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06-18-2008, 10:12 PM
This is 4, its a little long but it's action packed, yay! :laugh: It also has a few jokes. This ain't(<thats a word, now!) the best for fanfics, but I'm still new!! I hope you love it ^______^!! I got the Japanese accents to work on my computer, so theres no "Kankurou"s, the accent means what it means. The chapters get better as they go along. Id like to take this post to say that I do not own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does. Thought that needed to be said. :p Enjoy!


Later that day, Gaara was walking along the beach. He looked out into the water. It was late afternoon and the whole world glowed gold. The dolphins jumped out of the water with their skins shimmering as they twisted in the air.

The sea air was not something that Gaara was used to. The dampness of it threw him off. He felt more at home on the beach, with the sand under his feet. He looked down as a thin, clear wave washed around his shoe. He jumped two feet to the left, the side away from the ocean. He didn’t like the water all that much.

He thought back to when Kankurô tried to persuade him not to join the troops, because of the fact that he would be shunned. After Gaara insisted and told him of his dream to become Kazekage, Kankurô decided to join as well. Gaara smiled and looked back out over the water.

It was a split-second reaction. Gaara felt his sand shield go up behind him and heard a rupture before the bomb went off. He jumped foreword and onto the ground. He looked back to see the remains of the blast, which had sprayed sand everywhere.

Gaara sat, heaving and sweating on the beach.

“What the…”
Then he sensed it. He had complete awareness of every grain of sand under him. The rupture was about five feet away and four feet under.

“Crap!” he said as he pulled up a heavy sand shield before the bomb went off. Then he quickly turned around, sensing at least eight other bombs. He got into a kneeling position and slammed his hands to the ground, causing sand to spurt up around them.


The whole beach compressed, detonating all of the bombs and containing the explosions.

Gaara kneeled there, heaving and panting. Sweat droplets ran down his brow. He resumed the beach to its normal density. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he stood up and looked at his shaking hands.

“Come on,” he said to himself, “Calm down!”

The clouds moved in and the world turned gray as he started on the path back to base. It started to spit raindrops here and there. He felt so weak kneed that he could barely stand. That had scared him, and this attack verified it: someone was trying to uproot their base.

“This is…not good,” he panted, looking at his shaking hands. Then he clenched them into fists and he started to run back to base.

I’ve got to warn them!

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“So,” said Kankurô lazily, sitting with his back to the tent wall.

“Yeah,” replied Harimaru in the same tone. He was laying on his back on one of the cots and his head was hanging upside-down over the edge. He looked sort of odd, considering the fact that his head was upside-down and all of the blood had rushed to his face.

Baitai looked up from the book he was reading.

“Are you two going to whine all day until Hasumaru gets back or are you going to do something?”

“You mean like read that perverted ‘Icha Icha’ crap you like?” questioned Harimaru with a smirk.

Baitai blushed and went back to his reading, mumbling something about “true art,” and “immaturity.”

“So,” resumed Harimaru.
“Yeah,” replied Kankurô.

“WHAT THE--!?”

Gaara had come in and startled Harimaru, who jumped and fell off of the cot.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, GAARA!?” screamed Harimaru, emerging over the cot, “YOU SCARED THE LIVIN’ CRAP OUTTA ME!!”


“WHAT!?” jumped up Kankurô.

“Can we all stop SCREAMING!?” exclaimed an agitated Baitai. The whole room fell silent.
“Thank you,” said Baitai calmly, closing his book and standing up, “Now, what happened?”

Gaara was very short of breath and struggled to speak.

“I was…walking on the beach,” he panted, trying to regain himself, “A...a bomb…went off behind me. Then… there was another. I sensed…at least eight more, but I compressed the beach…with my Sabaku Taisô. All of the bombs…they’re gone now.”

“What!?” said Hasumaru who had come in soon enough to hear Gaara’s explanation, “I really can’t believe this!”

“Guys---“ said Gaara weakly, bending down and leaning his hands on his knees and coughing, “They’re---they’re after me---“

“You?” asked Kankurô, “That can’t be possible!”
“I think he’s right, Kankurô,” said Hasumaru. Kankurô shot him a disbelieving look.

“Think logically,” said Hasumaru calmly, “If the person trying to attack Gaara was smart, then he would watch him and learn his habits. Gaara’s no easy opponent. Anyone can see that you wouldn’t just go walking up to him the first time you see him and try to fight, you’d get your can whooped. Gaara is always out at the beach. The first bomb was probably meant for him."

With his mouth hanging open, Harimaru stared at Gaara, who was still coughing and heaving with his hands on his knees.
Gaara…, he thought.

“He won’t---try the beach again---“ Gaara struggled to say.

“No, he won’t,” said Hasumaru, “That’s the problem. He might just try an attack next.”

“Gaara,” he addressed, “I don’t want you going out alone anymore, but you can’t stay here too long or you’ll risk getting bombed that way as well. I want everyone on high alert. I’m going to go report this---“
“GAARA!” exclaimed Baitai.

Everyone gasped as Gaara sank to his knees, totally drained of energy.

“Gaara…” breathed Kankurô.
“I’m fine,” said Gaara very weakly, “Just a little shaken.”

“You should lie down,” said Baitai, pulling Gaara up and sitting him on one of the cots, “Get some rest. You ran all the way here in the rain after all.”

“Got’cha,” said Gaara, lying down with his hand on his forehead.

Harimaru stared at him, astonished.
Gaara…why…why you?