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Kristian The Twilight
06-23-2008, 04:50 AM
Devil May Cry: New Breeds

Mission 2

A Swordsman’s Heart
Leon is running up the stairs of the Tower. While he is running he stops and looks down and up. He sigh Leon look behind him and sees a door. He looks confuse and looks left and right.

Leon- This door wasn’t here…. I wonder where it came from

Leon opens the door and walks inside. While inside he see table and plate on top of the door. He looks around and took out his sword and he put his guard up. The door closes by itself and disappears and Leon looks where the door should be but it was gone.

Leon- What a freaky Tower…..

Leon looks around and took out his twin Revolvers then aim. Then a demon came out striking with the scythe. Leon starts spinning his twin revolvers and parries the attack with it. By going to right side stop spinning his right revolver and shot the demon on the head.

Leon- Gun Parry is the best style for Defense yeah. -Now he wonder where he should he go next.-

The necklace start shinny red and he looks confuse. Then he looks around and the room starts going on fire. Leon sees the room on fire Leon jump out the window. Then he rolled on the floor and with his twin revolvers out. The room that he is in stoned room. There is not paintings and no rugs. He is looking around to see he if he is safe. He lowers his fire arms he hired a voice and aim at the dragon he looks shocks.

Leon- Wow a dragon…

Dragon- I am Vayne

Vayne is red dragon with horns top of his head and its 4. The claws are very shape and long. Vayne got blue eyes and he is digging his claws into the ground. He is shaking himself. Then Leon looks over to the Vayne but since he is so big. He can’t see that good and he see the door.

Leon- Hey Vayne wasn’t…can you move over I have to get out please

Vayne- Never…. I am the Guardian of this door

Leon- Why you a guardian to that type of door

Vayne- I have my reason and you have your reason come I am on right

Leon- Good Point… But do I have to fight you…

Vayne- Is if you can win I will let you pass… But that’s a big IF Human

He took his sword and points to Vayne and smirks. He spins his sword little. Then he points back to him.

Leon- Vayne I want to challenge you

Vayne- I Accept the challenge

Vayne stomp his foot and his wings pop out and he breathe fire to Leon. He look then he jump out the away. Then he took his twin revolvers and start shooting. Vayne clawed the area where is Leon. He go this badly he flew and he and hit the ground. He is trying to his vision back by shocking his head. He is looking around for his twin revolvers. He is sees his guns and he try to reach for it but Vayne looks and breathe fire to the gun and circle it.

Leon- Damn… oh well I have to Vayne with my sword only
Vayne- You will never kill me with that thing.

Leon- This will kill you in one way it looks like this sword. My father gave this to fight demons like you –Slowly gets up- I will win this fight No matter what!!!! –Yelling-

Vayne- I want to you see you try!!! –Yelling with a demonic roar-

Leon starts running to the Vayne and about to slash the dragon but Vayne raise his right claw then. Vayne slash at Leon jump in time but he could see the claw almost hitting his back. He landed on his feet then Leon got close enough to do a 3 hit slash to the Vayne. Vayne just rub his scaling skin and breathe fire. That Leon start spinning his sword made a fire circle while doing that he jump up and slash him with his own fire. Then force his sword top of his head and force him down. Vayne force his head up Leon flew up and landed.

Leon- Damn I don’t know how to kill him…..-looks around then look at this sword and smiles- Well…I have to keep on fighting

Vayne- Foolish human you can’t win

Leon- We never know in till we try

Leon starts running to Vayne and flank right Vayne is following him with his
eyes. Then Leon jump up so fast it look like he disappears Vayne looked shocked and starts looking around. Then he looked up then he breathes fire against him he got hit by it. Then he just dropped down while burning the necklace is shiny blue then flames of the dragon burn out. Vayne is shock then the sword turn blue. Leon start running then jump up then disappeared again. Vayne is looking around. Then he got stab he look down see Leon with holy aura around him with blue eyes. Then he jump up slice him from chest to all the way to his right shoulder.

Vayne- RRRRRRAAAA –Yelling pain-

Leon- “Breathing hard” did I do it?

Vayne- You have won this battle…human… you may pass…

Leon- Thank you “breathing hard start walking little by little”

Vayne- Wait…your very strong use me

Leon- How you can’t fit in that door “Hears a creaking” What the… “The sword
sword broke in half” No my Lionheart

Vayne- I see you need a sword well…You have my blessing use my soul “Then

Vayne turn into an orb then floated down slowly to Leon”
Leon- wow… “Put the sword on his back then grab the orb then it transform into sword” wow a new sword… “Then start using it spinning around then while doing combo the sword turned into a wipe” A Sword wipe…

Vayne- Yes now you have power of fire

Leon- Thank you Vayne can you keep talking to me because I need your help

Vayne- Sure…you’re too different human what’s your name?
Leon- Leon Nox

Vayne- Okay Master Leon lets go

Leon- Thank you Vayne

He grabs his stuff and went off open the door and walk in then wall push Leon out and through a window and fells outside. Going to the dark clouds while Leon is falling he turn to see with shock eyes.

Leon- CRAP!!!!! “He through a roof of a small house and he lays there knock out.”

06-23-2008, 08:17 AM
Nice job^^ well done. I like your style but I think it´s a bit long. Try to short it. I think it´s better to have often a new chapter than too long ones. But good^^

Kristian The Twilight
06-23-2008, 08:50 AM
did you really like it?

06-23-2008, 08:59 AM
Yeah. If I wouldn´t I wouldn´t have read it. would I? Naturally are there some thing you could do better. But you write not so boring some people are doing. You can grow step by step if you write further. And so the quality of your stories will become better. I think you can make it.

Kristian The Twilight
06-23-2008, 09:09 AM
can u tell me i love to learn

06-24-2008, 08:29 AM
then write the next part. If you can stand critique I will give it to you.