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So has anyone ever heard of this group (I doubt). The make Sound Track and Back-ground musick for movie companies and they belong to one of the best there is...

X-Ray Dog is a music studio based in Burbank, California.

X-Ray Dog primarily produces high-end orchestral and choral music for movie and TV trailers. Their music is generally not available to consumers*, as they market directly to movie studios. Their music plays in the trailers of many movies, such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, both of the Narnia films, The Golden Compass, The Water Horse, King Kong, the Pirates of the Carribean films, Atonement, and many more.

One of the most popular cues is "Gothic Power" which has been used in many film advertising campaigns including "The Lord Of The Rings" (2001) and Star Wars III (Internet trailer) (2005). There are different versions of this title that obviously were inspired by Carl Orff's "O Fortuna". *

Despite the fact that their music is not publicly available, many underground sites offer some tracks for free. Some even contain the entire albums "Mad Dog", "A Breed Apart", "Canis Rex I and II", "Dog Eat Dog", "Dog Party", and "Cerberus I", while tracks from "Sit up and Listen", "Double Live Doggie Style", "Fresh Meat", "Bites Barks and Growls", and "K9 Empire" appear quite frequently incomplete. "Best in Show", "Mighty Dog", "Boneyard", "X-Ray Spex", "Dogs of War", "Mechanimal", "Alpha Dog", "Dog Gone Wild", and "Bonz Unleashed" are almost impossible to find.

* Their piece Divine Crusade appears on some editions of the soundtrack of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where it is played as the theme to the trailer, as well as the piece on the DVD menu. It was originally from the hard-to-find K9 Empire CD.

for the discography (so far):
* XRCD 01 - New Music
* XRCD 02 - Bonz Unleashed
* XRCD 03 - Prime Cuts
* XRCD 04 - Sit Up And Listen
* XRCD 05 - Fresh Meat
* XRCD 06 - New Tricks
* XRCD 07 - Mad Dog
* XRCD 08 - A Breed Apart
* XRCD 09 - Double Live Doggie Style I
* XRCD 10 - Double Live Doggie Style II
* XRCD 11 - Dog Party
* XRCD 12 - Canis Rex I
* XRCD 13 - Canis Rex II
* XRCD 14 - Dog Eat Dog I
* XRCD 15 - Dog Eat Dog II
* XRCD 16 - Hellhounds
* XRCD 17 - Bites Bark Growls
* XRCD 18 - B.B.G. Elements
* XRCD 19 - Dog Gone Wild
* XRCD 20 - X-Ray Spex
* XRCD 21 - Best in Show
* XRCD 22 - Mighty Dog
* XRCD 23 - K-9 Empire I
* XRCD 24 - K-9 Empire II
* XRCD 25 - Cerberus I
* XRCD 26 - Cerberus II
* XRCD 27 - Boneyard I
* XRCD 28 - Boneyard II
* XRCD 29 - Alpha Dog
* XRCD 30 - Dog Rock
* XRCD 31 - Mechanimal
* XRCD 32 - Dogs of War I
* XRCD 33 - Dogs of War II

* Moreover, on the internet can be found "Dog In Heaven I + II" which are fan made collections of X-Ray Dog's music.

...if you want an example...please : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfpOuASxwpI

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weird creepy

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its just not ordinary...doesn´t meen it is bad XD.....belive me you probably heard more from them than you think without even knowing it XD