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Dark Wolf 09
05-02-2008, 10:01 PM
Chapter one Loose Cannons:

(A brand new update for Halo: Zeta 0-9!)

In space as the drop-off’s establishments entering in Zeta’s atmosphere from the big green turbulent Pelicans in a war or any battle, it is imperative that combating forces are quickly reinforced or re-supplied. The Human and Covenant forces have taken heed to these cries for help, creating a line of airborne transport ships. These can be used to send over fresh soldiers or any battlefield equipment they may need. Standing at a towering height over the battlefield, the Elite is an impressive site of hulking muscle and fierce brutality.

The Human transport, the D77-TC (aka Pelican) is capable of seating 8-10 soldiers while also carrying a warthog from the underside of its rear engines. The Covenant transport (or "dropship") is capable of moving up-to 10 troops and two ghosts. Its soldiers are protected by the armor-plated bay doors.

Both are built for moving soldiers quickly, easily, and efficiently , their major concern was the blue plasma radiation “Plasma Cannons” that was operated by the Sangheili also known as the “Elites” as their name implies, Elites are known throughout the Covenant as the faction's ultimate warrior. Superior in terms of speed, agility, strength, intelligence, and stamina, the Elite is known to fearlessly lead the soldiers under him into battle.

Arranged by class according to skills, Elite armor colors vary depending on their role of the individual within the Covenant forces. Excellent at using nearly any type of weaponry, from plasma rifles to energy swords, the Elite is also a more than capable warrior in hand-to-hand combat even though raised from childhood they are loyal to the religion, and faithful to the higher-archs, they are also intelligent.

Furthermore, they are widely known for their superb ability to command troops in battle, and as a result many soldiers within the Covenant ranks turn towards these Elites for inspiration and leadership in times of combat, as well as the Unggoy’s (are a species of subordinate warriors in the unified conglomerate races of the Covenant) supported by Kig-yar’s (are an avian species which serve the Covenant) in the tree tops sniping below or reconnaissance missions.

Couple of the pelicans didn’t make the land, static on the other radio’s of the dashboards of the pelicans stating, “I CANT PULL HER AWA—AAARGH!!” the noise was chilling, disturbing, all though silence lost hopes were going down.

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