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As advised I will now post the chapters directly and individually on the site.

I'll be the first to say that the first chapter is somewhat poorly written (wrote it about a year ago, have been going slow with the story), but it's still readable. The writing does get progressively better as the story moves on and my vocab and style became more expansive. And I don't know if anyone expects me to manually put spaces between the paragraphs, let me tell you right now that that's a pretty heavy order that I'm not willing to comply to. This right here may be a short chapter, but another thing that progresses as the story moves on is each chapter's length. They get really, really long. Hell, chapter 4 alone was so long that I had to split it into 4 subchapters, and chapter 5 which I'm working on now has already made it past 40 pages.

Anyway, once again, without further ado:
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Legal Stuff: The characters of Ranma belong to Rumiko Takahashi, I claim no ownership whatsoever, and do not intend to make money off this licensed property (not that I could, because it’s sucks). Now as for the characters of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I’m pretty sure they’ve become corporate owned by now, and I don’t know who originally wrote the comics, but it wasn’t me. Please no lawsuits, I don’t have anything to give anyway.
Author’s Note: When deciding to cross over Ranma and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I wasn’t sure which version of TMNT to use. The comics, the 1987 cartoon, the movies? So in the end I decided the mix all three together, mostly from the movie (because that’s my favorite interpretation of the story). The only things that I really use from the cartoon are Rocksteady and Bebop; and April O’Neil is a news reporter (but that’s also an element from the movies). But besides that; no technodrome, no Krang or his weird robot thing, and the ninjas aren’t robots. You’ll also notice a few or more plot holes (the big one being how Ranma and co are able to speak to the citizens of New York and read all the signs even thought they’re from Japan, and also a few questionable problems with the time change thing), but hey, I’m trying my best here. Anyway, the important thing is that I used all the main characters from both titles.

“Heroes In A Shell”
A Ranma & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover Fanfiction by Nik Johnson

In the concrete jungle known as New York City; crime, corruption, and evil plagued the streets. The police became outnumbered by their criminals. It was perilous for any law-abiding citizen to walk the streets.
To combat these injustices, four heroes emerged. They were known as the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael.
These four brothers became infamous throughout the streets, combating crime with their knowledge of ninjitsu, while simultaneously battling their arch enemy: ‘The Shredder’ and his dreaded ‘Foot Clan’.
With the final defeat of their nemesis, the streets became, for the first time in the cities’ history, safe.
The city fell under an era of ‘peace’; but that window of peace would soon be shattered…
Chapter One: Military
The sun arose on New York City. Every news van in town had raced down to the New York Army Base 25 miles outside of town. Among the news stations that were reporting the incident that had occurred just hours ago was Channel 3 Eyewitness News girl April O’Neil.
She stood with the rest of the media circus just out front of the base, blockaded by the Secret Service who were questioning the Army guards who had been at the site during the unbelievable incident.
April, like the rest of the on-scene anchors, was applying make-up and preparing for her report. The cameras began to roll.
“This is April O’Neil from Channel 3 Eyewitness News standing in front of the ‘New York Army Base’ just 25 miles outside of the city limits where an amazing but terrible crime has occurred. Earlier this morning just around three am, this highly guarded military base was breached by unknown suspects. Though the military is being discreet about what the suspects were after, it is believed due to the 911 phone call made by one of the guards, that something within the base was stolen. Unfortunately the military is keeping details under wraps, all that is known about this crime is that it parallels with the crimes committed by the infamous ‘Foot Clan’ that allegedly disappeared over a year ago. This is April O’Neil, Channel 3 Eyewitness News.”
Back in the city, in an unknown location, the new hidden Foot fortress lay. A new batch of ‘Foot Soldiers’ were training their skills while awaiting the triumphant return of the Foot Clan as a criminal organization.
