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04-28-2008, 04:10 AM
genin exam time!
(edited some language out)

Naruto had just woken up and was doing the usual morning routine. Had a shower, brushed his hair, got dressed, and have breakfast. He was happy to finally be able to eat at ichiraku ramen again after years of catching his breakfast. It had certainly gotten him fit. When he got there the old man was so thrilled to see him, he gave him the first 5 bowls for free. After the 20th bowl he decided he better get to class. While he walked he spotted a certain uchiha giving him the evils, naruto just ignored him as he walked into class and sat down.
“hey dobe, you’re in my seat” sasuke said as he glared at naruto
“what’s it to you, I can sit where I want teme” naruto retorted
naruto intercepted the fist flying towards him from an angry looking sakura
“don’t call sasuke kun a teme, baka!” she shouted
“why are you getting so worked up, he doesn’t even like you” naruto said as pushed her away
“yes he does!” sakura screamed
“ok then, name 3 things he’s done for you”
“ok then he…..” sakura paused and for once in her life couldn’t come up with anything “hmph…” she pouted and walked away
“hmmm….good job dobe, ive never seem anyone stand up to that *****” sasuke said, luckily sakura was our of earshot and everyone was shocked that sasuke actually complemented someone
“ok class settle down” iruka announced as he entered “first off, congratulations to all of you passing the exam, I will now read out the teams
“team 7 will be….sasuke uchiha….sakura haruno” sasuke face faulted “and naruto uzumaki” both naruto and sakura face faulted
(rest of the teams are the same)
your jonin sensei’s will meet you in the designated rooms at 10 o’clock
Naruto, sasuke and sakura all walked to the room and sat down and waited for 3 hours, by the time kakashi got there sakura was whining about him not being there, naruto was meditating and sasuke was brooding over in the corner
“….my first impression of you…..you’re all idiots” kakashi said, everyone sweat dropped “meet me on the roof in 5 minutes” he said as he shunshined away
5 minutes later everyone was on the roof
“ok then…why don’t we start by introducing ourselves” kakashi said “tell me your name, dream, likes, dislikes and hobbies”
“why don’t you start sensei” sakura said
“ok im….” He was cut off by naruto
“your kakashi hatake, son of sakumo hatake, 29 years old, former ANBU, former member of team minato along with rin, obito uchiha and minato namikaze. You seem to always be late because you stare at that memorial for 3 hours a day probably from reminising about obito and how he gave you the sharingan in your right eye.”
Kakashi frowned ‘how does this kid now so much about a former ANBU with classified records, ill have to keep my eye on him’ kakashi thought
“ok smart alec…why don’t you go first” kakashi said
naruto stood up” im naruto uzumaki, I like training with nate sensei, meditating and pockey” he took out yet another stick of pockey and chewed on it “I dislike, fangirls, uchihas with a rod up their *** and lazy teachers, my dream is to restore the teachings of the yaroto clan and become hokage” he said as he sat down
“ok your up next pinky” kakashi smirked
“im sakura haruno, I like….” She glanced at sasuke “I dislike naruto kun and stupid people and my dreams are…” she glanced at sasuke and sat down
“ok, your up next emo kid” kakashi said
sasuke frowned at this “my name is sasuke uchiha, I don’t like anyone or anything, I dislike dobes like naruto and weak people, what I have is not a dream for I shall make it a reality and that is to kill a certain man” he said as he sat down
‘great, we’ve got an emo, a stalker and a ANBU kid’ kakashi thought
“ok then, everyone meet me at training ground 3 tomorrow for your real genin exam, the one in the academy didn’t teach to how to think on your feet and I will” kakashi said as he walked off “oh and don’t eat breakfast or you’ll throw up”
“well I better get going or kyu-chan will throw a fit for being late” naruto said as he walked off
“pfff….a dobe like you with a girlfriend…yeah right” sasuke commented
“and this is coming from the guy with no girlfriend and a homicidal brother” naruto said as he walked off
naruto turned and caught the kunai thrown at him and cushed it to dust
“and didn’t your mother ever tell you not to throw sharp things” naruto said and shunshined away.
Naruto opened the door to his apartment to find kyuubi playing with hidans head on the floor and nate to be meditating on the couch while listening to some classical music
“so whats the team like” nate asked
“the same uchiha and pink haired brat who tried to pick a fight with me yesterday”
“so are you going to knock some sence into them?” nate asked
“no just show the uchiha up in everyway possible” naruto laughed as he grabbed a packet of 2 minute ramen and made himself lunch”
“also naruto, I think ill let you remove your gravity weights for the exam, what are they at now?” nate said
“they’re at X15 gravity” naruto said
“imagine what they’ll think when they see you running at 90 miles and hour” nate laughed
“will someone please get this ***** away from me!” hidan yelled as kyuubi pushed his head around the carpet
The next day
sasuke and sakura where waiting at training grounds 3 for naruto to show up. Naruto shunshin in at the exact same time kakashi did.
