View Full Version : [Rejected] Misa (of DeathNote) Wallpaper [PG-13?]

05-24-2008, 11:15 AM
There is a some residual nipple showing through the shirt, so I marked it PG-13. Though I did try to cover this as well as I could w/o screwing up the look of the shirt.

Ok, onto the point of my post.

>>>> Reason for rejection. <<<<
-Text is too dark, faded image is really distracting and the scan should have hard edges (and be less bright purple) like the rest of the wallpaper.
-Get rid of the border

Ok, so the 1st image is the original. The 2nd is what I did to it after it was rejected. Since the mod said the text was too dark, I simply put it's opacity back up. I did agree the border looked abit off, so I did indeed remove it. The border was supposed to tie the top and bottom bands together, but yea, lol. I also changed her color to try to match the background. Removed the faded image. I never liked it anyways. I had been too lazy to make the screen for the faded images shirt, so not only was it distracting, but it didnt match the forground version. I also think I softened some of the grain on her, and gave her a smoother looking skin than before.

So please, tell me what you think of the tweaked 2nd one.

05-24-2008, 01:39 PM
Well I like both of them in some ways...
Now it's time to say...

The 'bad' and 'good' points
Well on the 1st I aswell didn't like the faded img
or the text which is dark.
I like your use of colours for Misa [1st]
On the 2nd one Misa is a little bit dark now.
Glad you got rid of the border

I think that you should keep the 1st Misa and
change the 2nd one. And use the 1st one on the 2nd
wallpaper.Since also the 1st img is kinda white-ish
Put a little sparkle beside the text but don't overdo it
I think that should do it..

05-25-2008, 02:53 PM
Hmmm. I never been one ot use sparkles too much, but she sorta does have sparkly tears coming from her eyes already, lol. I even have an idea of what I'd do I think. It's a very good thing that I did each letter individiually, hehe.

As for misa herself. I may still have to overlay her like I have her on the 2nd one. Mainly because it boldens her up a bit. Plus the top layer of her is slightly blurred on top of the linear burning. This is what smoothed her skin out. ^^ So she would come out slightly darker, but I can retain her 1st color easily enough. Just won't be as light as the 1st.

Thx for your input IchigoKiss. ^^

05-25-2008, 05:08 PM
I dig the colours of Misa on the 2nd version and it's ok if her skin isn't that smooth IMO. Text is much better, just why don't you experiment with various splatter, grunge brushes and stocks (from sxc.hu and the like) for the background - incorporate the graffiti into the background itself, perhaps make a wall with graffiti as a background itself? Would look pretty damn cool.