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04-05-2008, 08:47 AM
Chapter One
He got lied to far too many times before.The weather was gloomy and made him sad.It was pouring down.Naruto sat on the grass and lent against a tree.'Can I really trust her?' that thought crossed his mind once again.

The steamy bowl of ramen got him distracted.
"Lee?Are you listening?"
"Yes.Sorry TenTen I got distracted.I'm kind of hungry." he looked at TenTen to make her sure he was paying attention.
"Do you want to get in and eat?"
"No.Gai sen-sei and I will eat later."
"Suit yourself."

In another part of the village

"Where could he be?He said he'll come." Sakura looked out of the window and sighed.

"Oh,no!I promised Sakura I'll meet her!" Naruto stood up and ran as fast as he could.He stormed in.
"I'm really sorry...I forgot."
Sakura lifted her eyes from the book she was holding.Naruto was soaking wet.She gave him a towel to dry off.
"You still haven't said anything.Are you mad at me?"
"Of course not!I just got sad."
"I know you don't trust me."

"Lee?What's wrong with you today?You are not listening to me."
"I'm really sorry sen-sei."
"Are you ok Lee?You know you can tell me anything."
"I know sen-sei.I'm just a bit sad."
"What's bothering you?"
"Nothing." Lee continued his push-ups.Gai sen-sei looked at him in disbelief.'He used to tell me everything.'

"That's not true!Why would you say that?"
"You got red,silly!I know you don't want to hurt me , but I really love you and I want you to truet me.I'd do anything." Sakura looked at him quiestionably.

"What's wring with Lee , Neji?"
"He is acting really strange...he was late for training today...Lee doesn't come late...ever." TenTen threw a kunai and hit the bulsai as usual.
"Maybe he's inlove!"
"Who with?"
"I don't know..." Suddenly Lee joined them.
"Hey!How are you both?"
"Ok I guess." Neji left them alone.
"Lee , are you inlove?" His face got red.
"Why would you say that?"
"You aren't concentrated lately..., please tell me."
"I am."
"Who with?"