Karai, the current leader of the Foot Clan walked down the corridors of this hidden fortress until she came to a large two-way door guarded by two foot soldiers. As she approached the two guards stepped aside as Karai waltzed through to the room that settled on the other side.
She approached a large Shrine area where she knelt before. A mysterious cloud began to form. In the middle of the cloud was a clear circle that soon began to form an image. The image was of a figure, a figure that mimicked the style of an old samurai helmet. The samurai-like figure that appeared within the cloud was covered in spikes and razor sharp edges. When the image completed its’ accent, you can see clearly who it was; the afterlife image of none other than the Shredder.
“Arise, my faithful servant.” The ghostly figure spoke.
Karai quickly came to her feet.
“My lord, the preparations are almost complete. Our best soldiers have been successful in obtaining the device needed that was being confined by the US Military. Soon you will be able to return to us as our immortal Lord.” She told her master.
“This is very exciting news… as soon as I am resurrected the Foot Clan will be stronger than ever, as will I. And I’ll finally be able to get my revenge on the turtles. But we must make sure that they don’t cause trouble before hand.”
“About that my liege…”
“During the heist at the Army Base, a guard who our soldiers had missed called 911. Reporters came to the scene within minutes. I’m sorry but, the news is all over the story. It’s just a matter of time before the turtles annex our intentions.”
“Damn… we’ll have to work quickly then.”
Just at that moment, who but the two mutants Rocksteady and Bebop came running through the door? They both turned their intentions to Karai.
Bebop let out a snort, and then began to speak, “You called us ma’am?”
“You fools! Bow down when you’re in the presence of the Shredder!” Karai shouted.
“Oh! Right!” They both said fearfully.
The two quickly fell to their knees and bowed before the afterlife image of Shredder.
“You two may rise.” Shredder spoke.
They slowly arose.
The two mutants fearfully gazed upon Shredders' image, “You two have a very important job to do; one that without, I cannot make my ascent back into life.”
“Uh, sure boss. Whatever it is, just tell us and we’ll do it.” Rocksteady replied.
“I need you two to travel back to my homeland of Japan . You must find the town of Nerima and seek a girl who has red hair in a pigtail. Capture her and bring her to me!”
The two gave him a military salute, “Yes, boss!” They both exclaimed.
“Now I cannot stress how important of a task this is… DO NOT FAIL ME!” He yelled.
“Sure thing boss! You can count on us.”
“I’d better be able to. Now, GO!”
The two, frightened of the wrath of Shredder ran outside of the room, leaving Karai and Shredder alone in the room.
Shredder turned his attention back to Karai, “And you have your orders too. Carry them out.”
“My men are already prepared. As soon as the sun falls, we will begin our mission.” She replied.
Karai turns and walks out of the room. Shredders’ image dissipates within the cloud as he returns to the afterlife. Where his image was a new image begins to form, an image of Furinkan. Shredder’s voice is still heard coming from the cloud.
“Yes, yes… as soon as I have that girl, I will finally be able to leave this place and destroy the turtles once and for all.”
In the small town of Nerima, Japan ; the Tendo family sat alongside the Saotomes. Soun, Genma, Ranma, Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi all sat quietly eating dinner. All that was missing was Happosai.
“Wonder where the freak is.” Ranma said.
“Let’s not jinx it, just enjoy the peace while it lasts.” Nabiki replied.
“I hope he’s all right, he never misses dinner.” said Kasumi in her kind voice.
“The master’s probably just out on one of his late raids. Like Nabiki said, let’s not jinx it.” said Soun.
At that moment, a few loud bangs came sounding at the door. “Oh dear, who could be at the door this late at night?” Kasumi said as she got up from the table and headed towards the front door. The family remained in the dining room continuing their meal. Kasumi returned and turned her intention to Ranma.
Kasumi came back to the dining room. “Ranma, a group of girls are here to see you.
“What?!” Ranma asked with a skeptical voice.
“They all said they’re here to see you.” Kasumi replied.
