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Suna no Ai: Another Gaara Love Story

Suna and Hotaru were two friends in the Sunagakure troops. They were sitting and watching the sunset on their post along the shores of the Wind Country when Suna noticed that cell 8 had walked onto the beach. They were up on some rocks near the beach so they were generally unseen unless you looked. Suna’s crush was in cell 8 so she pointed out their arrival to Hotaru.


“Hotaru, look,” said Suna, “it’s cell 8.”
“You’re right,” said Hotaru, blushing, “Oh, there he is!”
“He’s so gentle…” said Suna.
“I know,” said Hotaru, “Look at those muscles!”
“”Yeah,” said Suna wistfully.
“And those eyes…” said Hotaru.
“Yeah……. Sky blue…”
Hotaru, who was leaning her head on her head with a faraway look, was snapped back into reality and she looked at Suna, startled.
“Who are you talking about!?”
Suna looked at Hotaru, “Who are you talking about?!”
“I was talking about Hasumaru,” said Hotaru, “He happens to have brown eyes! The only person on that cell with blue eyes is Shuka…ku…” she paused and looked at Suna, then at cell 8’s Gaara, who happened to have the Shukaku sand spirit sealed inside of him.
“Oh, crap! YOU’VE GOT THE HOTS FOR SHUKAKU?!!!!” said Hotaru, a little too loud.
Too bad for poor Suna, the entire cell 8 had heard Hotaru’s “crap for brains” outburst. Gaara looked up, recognizing his common but hurtful nickname among the soldiers.

“Baka!” whispered Suna harshly as she pushed Hotaru behind the dead bush they were sitting next to.
“Did you, like, eat a bowl of stupid this morning or something?!” she scolded, “Shut your insensitive trap, his name is Gaara!”
Hotaru just stared at Suna.
“You’ve lost your mind,” she said “You’ve lost your flipping mind. It’s Shukaku!”
“Shut-up!” exclaimed Suna.
“Ok,” said Hotaru, “I’m leaving.”
She stood up and walked away, thinking what the heck is with that girl?
Suna just sat facing away from the beach, cell 8, and especially Gaara. She massaged her temples and tried to calm down. She looked at her hands, which were shaking like leaves.

On the beach, cell 8 was poking fun at “Shukaku”.
“Looks like you’ve got a secret admirer,” said Harimaru, getting laughs from the cell, which consisted of 5 boys, Hasumaru, Harimaru, Kankurô, Gaara, and Baitai.
Hasumaru wore a typical Sunagakure vest, a Sand headband under his long brown hair, and black ¾ pants.
Harimaru wore a black collared shirt with a blue stripe down the center and white striped on the short sleeves. His hair was dark brown and flipped Kakashi-style over to his left with a white wrap to hold it up. He wore black ¾ pants.
Kankurô, the tallest, wore his typical black jumpsuit, the face paint he wore when he saved Kiba’s sorry backside, and the Crow, his puppet, strapped to his back.
Gaara, the shortest, was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with white bands on either side of his elbows. His white sash was gone and his leather strap was replaced with a white one with a black buckle in the chest area. This held up his gourd, which was smaller for easier movement. His pants were the same as his shirt, black with a white band on either side of his knee.
Baitai wore the same clothes as Hasumaru, except he was a little shorter with black hair and a bored expression on his face.
“Shut-up, guys,” said Gaara, “You know I’m not that type.”
“But what if she’s not that type as well?” said Harimaru, “That would make her just your type!”
“C’mon, Harimaru, give it a rest,” intervened Baitai.
“Awwww, c’mon, guys!” Harimaru argued.
“Baitai is right,” said Hasumaru, “Leave Gaara alone, we need to get back to base.”

As the cell was leaving, Hasumaru, the cell’s, leader, called Gaara to the side.
“What is it, sir?” asked Gaara.
“Nothing much, Gaara,” said Hasumaru, “I just need to ask you a favor. I wrote up these mission reports but I don’t have time to submit them. Could you do it for me?” he handed the reports to Gaara.
“Yes, sir, no problem,” replied Gaara,
“Thank you,” said Hasumaru. As he passed by, he put his hand on Gaara’s shoulder and whispered in his ear.
“And just ignore Harimaru, he’s just bothering you because girls think he’s immature.”
“Thank you, sir,” said Gaara, “I think I can handle myself.”
Hasumaru backed up and stepped back in front of Gaara.
“Yeah, they were pretty hard on you when you firs entered. The rest of the troops I mean. Harimaru might be an idiot, but he is kind at heart, and Baitai’s the only voice of reason to Harimaru and he has a heart of gold.”
“Yeah, said Gaara, “I guess I’m just lucky I’m here with you guys. Those others…they look at me like I’m a bomb or something.”
“Well,” said Hasumaru, “I’m just glad you like being with a bunch of goofballs like us.”
Gaara gave one of his rare smiles. Hasumaru put his hand on Gaara’s shoulder again.
“Well, I’ll see you later, kid.”

