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Dark Wolf 09
05-02-2008, 12:00 AM
( WARNING This Contains heavy spoilers! Hey guys, Im a big fan of Halo and I wanted to make a fan-fiction. Thanks too Fabala, I can finally write an easy fan-fiction to start out with, however this is my first fan-fiction.)

After the end of the covenant war between the UNSC (United Nations Space Command.), and the Covenant Armada the memorial took place for Sergeant Johnson, and for Master Chief even though it had “MIA” (Missing in Action) etched with white marker imprinted in the steel plating of a Pelican at Earth the remembrance of a Hero to save our lives as they both fought for the man-kinds extinction from the Covenant threshold , and the betrayals’ of the Brutes. Pictures resembled their faces as a remembrance of good deeds and sacrifices, except for Master Chief civilians of Earth who thought of Master Chief as a savior for the oncoming threats of the Covenant Armada, other’s sought it was a demon who trembled with fear and regret.

In the year of 2027, a new threat emerged from distinct planets. Zeta-09, and the Covenant Facility local known as the “Forerunner” facility, big large purple ships with a chrome finish flew across with large gravity pupolsifiers, ascending the Covenant Armada forward for battle, later that evening personal troops of the Marines assembled in line as a new Commanding officer he said in a strict voice, “Damnit soldiers, there is going to be another war and were involved again! This time no help from the man in green. We have to figure out this once and for all! Oorah?!” as the Marines said “Oorah!” as the shipped echo as if they were in victory back at the commanding officer.

The Marines wore standard- black armor similar to Master Chief’s armor better improved, stationary, and weather resistant, steel reinforced body armor even though this plate is heavy they wore it like it was no weight at all, the soldier said, “Man, no Master Chief? How are we going to fight morally?” “Hah, think of your superiors. Have you read unto your History lessons, Corporal? Remember in 2004 we didn’t have Master Chief as a “Super Soldier” we fought for our own.” “But..This is for our life though, our family, friends. Plus, these are outsiders you’re talking about, now we as in peace with all other nations, and capitals. Don’t you think that the peace reunified status will be involved with the Covenant?” the other Marine sighed with disgust, “You worry to much” he said carrying his MA5B Assault Rifle towards his chest, on the field or in the academy, the MA5B Assault Rifle is the staple weapon of all Human marines.

The gas-operated riffle gives the gunner the opportunity to use the weapon in either semi or fully automatic mode. While the automatic setting is quite powerful, it is extremely inaccurate when compared to slower "bursts". To accompany these firing features is the weapons 7.62mm armor-piercing rounds. As an added feature, the weapons keeps a "point of reference" at all times incase a soldier was to lose his way. A combination of smarts and power, the MA5B is a deadly weapon.

They shifted ready for battle M41 LAAG’s were being designed and being shipped for the war on Zeta 0-9 . M12 LRV’s , also known as the "Warthog" signifying from the Marines, the M12 is the light reconnaissance vehicle of the human forces. Using the most advanced all-terrain technology at mankind's disposal, the M12 can easily scale up any mountainside or cliff. Having these vehicles is considered a major asset to the human forces, considering the majority of terrain is rugged and harsh. The vehicle houses a pilot and passenger in its front with a gunner mounted on in the back. This 12.7mm three-barreled machine-gun is capable of swiveling 360 degree's, but can also be tilted upwards to be used as an anti-aircraft weapon.

As well as M808B Scorpions MBT’s A massive goliath on any battlefield, the "Scorpion" tank is the heavy assault vehicle of the human forces. Geared more towards assuming the role of an anti-vehicle weapon, the Scorpion can also be used to eliminate fighter craft or foot soldiers. Protected by top-of-the-line ceramic-titanium armor, it is nearly invincible to any conventional weapon attacks. Mounted on the top of the vehicle is the 90mm HV cannon, capable of blasting apart Covenant tanks with only a few well-placed shots. As a secondary weapon it uses the 7.62mm AP-T machine gun, commonly used for gunning down infantry that dare stand in its way. The scorpion can also be used for shuttling infantry along its side plating for quick transportation of supplies, or marines.

Weapons and armor was being established such as the close encountered M90 shotgun, and the secondary M6D Pistol, and the M9 HE-DP Grenade also known of terms from the Marines (The Frag). Only special operatorsSO’s’s) can carry the S2 AM Sniper Rifle regarding the special reconnaissance, the S2 AM Sniper Rifle was designed for it’s fire-power and self-effective it holds 14.5 x 114mm APFSDS rounds the magazine size only carried 4 rounds.

The Marines now stationed strapped into the seats of the pelicans stationary for war most of them anxious, paranoid, scared, all these forms will enter in a estate called Psychosis feeding them negative feed-back about the war, possibly most of them though, “I’m I going to die?” “Will I meet my family again?” , some of them were ready breaded for combat. How will this war turn out?

Halo:Zeta 0-9 (C)

Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3 and the Halo logo, and Xbox Live logo is a copyrighted game from Bungie Studios, and Microsoft.

Published by: Capt Fox McCloud

If you want to comment about new Ideas for the Zeta 0-9's war. Please let me know. =)

05-02-2008, 12:16 AM
I think you've got a really good start here. But just a suggestion? You should add somewhere before the story that it contains heavy spoilers for the halo games. Not everyone's beaten the game/watched the video all the way through to see that MC's still alive. :)