“What the hell’s going on?” Ranma said as he got up from the table and headed out of the room.
At the front door, he was met by a mod of furious women. One of the women from the angry mob saw him and yelled, “THERE HE IS! THE PERVERT WHO STOLE OUR PANTIES!”
“Me!? Hey listen, I didn’t steal noth-“ Ranma tried to explain before he was thrown to the floor and beaten by the mob, hitting him with broomsticks and stomping him into the ground.
After the beating the mob began to stampede away. One stayed behind and threw him a photo.
“And don’t try to deny it next time! We have proof!” She said before turning and marching away.
Ranma got to his feet and examined the photo. The photo showed Happosais’ body with Ranmas’ face photoshopped on top of it, “Why that slippery old bastard!” Ranma charged into the dining room and began to frantically search the room, “Alright! Where is he!? I know he’s hiding around here somewhere!”
“What happened?” Akane asked.
Ranma tossed the photo onto the table and everyone examined it. “Ever since we got that computer the old freak started using it to pin evidence on me!” He said.
As Ranma continued his search, Genma, in the form of a panda, held up a sign reading 'Looks real to me'.
At that moment, Happosai came bouncing into the room from the back yard of the Tendo House. “Sorry I’m late everybody, hope there’s still some left.” He said in a cheerful voice. As Happosai made himself a plate, everyone, especially Ranma tuned their attention towards him. Ranma approached Happosai, Happosai was still eating. Ranma was standing behind him, Happosai noticed. “Why hello there, Ranma m’boy. What can I do for you?
Ranma showed Happosai the picture Happosai had made to bring the heat off of himself
“Oh, you found that did ‘ya? Well I’d like you to know that I deeply appreciate you helping out your old master-“
Ranma grabbed Happosai by the head.
“OW! Hey, what’dya think you’re doing?!” Happosai screamed.
Ranma began to grip Happosais’ head harder and harder.
“Say… that’s starting to hurt.”
“This time you’ve gone too far old man! Now everyone thinks I’m the panty thief!” Ranma said in a voice of strong anger.
“Why? The papers said that the story I gave them wouldn’t be printed until tomorrow-“
“WHAT!?” Ranma exclaimed.
“I-I mean, what story? I didn’t tell the newspapers that you’re the one that’s been stealing all the panties in town. And I certainly didn’t give them that picture to go along with it.” Happosai tried desperately to repent his words.
Ranma threw Happosai to the ground and cracked his knuckles “You’re going down old man!”
“Now, now, take it easy there, Ranma. Uh… uh… Hey look! A pack of angry women!" Happosai yelled as he pointed behind Ranma. Falling for the distraction, Ranma looked back. Taking his chance Happosai made a run for it. “Hah! Hah! I can’t believe you actually fell for it! So long, sucker!”
“Damn it!” Ranma exclaimed.
Ranma ran to the front door and slipped on his shoes. The rest of the household followed and watched.
“What are you doing?” Nabiki asked.
“I’m gonna get that freak if it’s the last thing I do. Looks like I’m gonna have to pull and all-nighter.” Ranma replied.
“Ranma, we have school in the morning, remember?” Akane said.
“Don’t worry, the adrenalin will keep me good and ready." As soon as Ranma was finished putting on his shoes he ran out the door after Happosai. The remaining members of the household looked in awe for a few seconds and then turned back to finish their dinner.
Back in New York , April was in her office at the Channel 3 news station typing something on the computer. Her mind was on the base heist that occurred that morning. She knew in the back of her mind that it was the foot who had committed the crime. It had to be, only they could break into a military base get away without a trace.
As those thoughts raced through her mind, her boss, Charles Pennington came in her office accompanied police Chief Sterns and a decorated military officer.
“April, you have two visitors that need to talk with you.” Charles said.
“Hello April.” Sterns said, trying to be polite.
“Chief Sterns.” April replied returning the greeting.
