View Full Version : Original Fiction: Miracle Romance (Sequel)

03-12-2008, 05:42 PM
Maiazaki sat under the kitchen table, breathing quietly. Her legs had fallen asleep from sitting under there. She slowly crawled from under the table and daintily ran to her room. She lifted the matress from on top of her bed and stepped into the hollowed spot.
"Daddy! I think she's in here!" said a little girl. A man with curly hair lifted the matress, and lo and behold...
But Maiazaki was gone...
Or so the little girl thought.
The man with curly hair started tickling the air, and Maiazaki began to shriek in laughter.
"Okay! Okay! You found me! Just...stop...tickling me!"
Maiazaki had made herself invisible in an attempt to win a game of hide-and-seek with Chester, and FullMoon their three-year-old daughter, but Chester wasnt fooled, because he knew all of her tricks.
Maiazaki picked FullMoon up and kissed the cresent moon-shaped birthmark on her forehead. (hence the name FullMoon)
FullMoon lay against her mother, her eyes fluttering. After running around the house, dragging Chester behind her, she was exausted.
FullMoon fell asleep against her mother's warmth.