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06-18-2008, 08:55 PM
Chapter Three, yays! This is a cool little "Let's torture Gaara!" chapter, but it gets you somewhere. I try the make the characters as real as possible. Gaara and Suna(again, sorry for the unoriginal name:banghead: ) are the main characters, so they need to have as much time together as possible. Anyway, enjoy! :)


It was the most awkward silence of awkward silences. There were three people staring at two people and a freaky cat thing.

Gaara just wanted to disappear. The people staring at him were scared stiff. Suna had noticed the problem and decided to break the silence.

“Well,” she said, “Gaara needs a place to crash, so I offered. After all, we do have room. Is this Ok with you guys?”

They all just kind of stared at her. Gaara noticed that Kyôri, the boy who was about to cry, had almost fainted, caught himself, and was now a trembling puddle.

Hotaru looked like she had just witnessed puppy-murder, and Hakushi, the confused boy, had realized what was going on. The look on his face suggested that he was looking at the Shukaku Sand Spirit itself.

“I said, ‘is this Ok with you guys?’” repeated Suna.
Hotaru gave a slow nod, not taking her eyes off of Gaara.
“Good!” said Suna with a smile.
Oh, boy, thought Gaara, rubbing his neck.

Suna set another mat out on the right side of the tent for Gaara to lie on. A golden lamp lit the tent’s interior. Suna looked up to notice that Hotaru, Hakushi, and Kyôri had all moved to the left of the tent. They wouldn’t take their eyes off of Gaara.

“O…k,” said Suna.
She sat down on her mat and motioned for Gaara to do the same. Every time he moved, the other three people in the tent leaned back an inch.

Suna turned out the light and lay down. The rest of the tent sat as far away as possible, hugging their pillows and staring at Gaara.

This is going to be a long night, thought Gaara. He lay down and faced the wall, thinking about the night ahead, hoping that it would be a peaceful, even though sleepless one.

Three hours later.

The snores of the formerly confused boy, Hakushi, echoed through the tent. Gaara sat staring wide-eyed at the wall, forced to stay awake through the torture of Hakushi’s snores. He refused to leave; he dare not dismiss their hospitality.

He rolled over on his back, thinking I’ll be dead by morning. Then he had to keeping himself from yelping when he felt something cold tough his fingers. Yume had made his way over to Gaara and had pressed his nose into the boy’s hand.

“Good thing you’re cute,” whispered Gaara, scratching the tiny cat’s head.

The animal worked its way in between Gaara’s arm and torso and rested it’s head on his chest.

“You are too much,” whispered Gaara.

The tiny creature opened its mouth and let out what sounded like a choked growl. Gaara smiled. At least he had a little company. For the time being he scratched Yume’s head, closed his eyes, and thought sunrise, sunrise, sunrise!

That morning, Suna woke to find Yume huddled up to a peaceful looking Gaara.

“Are you…asleep?’ she asked in confusion.
“No,” he said, “Just resting my eyes.”
“Well, can you open them?” she asked.
“I don’t think I can,” he said.
“Well,” she said, “It’s been sunrise for over an hour.”
“Wha…” his eyes flew open to find Suna standing over him.
“Hello,” he said.

“Hi,” she replied, then she bent down and patted Yume’s hip to wake him.

“C’mon, kid,” she urged, “Wake up!”

Yume’s eyes eased open and he yawned and stretched. Then he jumped up on Suna’s shoulder where he lay down, looking tired.

Gaara stood up.
“I’d better get to my cell’s quarters. They didn’t have room for me in there. It’s kinda’ small.”

“Well, then go,” said Suna, “I wouldn’t want them to worry.”
“Ok,” said Gaara, “I’ll see you.”
“Bye,” said Suna.

When Gaara left, Suna sat down immediately, looking exhausted.
“Not only is he cute, he’s sweet and polite as well!”

She reached her fingers up to Yume, who licked them for no apparent reason.

“What do you think?” she asked him.

He gave a small growl.
“That sounds like a ‘yes’,” said Suna, “But you love anyone who scratches your head.”

“You’re back!” exclaimed Kankurô when he saw Gaara.
“Relax, Kankurô!” said Gaara, “I stayed with a friend!”

“Ok,” said Kankurô, relieved. He had thought that Gaara had stayed outside alone again.

Cell 8 minus Harimaru sat in their small tent.

“You know,” said Baitai, sitting in a corner and reading his book, “You could’ve stayed here, with Harimaru gone and all.
We’re getting a bigger set up so there’ll be room for you tomorrow.”

“I’m just glad he was smart enough not to stay outside,” said Hasumaru, who stood in the middle of the tent.

“Geez,” said Gaara, “You guys act like I’m your kid!”

“Nah,” said Harimaru, walking in, “You’re more like our little brother!”
“Harimaru!” exclaimed Gaara, turning around to see his friend, “You’re Ok!”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said, putting his arm around Gaara and looking at the rest of the joyful cell, “Thanks to this kid here!”

“C’mon, Harimaru!” Gaara pleaded, “Let me go!”

“Never again, Gaara!” said Harimaru, “I’d be dead without you! Besides, I owe you!”

“Then let me go!” Gaara begged.

“Anything you say, boss!” said Harimaru, releasing Gaara at once.

“No,” said Gaara, “no, no, no, no, no, never, never call me ‘boss’. I’m begging you!”

“Sure thing, Gaara-sama!” Harimaru replied with a grin.

“Look, you’re fixing for a---“

“Ok,” intervened Baitai, “Knock it off, Harimaru.”

Harimaru smiled at Gaara, who smiled back.