“I’ll leave you three alone. Would either of you care for coffee?” Charles asked.
Sterns and the Military General both replied, “No, thank you.”
“Okay, I’ll leave you two in then.” Charles replied as he walked out of Aprils' office closing the door behind him.
“April, this is General Hammond.” Sterns said.
“Hello.” Hammond told April.
“Hello.” April politely replied as the two shook hands.
"Well, have a seat.” April told the two. Sterns and Hammond took the two chairs in front of Aprils’ desk.
“What can I do for you two gentlemen?” She asked the two.
“You were reporting at the base that was infiltrated early this morning correct?” Hammond asked.
“Correct.” April replied.
“But there was something you said in your report that no other reporter claimed.”
“Well, I’m no other reporter.”
“Cut the crap O’Neil, you clearly said that the breach was committed by the Foot.” Sterns interrupted.
“I said it paralleled what the Foot Clan did.”
“Don’t smart-mouth us April!” Sterns demanded.
“It’s true that when the Foot was eradicated fourteen months ago that you were there and witnessed the death of their leader correct?” Hammond asked.
“I was the only reporter there. He was beheaded.” April replied.
“The point is, previous to the end of the Foot, the city was in panic. The entire police force had been outnumbered and any and all criminals the city had at the time began looting businesses, fear spread through the city, riots even. Utter chaos.” Sterns jumped back into the conversation.
“You don’t need to tell me that, I was there reporting the events each day.”
“And you remember better than everyone how bad it got right?! O’Neil, this is MY city, I’m in charge among others of keeping the peace! I’m five months from retirement and the last thing I want is another city at war happening on my watch.
“Well then you shouldn’t be here interrogating me, you should be out looking for the Foot.”
“Goddammit April! There is no Foot!” Sterns yelled in a very angry voice.
“Then who robbed the army base this morning, huh?! Who?!”
“Who says it was robbed?” said Hammond.
“Come off it, General. I’m no average every day idiot. That’s why you had such high security around the premises of the base, you didn’t want the media seeing what they had done. And I happen to know something under wraps. The guard who dialed 911, he was discharged this morning because he was the one responsible for getting the media’s attention.”
“Quiet!” Sterns shouted.
“No! Listen, I respect that you don’t want another city at war on your hands, but the public has a right to know what’s going on in their own neighborhood. And that’s why you’re not gonna investigate this any further, are you Sterns?!”
“There’s nothing to investigate!”
“Hmph, just what I thought. But heave my warning Chief, if you don’t deal with this, you’re gonna have much more than just the citizens to fear.”
“Just stop with the Foot reporting O’Neil." Sterns said as he got out of his chair and barged out the door. Hammond was still in his chair.
“Difficult man, huh?" Hammond said.
April: “What did they steal?”
Hammond then got out of his chair and began to walk out, but before he could get out the office April called for him.
“Hammond! Don’t take this problem lightly, I know exactly what these guys are capable of. I don’t know what they stole but whatever it was, you’d better prepare for the worst.” April pleaded.
Hammond completed his descent out of the room. Would Aprils’ warning be taken into consideration? She knew that no chances could be taken, she had to find out what was stolen in the heist. She went to her computer and searched for the residence in which, Pvt. Joel Lee lived. If there was person who would know the item that was stolen this morning and have enough cold feelings to reveal its’ identity, it would be the man who was discharged for responsibility of alerting the media. She used a combination of search engines. She eventually got his name and address. Without hesitation she grabbed her coat and headed to his apartment.
When she had arrived at his residence she had discovered that he was not in. His landlady was able to offer some helpful information. She was an old woman around the age of 60, smoking a cigarette. “You’re looking for Joel huh? That good-for-nothing bastard lost his job this morning. The man never could keep up the rent even when he was employed, I kicked his sorry *** out on the streets this afternoon. The good Lord already handed me a pile of **** for a life, no way am I gonna complicate it by housing a bum who can’t even keep a military job!"