Gaara was walking back through base with papers in his hand to submit the mission report. He didn’t see Suna, who was turning around one of the temporary tents. She walked right into him. His papers went flying as they both fell to the ground.

“Owwww,” said Gaara, trying to stand up.
“I’m sorry!” said Suna, “I’m an idiot!”
She started picking up his papers.
“No, no,” said Gaara, holding his head and still struggling to stand, “It’s Ok.”
“No, it’s totally my…fault…” she had just realized who she had walked into. She blushed, stood up straight, and handed him his papers.
“Thanks,” said Gaara as he took the papers,
“Well, bye,” he said.
“Bye” said Suna as she watched him leave.
As soon as he was gone she kicked the dirt furiously.
“AUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!” she screamed, drawing looks from every which way.
“Well that broke the ice!” she exclaimed, feeling depressed, “I finally get a chance to talk to him and I’m crawling around in the dirt, apologizing!”

Gaara had filed the papers and was sitting up on the rocks by the beach. He reached his hand up and lightly touched the kanji on his forehead.
“Love…” he thought out loud, “I’ve never thought about it that way.”
Then he laughed quietly to himself.
“I can’t believe that of all people, I’m the one sitting here, thinking about this.
He quietly watched the dolphins and they danced and played in the water, flapping their tails and squealing at each other while doing back flips and mid-air twists to impress their special someone. Gaara quietly slipped into meditation, which was his only form of rest.

That morning he was making his way back to base when he saw a familiar figure lying on the ground in the foggy path.
Gaara ran up to the boy and kneeled down beside him.
“Harimaru!” said Gaara as he checked the poor kid’s pulse. He was alive.
“Harimaru!” said Gaara, shaking the boy’s shoulders, “Harimaru, wake up!”
No response.
“Aw, crap,” said Gaara. He pulled Harimaru’s arm around his shoulder and hoisted him up.
“C’mon, Harimaru----you’re heavier---than that gourd---“he panted, “You’d better---wake up!”
Gaara tried to walk with him, but he was taller than Gaara and much heavier, so he dragged on the ground and Gaara got no more that 6 feet. After that he had to put him down.
“This isn’t going to work…” said Gaara as he released 120lbs of dead weight.
“Ok, Harimaru,” he said, “You need to wake up.”
He kneeled down beside his unconscious companion and slapped him in the face,
“Wake up!”
No response.
Then he got an idea.
“Harimaru” he said in a sing-song voice, shaking the boy’s shoulder, “This girl just told me she thinks you’re cute and she’s scared ‘cuz you’re out cold, so you need to wake up!”
“Wha…” said Harimaru, rousing from his sleep.
“Where are you, my darling…?” he said, “I’ve come to take you into my arms…”
And with that he reached forward and pulled Gaara into a tight hug.
“Harimaru!” exclaimed a shocked Gaara.
Harimaru’s eyes grew wide as he realized what he was doing.
He yelped and jumped back, falling on his backside. Gaara just stared at him, shaking his head.
“That was not funny, Gaara!” said Harimaru in total embarrassment.
“You act like I enjoyed that,” said Gaara, standing up, “Anyway, if you can jump up and hug me like that I’m sure you can walk.”
Gaara extended a hand to help Harimaru up. Harimaru just stared up at him, still a little dumb-struck. The he smiled.
“Thanks,” he said, taking Gaara’s hand and standing up.
“What happed to you,” asked Gaara.
“I don’t know” replied Harimaru, “A bomb went of in a bush I was walking by. I flew into a tree and hit my head.”
“Wow,” said Gaara, “Is that all?”
“Pretty much,” said Harimaru.
“Ok,” said Gaara, “We’ve got to get back to base, right away. They need to know that someone’s trying to bomb some of us.”
“Right,” said Harimaru, “Let’s go.

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nice try^^ I like the storyline but I would - if I were you - think over the length of the chapter. I believe shorter but often a new part. That´s better^^

06-18-2008, 08:25 PM
Thanks for the advice :) ! The next chapter's shorter. I had to introduce so many characters. I'm glad you like it! The story line goes far beyong guy/girl, so keep tuned in!

08-17-2008, 10:57 PM
Oh that was so good! I remember when I seen the first drawings of cell 8 and heard the story line! Awww! it's come so far! congrats on puting it out there!