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So, this is chapter two, where we reach some character development. I promise it's not a long flashback, that comes later:banghead: . I know flashbacks are annoying, but it will help the story out. By the way, I wrote this whole story months ago, I'm just posting it now. I'll try to keep the spelling and punctuation right. This chapter's a little shorter, but I hope you like it. Enjoy!!


“Kankurô, give me a hand!” said Gaara, who had Harimaru slumped over his shoulder.
Gaara’s older brother came over and relieved Gaara of his load. Harimaru was still conscious, but he was weak and needed help to walk.
“What happened?” asked Hasumaru, who had noticed Gaara and Harimaru limping into base.
“I don’t exactly know,” said Gaara, stretching his shoulder, “He said a bomb went off in a bush near him and he got knocked into a tree, hit his head, and passed out. I found him walking back to base.”
“Are you serious?” asked Hasumaru, staring at Gaara. Then he looked over at Harimaru, who was being carried away by Kankurô, “I don’t believe this.”

“Well, believe itJ,” said Gaara, “’Cuz unless he was knocked loopy, that’s what happened.”
Hasumaru looked around, confused.
“Sir,” said Gaara in a low tone. Hasumaru, bent down closer to Gaara to hear him.
“Do you think this means that someone is trying to uproot our base and attack or something?”
“I don’t know, Gaara,” said Hasumaru.
Gaara was very concerned. Usually Hasumaru could read any situation, better than Gaara himself.

“Listen,” said Hasumaru, placing his hand on Gaara’s shoulder and speaking in a low tone, “I don’t think you should go out alone at night anymore. I know you can handle yourself; you’ll probably make jônin within the month, but I don’t want to take the chance of somebody getting hurt.”
“And if I think I see trouble, I should do what?” asked Gaara.
Hasumaru smiled.
“That’s just like you Gaara,” he said, “I want you to help your comrades in any way you can.”
Gaara nodded.
“Sir, yes, sir,” he said.
“Now,” said Hasumaru, “Go lay down or something, Harimaru’s not exactly light.”
“Sir, yes, sir,”

“Hey, Gaara,” said Harimaru in a weak voice. He was lying in a bed in the base’s infirmary. Gaara sat next to him. A single lamp lit the room on a bedside table. Its orange glow illuminated the two’s faces.
“I never got to thank you,” said Harimaru, “Without you, I’d be in a lot of trouble,”
“You scared the crap out of me, Harimaru,” said Gaara, looking down.
“I’m sorry,” said Harimaru.
“Oh, no,” said Gaara, looking up, “Don’t apologize! I’m just glad you’re Ok!”
“No,” said Harimaru faintly, “I’m talking about earlier. I’m sorry for getting on you. You’ve got it hard enough as it is. You don’t need me adding to the stress.”
“Harimaru,” said Gaara, “You’re alright. Those are just jokes. They’re no about...that other stuff.”
Harimaru stared at Gaara. He never talked about his monster. They all knew it was there, but they ignored it and treated Gaara as if they had no idea.

“Those others…” said Gaara, looking down again, “They say what gets me. ‘Freak,’ ‘monster,’ that’s what hurts. The way they look at me, it’s either with disgust, which I can handle, or fear. It’s the fear that they have in their eyes that hurts. They’re afraid of me, afraid to touch me, afraid to talk to me, afraid to look at me, and it’s my fault!”
Gaara looked up at Harimaru, who thought he saw a wet glint in the boy’s eye.
So, thought Harimaru, the pressure's finally getting to him. I don't blame the kid, he's had it hard.

“Harimaru, you know…” said Gaara, a little shaken, “…that I wish I could change the past---make it go away---give those innocent people--their lives back. You know---that I would never hurt you, right? Please tell me you know that.”
“Gaara…” whispered Harimaru, “Gaara you’re my friend, and…I trust you with my life.”
Gaara looked up.
“Thank you,” he said.

