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06-21-2008, 07:50 PM
Hiya:laugh: ! Thia chapter's short. I apologize in advance for the monsterously large chapter 9. It's a fight, so I can't break it up. Bleh. Anyway, this one is short. Enjoy!

Chapter 8

Suna stared out over the water, sitting next to Gaara. She noticed a shimmer.

“Look,” she said, pointing out to sea, “The dolphins are jumping.”

“Yeah,” said Gaara, “They come around here a lot, don’t they?”

“They’re always here this time of year,” said Suna.

“Really?” asked Gaara.

“Yes,” said Suna, “My family studies animals a lot. We like to know their advantages and disadvantages.”

“Why?” asked Gaara.

“Well,” said Suna, not taking her eyes off of the dolphins, “My clan, the Henka, specialize in Animal Transformation Jutsu. We require little Chakra to transform and almost none to sustain the form. We like to know the right animal for the job.”
“This is what you do?” asked Gaara.

“Yeah, me and Yume,” replied Suna.

“Yume?” asked Gaara, “Little Yume?”

Suna looked at Gaara with a smirk, “Did I mention that I can transform other bodies as well, just as easily?”

“Oh, crap!” laughed Gaara with a rare smile.

Gaara looked around.

“Where is Yume, anyway?” he asked, “He follows you everywhere.”

“He’s hunting birds in the trees,” she said, pointing to the mountains and clusters of trees behind them.

Just then, Gaara felt a nasty chill go up his spine and he gasped.

“What’s wrong?” asked Suna.

“Just a chill,” said Gaara.

“It might be from the storm coming in,” he said, indicating the sky, which had turned steely gray.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” came a calm voice from behind them.

Gaara and Suna whirled around and jumped to their feet to locate the speaker.

The figure in front of them looked to be about seventeen years old. He had spiky brownish-blond hair. He was muscular and yet slender. He wore a black short-sleeve shirt with black ū pants. He wore shoulder armor with the Rock Village symbol on it. He also had a bag that was strapped over his left shoulder and came to a rest on his right hip. His hand rested in the bag and his emotionless blue eyes rested on Gaara. He parted his lips.

“I’ve come to kill you, Gaara.”

The End.

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Nice^^ really good. But in the end you have many repeatings. Ah, one question. Why are you opening always a new theme for a new chapter? It would be better if your fans would get the story in one theme and they donīt have to search the next part. But okay^^ Yeah. That is it. Go on^^

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I know it's weird now, but it all ties together in the end. The conflict will bring them together. I didn't want it to just be another fangirl love story. I wanted a plot. You'll see!


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No I meant that you could only use ONE theme and put all the chapter in there so no person has to search the next part. Look. If you post chapter one I answer then you put the next chapter after my answer without opening a new thread. and so on. I will answer again. Better?
This was it what I meant^^

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Sorry! I thought it was reccomended that you post each chapter individually. ^_^! Sorry. I problem is that some people, like me, have dial-up, and it takes forever for a really long thread to load all the way and the computer sometimes will quit. How about if I just post in 3-5 chapter clusters starting with chapter nine. Sorry about that.

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yeah okay^^ I only wondered why you did it so pedestrian.