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06-20-2008, 03:04 PM
This one is uber short, but it is filled with emotion. Sorry for the cheezyness:rolleyes: , I'll make up for it. I thank those who have put up with the story this long, we've still got a ways to go. I do not own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does blah blah blah! And without further adeiu, chapter five.

Chapter 5

In the night air, Kankurô stood outside, looking up. The clouds had gone to reveal a clear, starry night.

“Kankurô,” said Hasumaru, walking outside.

“Why is it always him?” asked Kankurô, exasperated, “I have watched that boy grow up and it is always him!”

“Kankurô---” started Hasumaru.

“It’s not fair! And everybody hates him. That doesn’t help. Do you see the way they look at him? It’s like he’s not even human! It’s so frustrating to see him go through this!”

“Kankurô---“ Hasumaru started again.

“You know,” said Kankurô, looking up at the sky, never turning to face Hasumaru, “That boy would do anything for me, and I can’t help him at all! All I can do is watch as this world tears him down!”

“Kankurô, we’ve all thought the same thing---“ said Hasumaru.

“I wish that I could take it all away, let him live a normal life! And now, and this is what gets me! After all he’s done to set his life right, after he joined the troops, knowing fully well that people would hate his guts, he might die and nobody’s gonna care. He saved all of their lives when that ship showed up (second Naruto movie), but if he dies, who cares?! It’s just Shukaku! I can’t stand them!”


Kankurô turned around, hearing his little brother’s voice. He almost couldn’t take the look of exhaustion and worry in his brother’s eyes. He was standing in the doorway, leaning on the frame, still weak. His breathing was heavy, but he held himself up to look at his older brother as if he were the one who could barely stand. Kankurô found that he could not look at him. He looked down instead. Hasumaru looked from brother to brother worriedly.

“Kankurô,” started Gaara, “I don’t want you to worry about me, I’ll be fine.”

“I just hate watching you suffer,” said Kankurô shakily, “I just wish I could do something!”

“You can do something!” argued Gaara, “And you’re doing it!”

Kankurô looked confused.

“Kankurô,” said Gaara as he walked closer, “You were---there for me. You, you were my friend. You were just there and that’s what I needed; someone who cares! That is the best thing anyone could have done for me! I thank you for that.”

“Gaara…” said Kankurô, placing his hand on his little brother’s shoulder, “Just be careful, ok?:

“I will,” said Gaara, “I promise.”


Again, sorry for the shortness, so now enjoy this adorable hampster!
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I like that chapter^^ really good. And the length is exactly right. I think better often a new chapter than everytime so much that you need over 10 minutes to read it.

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Yay, a repeat reader! That makes me verry happy! *Changes mood to happy*
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