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04-24-2008, 04:07 AM
I made another Saber wallpaper...but this time I hope it is much better. I submitted this one as well. We shall see. Either way, I will keep on doing my best to improve. Here she is.

04-27-2008, 01:17 AM
Sorry, but the quality on the extract is really bad. You could try finding some from Serated himself.

Also, in my opinion, the wallpaper is too cluttered and unfitting for Saber.

04-27-2008, 08:14 AM
I have to agree with balance there. Your a starter right? well it'll take you some time.

The quality overall is not very good. Just using a lot of brushwork and a bit of water from a landscape wall is just not going to help. (i mean, if that's what you did...)

The colour is very striking. Use a calmer shade of blue. That jug thing in the right side does not fit in well either. It's best to remove that bit.

I have the same extract and Saber looks like she has some light from the top reflected on her hair. Just stars is not going to make it belivable.

The font-work isn't very good either. It looks very dry and so does the image overall.

Yea, I'm a big critic even though I don't know much.

The size of the image is large. that's a good thing. most people use large sizes on their desktops even if it's scaled down. Gives a bit quality that way ^^

I agree with Balance when he says it's cluttered.
I'm sorry...I think i'm going too far T_T

Tell you what; take all that as healthy criticism and use it to see where you can perk up that wall. I'm sure you can do better. You seem to have certain hidden talents in this.

I'm waiting for the next improved version of this wall...

04-27-2008, 02:07 PM
The render was clean and already from a render site.. and I saved it as a png but I think I maybe overdid the brushes. But I am wondering if the brushes I was using caused some specks too. I think I am going to definitely try this one again. I was trying to get the brushes right making blocks out of gemstone brushes...like ice and snow and a chalice. Oh and the water was a brush as well. I use GIMP and am still learning. I actually was going with a theme for the wall...even if it didn't quite make sense. The chalice represented the grail, the cross was a brush and I was trying to place it amongst crystals. I am still not sure how to quite get the brushes right either to make them look nicer. For text...aside from the general text options with Paint ...I don't own photoshop and will not be owning it anytime soon. So any text programs that work well? I appreciate the critique because I don't know what to improve upon without knowing from your points of view because I sometimes miss things that others do not. Thank you.