help if I knew who they were, though. And why aren’t you jealous?”

Delwyn looked at Rowan as he sat beside her on the edge of the fountain. She interlocked her fingers with his as she replied, “Because I know that I am the only one you really care about.”

The two began to laugh again, and she gave him a playful nudge. Delwyn was the next oldest after Kaina. She was fifteen, and Rowan was sixteen. They both had jet black hair, Delwyn’s coming to her shoulders, and Rowan’s coming to the end of his jawbone, just a little longer than Aerandir’s. Delwyn had shimmering emerald green eyes, and Rowan had sapphire blue. He was about 5”8’ and Delwyn was about 5”6.
It seemed as though the courtyard was quite a popular location, because by the time the guards got all the fan girls out, all the heirs were in the courtyard. For a couple minutes, each couple carried their own conversation. But the focus changed when Serenity asked a strange question.

“Delwyn, what is the ‘Celestial City’?”

Delwyn just stared at her sister for a moment before answering. “It is a legendary city, nothing but a myth. Why?”

“Did you have that dream again?” Kaina said without thinking.

Serenity glared at her for a moment as Aerandir asked the next question. “What dream? What is she talking about?”

Serenity sighed as she explained her dream to everyone. Shayna, the fourteen year old and next heir after Delwyn spoke up first. “That’s weird. But I always heard the Celestial City was a myth, just like the King of Heavensgate.”

“Yea, and even if it was real, nobody knows how to get there, so why does it matter?” Fifteen year old Addison said as he grabbed Shayna’s hand.

Serenity looked at the ground and sighed before replying, “I know Kalyn’s alive, I just know. This dream has gotten me thinking, what if the King is real? Wouldn’t he be able to help us find her?”

“Well, Delwyn would know the most about the old legends.” Twelve year old Korriana said as she sat next to thirteen year old Aien (eye-in).
“Or Aerandir. He’s into that fantasy stuff too.” Eighteen year old Karnor said as he took a seat next to Kaina

“Well,” Emalyne said as she looked at Delwyn and Aerandir, “what do the old legends say about the Celestial Kingdom?”

The two paused before replying. Delwyn spoke first, “Legend has it that the Celestial King has the power to create or destroy anything, and that he is the strongest king Amarzyon has ever seen.”

“They also say that his kingdom can only be found by those who are truly worthy of being in his presence, and that if you aren’t worthy, well, you’re never seen again. I have also heard that you have to have a request worthy of his approval. ” Aerandir added.

“I remember reading that his kingdom was supposedly on Heavensgate Isle, but nobody has ever even seen the island, so nobody thinks it exists.” Delwyn said as she glanced at Aerandir.

“Maybe he could help you find Kalyn!” Twelve year old Korin said as he jumped from his seat next to Emalyne.

Serenity looked at Aerandir, “Maybe our quest is worthy. Do you think he would help us?”

“Something in me is telling me that it is worth a shot.” Aerandir agreed.

“But all this is legend, fairytale.” Shayna interrupted, her shoulder length brown hair whipping her face. “How do we know any of it is even true?!”

“Shayna, not all legends are false.” Addison said, his light blue eyes flashing, and his blond hair blowing in the slight breeze that picked up during the conversation.

“We wanna go!” the twins, Korriana and Emalyne said in unison.

“We don’t even know if this is real.” Karnor chimed in, his light brown hair lifting gently from his light brown eyes.

“Yea, and besides that, even if we did go on some journey, the two of you as well as Aien and Korin are way too young to come along.” Kaina agreed as she pulled Karnor back to his seat.

“Normally, I would agree with you all,” Aerandir said as he stood up, “but something Serenity said makes me think it is worth a shot. Something tells me this ‘Celestial King’ is real.”

Before anyone could continue, King Yassier and King Talmere walked into the courtyard, a stern look upon both of their faces. They surveyed the somewhat riled up group before King Yassier began to speak. “My sons, is there a problem?” King Yassier was older than King Talmere, and he had short brown hair, along with a small brown goatee. He had deep sapphire blue eyes, and many years of wisdom on his face.

King Talmere, who had blond hair, just like many of his daughters, was a little younger than King Yassier, and his hair was about the length of Rowan’s, down to the jawbone. He had dark brown eyes, and a kind face.

“No father.” Aerandir said as he quickly bowed, just like the rest of his brothers. “We were merely discussing an old legend.”

“So we heard.” King Talmere said, as he nodded. “The ‘Celestial Kingdom’ is a legend much discussed, especially by a select few of my daughters.”

Serenity refused to look at her father, she knew that he had heard more than he wanted them to know. “It was only a discussion, Father.”

“Hmmm, well, in any case why don’t the princes come inside for a little while, let them settle down from their journey.”

“I think that’s a hint for us to leave with Dad.” Aien said to Korin as they both stood up.

Korin chuckled and all six boys left with their father. King Talmere paused for a moment before speaking. “Serenity, may I speak with you?”

Without speaking, she stood and walked out of the courtyard with her father. “We were only discussing-”

“I know what you were discussing.”

“But, Father, I-”

King Talmere put his hand up. “I understand that you and Kalyn were close, she being the only older sibling to you, but the idea of going to a kingdom that doesn’t exist is madness. It is suicide, and I need you and Aerandir sane and ALIVE in order to rule the kingdom in my stead. There will be no more talk of fairytales and legends, especially in front of the twins. Is that clear?”

Serenity looked at the grass beneath her feet. “Yes Sir.”

Talmere nodded and Serenity went back to her waiting sisters. They sat in silence until the boys returned one by one. First was Addison, who returned to his seat next to Shayna, the look on his face the same as a young child who was just scolded by a parent. “This is stupid. Why would he be so upset? We were just talking.” He muttered to himself.
Next was third oldest Rowan, his face red. He sat a little farther from Delwyn than before, but he was still sitting within her reach. His blue eyes pierced anything they met as they peered out from under his black bangs. Shortly after Rowan returned, Aien and Korin, the two youngest, came back in, Korin’s short blond hair covering his hazel eyes, and Aien’s dark brown hair swept back, as if he had run his hands through it multiple times. His eyes were red, and he looked frustrated. Both boys refused to sit by either twin, and Korriana’s piercing grey eyes met Emalyne’s now watering blue eyes, a look of panic showing clearly on their faces. Karnor, the second oldest, was next to return, and he looked ready to fight. His hair framed his face, and he stared at the ground, as if deep in thought. Serenity began to worry as it took more and more time for Aerandir to return. When he finally did, everyone could clearly tell that he had fought against whatever his father had said, for his lips were pursed, and his eyes narrowed. He muttered some things to himself on and off, but nobody could understand what he was saying. He returned to hi seat by Serenity, but nobody spoke for several minutes. After a long silence, Aerandir stood and looked at Serenity, “I don’t care what either of our fathers say, I believe you, and I think we should go.”

Karnor stood and looked at Kaina, “I agree, I am still a little uncertain about how real the legend is, but I think it is worth a shot.”

“Now, the only question is ‘how do we get there?’” Rowan chimed in as he grabbed Delwyn’s hand and pulled her to her feet.

“I don’t know.” Serenity said as she stood, along with everyone else. “But I do know that we won’t be able to leave in broad daylight, and until we figure this out, nobody discusses it. As far as anyone knows, we gave up on the idea just like our fathers wished.”

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However continue this story please^^

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yea, sorry about that ^_^. I have a tendency to start writing and not be able to stop. Anyway, I can split the chapters up into seperate parts if that would help?

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It would^^ It was only a hunt. really your story is good^^