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06-20-2008, 03:05 PM
ZOMg! Chapter 6 already? I don't beleive it! This is a long fanfic, but I'm trying to break it up as much as possible. Long chapters make my brain hurt, and so does lack of spacing. Luckily this chapter containes neither. It'll probably come out fast, considering it's summer and I have nothing to do but write in this fanfic.


In the next few chapters, I'm introducing an interesting new character. It's an Akatsuki member's little brother, and IT'S NOT SASUKE!! I'll leave you to ponder.

Chapter 6:

“Baitai, I’m just going to the beach!”
“Gaara was walking to meet Suna at the beach. It was a week after he was attacked. Baitai sauntered next to him, reading his book (there’s a Kakashi in every village). It was irritating to Gaara, always having to be followed by an escort.

“C’mon, Baitai! I can handle myself!” he argued.

“This is for your own good, kid,” said Baitai, flipping a page in his book and looking bored, mumbling: “Not like I want to be here anyway…”

“Are you going to leave me alone when I get to the beach?” asked Gaara.

“Keep whining and it will be a ‘no’…” sighed Baitai, never taking his eyes off of his book.

Gaara gave a little groan.

“What was that?” asked Baitai.
“Nothing!” said Gaara at once.

They walked along the path in silence for a few minutes, Gaara looking down with his hands in his pockets.

“There’s the beach,” said Baitai.

“Really? I mean, awwwwww,” said Gaara, jokingly.

They reached the beach. Sunlight washed over the world, making it glow golden in the late afternoon light. Down on the beach, a figure was waving at them.

“That’s Suna,” said Gaara.

“She’s cute,” said Baitai, looking over his book.

“Just go back to your reading,” said Gaara, waving to Suna.

“Alright!” said Baitai with sarcastic excitement.

“Hey, Suna!” called Gaara. He walked down to her from the top of the beach, “How, are you?”

“I’m great!” she replied.

“This is Baitai,” said Gaara as they reached each other, “And this is Baitai’s book.”

Suna giggled and Baitai looked over his book, sticking his tongue out at Gaara.

“You know you can leave now, right?” asked Gaara, raising his brow (I almost said eyebrows :)!

Baitai put one finger in the air and twirled it around like a flag, saying “Woohoo,” as he sauntered off.

“What’s up?” asked Suna.

“Nothing much,” said Gaara, “They’re driving me crazy, though.”

“It’s just because they care,” said Suna.

“I get an escort when I go to the bathroom,” said Gaara dully.

“Ooh,” said Suna, “Sucks for you.”

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Nice^^ I like your story. I don´t know what you could try to make it better because it´s already perfect. But I think over it, okay? ;)

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Yay! Your comments make me feel happy! Thank you! :) :) :)

I give you this hampster as a token of my gratitude!
lol, look at him go!