“Do you know where he could’ve gone?” April asked.
“Let’s see…" the lady said as she scratched her head. "He’d probably be at that bar he use to go to after work each morning. Blew all his earning over there instead of the damn rent!”
“Where’s this bar at?”
“It’s down on 54th street, right next to the bus station.”
“Thank you so much.”
“Yeah, whatever…" the Landlady said as she walked back into her house slamming the door on the way. Before the door was closed, April had started her run down to the bar the Landlady spoke of.
She walked into the bar. It was a small scummy looking place. About 10 stools lined the bar, four separate booths in the back. The place was pretty empty, only 3 patrons sat at the bar, and then there was the bartender of course. April studied the three patrons. Two were elderly men, about sixty to seventy each. The one sitting at the very right end was a younger man, he was the one of the bunch that fit the bill. She made her way over to him and took the seat left of him. The man was in a deep depression, he must have been drinking for hours, the smell of alcohol seethed from him, he was one drink away from passing out.
“Is your name Joel Lee?” she asked the man
He looked at her. His depressed drunk face turned into an aroused drunk face. “Yeah…” He said in a groggy voice.
“My name’s April O’Neil-“
“The news lady?” He asked.
“Yes.” She replied.
“Forget it, I don’t want to talk to no reporters.”
“Well I’m not a reporter right now, this is personal business.”
“Yeah right.”
Joel signaled to the bartender, “Hey! Max! Where’s my Genuine?” The bartender filled a glass with beer and slid it over to Joel. April caught it before it could get to him. “What’dya think you’re doing?”
“You’ll get it back when I get what I want.”
“Look reporter lady, I was just discharged from the military this morning, that’s pretty damn bad. I disgraced the uniform by calling the police and I let precious cargo get away! I don’t want the papers calling me a coward!”
“So something was stolen?”
“Hey wait, they said the papers wouldn’t know about me.”
April grabbed him by his shirt collar, attracting the attention of the other bar patrons and the bartender. “Listen! I’m pressed for time! I’m not here to put you in the papers, I just want to know what they took.”
Joel let out a sigh.
“Who were they? Were they ninjas?”
“How’d you know? “
“I know the Foots’ work when I see it.”
“It was the Foot?”
“Yes. Now what did they steal?”
Joel gazed at April. He really had nothing left to lose, so he spilled his guts. “I guess, back when the Foot had been destroyed, or I guess not now that I know what you’ve told me, the policed seized some things that was found at the old Foot fortress. A lot of weird lab things, I don’t know, anyway, one of the things we were guarding was this very large machine. I was put in the warehouse where they were keeping it, the military said they were going to use it but none of the scientist could get it to run.”
“But what was it?”
“Now… I’m not sure about this cause they didn’t tell me directly but I heard it was one of Baxter Stockmans’ machines.”
“Baxter Stockman?”
“Yeah. It was like some sort of teleporter or something.”
April thought about all the machines created by Baxter Stockman, she knew exactly what had been stolen. As she thought it, Joel spoke the words.
“I think they called it a Dimension Hopper.”
The Dimension Hopper was a device invented by Baxter Stockman used for creating a portal between dimensions. They were going to use it to create a direct portal to Dimension X and release some friends Shredder had waiting there.
April got out of her chair. “Thanks for your time.” She walked out of the bar. As she walked the down the street she wondered what they could be doing with the Portal Hopper.
Baxter Stockman had a habit of making his machines a way so that only he could use them. He did that Shredder wouldn’t go back on their deals whenever he needed them. Also to make sure that if the military ever got hold of them, that they wouldn’t be able to use them. I guess it worked.
April quickly put the pieces together. What would be the point of stealing a machine none but one knew how to operate unless… “The Foot’s going to break Baxter Stockman out of prison!”
With that thought, she quickly found the nearest sewer entrance and mad her way to the turtles’ lair.