“ok team, the objective of this test is to get the bells off me” he said as he pointed the 2 bells tied to his waist “the one who doesn’t get a bell will fail and go back to the academy”
“and….go…” kakshi said
sakura and sasuke jumped away while kakashi sat down on a log and naruto sat down to meditate. Kakashi pulled out his icha icha paradise book and started to read.
“so aren’t you going to try get the bells?” kakashi asked
“in due time” naruto said as he looked up at him “and you shouldn’t be reading that garbage” naruto said
“and why not?” kakashi asked
“because this is much better” naruto said as he pulled a book from his vest entitled ‘life of a shinobi part 1’ and handed it to kakashi “it’s a book I picked up in the rock country written by the Tsuchikage, ive already read it so you can have it” kakashi opened it and giggled a perverted laugh as he turned the pages while naruto went back to meditating, not much happened for the rest of the test, sasuke attacked and got buried up to his neck and sakura just fainted
“ok, since none of you got the bells, you all fail”
“not quite kakashi sensei…” naruto said as he pulled out 2 bells
“what….but how” kakashi checked his belt and the bells where gone
“but they were there when I got up” kakashi said
“yes but when I gave you that book I placed a genjutsu on you that’s almost undetectable, so you though you had the bells but you didn’t have them, I swiped them from you faster than you could see so you felt nothing” naruto explained as he handed the bells to sakura and sasuke
“but why are you giving them to sasuke and sakura?” kakashi asked, still confused at how he could place a genjutsu on the great copy ninja
“because I pity them, sakura is nothing but a whining fangirl who can never use words to sort things out and sasuke is an emo obsessed with killing his brother and has a superiority complex” he explained as he intercepted yet another punch from sakura “I rest my case”
“ok naruto, you pass but sasuke and sakura fail” kakashi said
“why do we fail! The dobe didn’t even do anything!” sasuke yelled
“2 reasons, he was willing to work to get the bells for you guys and he introduced me to this delightful book” kakashi said as he pulled out the book naruto had given him, the whole point of this test was team work and you two couldn’t be bothered working as a team because your constantly at naruto and each others throats: kakashi said
“so are we going to have to go back to the academy?” sakura asked sadly
“no, I cant run a 2 man cell even if naruto could work on his own and I don’t want to have to wait a whole year before I get a new squad, so I guess I have to pass you” kakashi sighed
“YATTA!” sakura yelled
“hmph…” was all sasuke said as he walked away
naruto walked back to his apartment feeling quite pleased with himself
In the middle of the night naruto was stirred from his sleep by the sound of breaking glass. He got up and walked into the living room to find the windows smashed by rocks
“what the hell…” naruto said as he looked outside to see sasuke lobbing rocks at him, suddenly a rock cage rose up from the ground around sasuke and he found nate’s sword at his throat.
“if you know whats good for you uchiha, you’ll clear off and never come back” nate said with anger in his voice “you uchihas are all pitiful, you all think you can do anything, but you’re wrong, your clan deserved to die after what they did to themselves and others, and you are the worst of them” he said as he removed he sword from the shaking uchiha’s throat
when this happened, sasuke immediately started doing hands signs for the phoenix flower jutsu, however two wood poles emerged from the gorund and grabbed his hands before he could do them
“I order you to let me go!” sasuke yelled “I’ll report you to the council and you’ll never set foot in this village again!”
sasuke suddenly felt like he had been hit by a thousand pounds, which was actually nate punching him, he went flying across the street and smashed into the wall of a shop hard enough to crack the concrete
“I really couldn’t give a damn if you told the council” he said “we have permission to be here from the hokage himself, you are the one who should be exiled” nate said calmly as he walked back into the apartment leaving a nearly unconscious uchiha lying in the streets.
When he got back naruto was melting some sand onto the window to patch up the glass cracks
“I take it he wont be bothering us again” naruto said
nate laughed “he’ll be lucky he can walk by without wetting his pants, now get some sleep naruto, you have your first mission tomorrow”
naruto walked back into his bedroom and snuggled up to kyuubi as he drifed back to sleep.
Haha sasuke is getting pwned!
He really needs to stop insulting naruto.