Gaara left the tent and went out into the night air. He breathed deeply and tried to relax. He looked down at his hands, which were shaking out of control.
Did I really just open up like that? he asked himself. He turned around.
Harimaru, he thought, you’re a good guy.
“Hey, clueless!” came a familiar voice. Gaara turned around to see the girl he had walked into earlier now walking toward him.
“We’re not supposed to be out here,” she said, “Not after that attack, though I’m sure you know that. You’re the one who found that poor guy. Is he Ok?”
“He’s fine,” said Gaara, “And, please don’t mind me asking, but do I…know you?”
“I’m Suna,” said the girl, “And you are?”
“I thought you would know me,” said Gaara.
“Oh, I do know you; your red hair gives it away,” said Suna and Gaara toughed his hair in confusion, “I just wanted to be polite.”
Gaara just stared at the girl. She was wearing a black tank top that had three loose blue straps that hung around her arms.
She was short, shorter than him, in fact. She wore blue pants that ended just below the knee. Her black hair was cut short on her left side and it curved gently over to her right, where it reached her shoulder. It greatly complimented her deep blue eyes.

Her headband was pinned to her right hip, much like Gaara’s, which was tied around his right thigh.
“My name is Gaara,” he told her.
“Nice to meet you,” said Suna, “And you still haven’t answered my question. What are you doing out here?”
She started to walk and he followed.
“I was just visiting Harimaru,” said Gaara, “He’s the one who got hurt. Wait, what are you doing out here?”
“I was just on my way back to my quarters,” Suna replied, “I was telling my cousin not to go outside alone. And then I went outside…alone. Go figure. So, where ya headed?”
“Oh, um,” Gaara thought, “Nowhere.”
“Wha…” asked Suna.
“You see, I don’t, or, I can’t sleep,” he said, indicating the two black rings around his eyes, “So I usually go down to the beach to meditate, but since the infamous “buddy system” has been set up, I guess I’m up the creek without a paddle.”

“Oh,” said Suna, looking down. They kept walking. The moonlight fell on her silky black hair, making it glow blue.

“You could come to my quarters,” she randomly suggested.
“Oh, no…” said Gaara, “I don’t think---“
“Don’t worry,” said a confident Suna, “We have room!”
Then she grabbed Gaara’s hand and led him to her tent. They walked in and all of a sudden, four pairs of eyes were all staring at Gaara, not in disgust or fear, but in complete and utter shock.

“Hey, guys!” said Suna, “This is Gaara.”
She indicated the very confused red head standing next to her, who looked just as shocked as the rest of them.
“Gaara, this is Hotaru,” she pointed to the nearest person, a brown haired girl that was staring at Suna with a look that asked why, why, why, and threatened I’ll flipping kill you later!
“This is Kyôri,” said Suna, pointing at a brown haired boy sitting next to Hotaru. He just looked at Suna as if he was about to cry.
“This is Hakushi,” went on an oblivious Suna, while Gaara just stood there, trying unaffectedly to smile and disappear at the same time. This time Suna was pointing at a tired looking, confused boy who just sat there kind of cross-eyed.
“And that,” said Suna, pointing into the corner, “Is Yume.”
What she pointed at now was not human, but a little, cat, if you could call it a cat. It was more like a rabbit-sized, golden colored cougar with bright blue eyes lined with black, black ears, and a long tail topped with a bushy brown lock of fur.
As soon as the creature heard it’s name, it ran up and jumped up on Suna’s shoulder and started to sniff as Gaara’s hair.
“He’s…cute,” said Gaara.

As soon as the three others heard Gaara's voice, they all backed up a few inches.

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Good idea. I think it sounds great^^ Sometimes there are little mistakes but nothing important. Go on^^

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YAY! I'm so happy :) This is my first one, so I'm glad it is appreciated! :)
I'll put the next chapter out soon! I see your new on this site like me, welcome!