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Dark Wolf 09
05-05-2008, 10:25 PM
Chapter Two Front Lines:

(Here's another update for Halo: Zeta O-9)

After the drop-off from the space above Zeta’s atmosphere coughing, death-defying smells, and crimson red blood statured the seats of the pelicans some bodies were mangled with their MA5B near their chest, a group of Sangheilli ‘s that consisted of four did a reconnaissance above the high mountain tops, the over-cast was outstanding, constellations were gleaming from the atmosphere from Zeta’s crust below the terrain was rugged, a barren wasteland of snow and ice glaciers, the Sangheilli walked upon the snowy curve the pelican was crashed into tiny metal fragments pieces.

Winds were picking up from the South the breeze was cold, and harsh for the Marines breathing even they tried to stimulate the breathing, one of the Marines stood up barely standing as he put his hand unto the fragment for support as smoke came from the engine making a silhouette and shouted off at the distance, “Sound off?!” coughing, and groaning on the pelicans dashboard, “Here..!” “Alright soldier, stay put”.

The weather was chilling, and cold barely enough oxygen for them to breath well for the survivors anyways. High above the glacier a pack of Sangheilli gleamed down the path-way where the survivors are in their native tongue they said,

“Look down there we have unwanted visitors. Investigate immediately.” The other said, “They don’t seem vital to our lands.” “I don’t care the higher-arch informs us, when humans land. Eliminate them.” “Look, the war is over. Why are the humans inhabiting in the planet below?” “ I don’t know, interrogate them.” As the Sangheilli said in a angry voice.

The sanghelli’s shifted their bodies down the trail searching for the humans even though the trail was hard for the sanghelli’s to adapt it was rugged and harsh, as the humans spotted the enemy was compromised, the Marines was ready for action. They gripped their M12’S , MA5B’s, and Frag grenades.

The Elites was fierce trained for any coming threats just like this one, blue plasma and red plasma radiated and illuminated as the orbs was dancing with gravitational arrays the night sky overwhelming the Marines below, combustion of the MA5B’s millimeter bullets penetrating the hard skin from the Elites,

both of the factions were taking cover the Marines were hiding inside the Pelican and behind the Pelicans metal fragments as the Elites having cover with the thin dead tree bark and snow covered boulders from the high grounds using the tough terrain environments.

The fight seemed it was forever, taking both factions down into tiny morsels of decaying bodies, ammunition was running out.

Halo: Zeta 0-9 (C)

Published by: Kohl Hughes (Capt Fox McCloud)

(A new update will occur soon. Enjoy.)

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