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05-05-2008, 02:17 PM
ok maybe it's out of my control but does anyone know if ep 29 "father" till the last ep have been dubbed yet ? and if so do you know where I can watch it ?

I'M LIKE GOING CRAZY . first death note pulled me in and for like the first 17 eps I was liked hooked on it like crack :P . then light did the whole giving up the death note thing and that lowered my interest (luckily L was cool enough to keep my interest ) .

I didn't like the whole yotsuba thing really slowed the anime down for me , until I realized it was all part of lights plan then I was excited again . SO I get to ep 26 I think and OMFG L DIES HOLY CRIZAP then I realized I don't have anymore more eps to watch -.- I WENT NUTS I googled yahoo'd and altavista'd lol .

so I finally found ep 27 and 28 YAY then it only gets CRAZIER real L is replaced by N and then M steals ryuks death note (well the one he found I think lol ) and now light can be killed at any moment if M figures out he's kira .

sO WOOT i finish ep 28 and realize I'm on empty again ................. OMG WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY . now i'm just a lil bit whats the word .. having " withdrawal " XD . I need my death note fix . Luckily I have a bunch of vampy anime and manga to fill the void (thanks to those who answered my post :) ) but yeah lol my original question stands anyone know if they have dubbed the 29 till last ep of DN yet and where I could watch it ?

Jagan Eye
05-05-2008, 04:43 PM
Put some spoiler tags around your thread please.