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So yeah... this is my first Chapter of Akuma Anie's Naruto FanFic, Akuma Anie is my Main Naruto RPC, you can see pics of her by searching in AnimeGalleries dot Net for "Akuma Anie".

I'm sorry for my bad english btw ^^"



The Akuma Clan was one the most important Clans in Konoha before it was destroyed. It always had a big rivalry with the Uchiha Clan.
Konoha villagers were afraid of the Akuma bloodline, an eye bloodline (the Akumagan) that allows the user to memorize the hand signs of simple jutsus, so when it is actived the user doesn´t need to make hand signs for that jutsu (example: kakashi wouldn´t need to make hand signs for chidori). It also can locate the enemy's chakra (like Byakugan).
When the Ultimate Level is activated, the Akumagan can read the opponent's mind while they are fighting.
The Akuma's symbol is the crow, and the Akuma clan members use crows to attack their opponnents, or even summon them for long trips and huge attacks.

Anie was one of the youngest members of the Akuma Clan. She had one sister and one brother: they were twins, Akuma Hiriga and Akuma Humo. Anie never knew who her father was, so she only lived with her mother and her brother and sister.
Humo and Hiriga were both 15 years old and were part of the ANBU when Anie was 8 year old, and when the worst happenned to the Akuma Clan.

The Hokage (Sarutobi, the 3rd) never liked the Akuma Clan, and always deffended that the Uchihas should be the most important clan of Konoha. Sarutobi decided to make an attack with the ANBU and his wise students: Tsunade, Jiraya and Orochimaru. They all accepted, except Orochimaru. "They can turn great weapons to me, so i won't kill them.", he said.

Earlier, in the Attack Day, Anie was going to buy some lettuce to her mother and found a boy...

"Can you go buy me some lettuce Anie?" asked Anie's mother.
"Sure mommy!" said Anie with a smile.
It was a winter afternoon, Anie went to the street, turner the corner and saw a boy, playing with shurikens, trying to hit a target in the wall. She looked at his shirt and realised the symbol: a white fan with the top red."Its an Uchiha! I always wanted to meet one!".
"Hi...!" said Anie with a shy smile.
The boy looked at her "Hey"
Anie blushed "Wha... what's your name?"
Suddenly started snowing, Anie looked above "Ah! It's snowing!"
"And yours?" asked the boy and smiled.
"Yeah, your name, may i know it?"
"Sure! Its..."
Suddenly two ninjas appear, Anie's brother and sister: Humo and Hiriga. Both great ninjas and 15 years old.
"Anie!!" they yelled. "What are you doing here?" asked Humo.
Anie looked down, and Hiriga looked at the boy: "What were you doing with an Uchiha?". She grabbed Anie's hand.
"I hope you Akumas don't mess with my son again". It was the boy's father.
"We are going now... home" said Humo, and grabbed Anie's other hand and the three Akumas started walking home.

The Attack started in the middle of the night, while the Akumas were sleepping... They were all killed silently during their sleep, and when the last ones woke up, there was no hope left. Some commited suicide and others died in battle.
It was up to Hatake Kakashi to assassinate all in Anie's home. First Hiriga and Humo, because they were the strongest... then he walked to Anie's mother room, she was scared and crying: "please don't kill Anie...!!" she said to Kakashi. He said nothing and killed her with a kunai in her stomach. Kakashi walked through the corridor and looked to the left: Anie was awake but still layed in her bed... he went near her and grabed her arm. "I can't kill her... shes just a girl..." he thought, then he realised she was crying... and her akumagan had activated without she noticing it. Kakashi grabed her and said "stay calm girl... i'm going to take you out of here."
While Kakashi was leaving Anie's home, he had a big surprise: Orochimaru was there too. "I thought you weren't going to help us killing this guys." said Kakashi. "And i'm not, give me my niece." answered Orochimaru and took Anie out of Kakashi's arms. Kakashi was shocked after Orochimaru saying that... "His... niece?"

Orochimaru continued with Anie in his arms and said to her: "Now we're going to grab something your dad told me to give you...". He went to the Akuma Temple and went down the temple's stairs, there was a saying in the wall: "The last shall be the greatest". Orochimaru smiled "I guess you are the greatest, Anie.". He grabed a katana that was in a Crow Statue's mouth. "We're done... now, back to home."said Orochimaru, and putted Anie in his back and ran away from Konoha to his lair.

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very nice start
i like how you detailed the akuma clan, although sarutobi was abit out of character, he usually wouldn't go to the lengths of assassinating a whole clan.
but its very good and i hope to see the next chapter soon

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aww thank you ^^

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Its good but like mentiond before sarutobi is a bit out of character and kakashi is also out of character, but other then that its awsome although I don't really like the orochimaru part, but that just me