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06-12-2008, 09:04 PM

First of all, the title is wrong. It should be Ooedo Senshi Tonosaman no Uta, not Ooedo Sensei Tonosaman no Uta.
As with Koisuru Guitar no Serenade, the translated title the person that submitted it used is the title from the English version of the game, while the more literal title is "Warrior of Great Edo, Tonosaman".

The person that submitted it missed a good half of the song. Most of it is just repeating lines but there's a nifty spoken part in there that they left out. After "Heiwa o mamoruzo buchikorose" (Second to last line) should be

Aku no daikan Akudaika~n
GO ! GO ! Iki no ne tomeru made

"Iku zo! Konshuu koso kecchaku wo... aa! O. Omae wa..."


They included the last line, but there's a minor correction to it.

Muron HERO da Tonosaman FLY HIGH

Also as with the other song, the kanji they submitted isn't the same as the lyric booklet (and is missing the same parts as their romaji)

改造手術の古傷が うずくネオ・エドからっ風
悪の代官 アクダイカーン
GO ! GO ! 息の根止めるまで
正義の怒りで  ぶち殺せ
がぜんヒーローだトノサマン Fly High !

だけど俺には夢がある 涙 忘れぬ歌がある
悪の代官 アクダイカーン
GO ! GO !  修羅場の乱れ突き
平和を守るぞ ぶち殺せ

悪の代官 アクダイカーン
GO ! GO ! 息の根止めるまで

『行くぞ!今週こそ決着を...あッ! お。お前は...』


むろんヒーローだトノサマン Fly High !

06-12-2008, 10:41 PM
You know some more Gyakuten songs Rizuchan? Would it hurt if you submit them?

Anyways my source don't have much info for Gyakuten Saiban stuff...

06-13-2008, 09:35 AM
I would love to submit more songs, but these are the only vocal songs released. None of the in game songs are anything more than BGM. I would die for a vocal version of LOVE LOVE GUILTY...

Well anyway, there was a vocal version of Gyakuten Sisters' Theme on Gyakuten Meets Recorder, but that's a doujin album (There seems to be quite a few of those for Phoenix Wright), so I always assumed it wouldn't be good to submit lyrics for something like that. Actually, I always thought these two were from doujin albums too but when I saw the lyrics here I looked them up and found them to be official.

06-13-2008, 10:12 AM
They could be up when the site has a Doujin Music category pretty soon. But I dunno who are the doujin circles that make Gyakuten doujin music so I'll have to leave that to the Gyakuten fans (we're gonna sort "shows" under the new Doujin Music category solely by doujin circle or a collective one for Vocaloid).