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03-11-2008, 08:23 AM
I've had a think and I'm not sure if this should go on this forum or a different one, so my apologies in advance to moderators if I've messed this around at all.

My current project is correctly transliterating kanji and lyrics for Weiss Kreuz and for E.M.U/Sotsugyou M for a project of my own outside of the animelyrics site.

However I intend on submitting some of them here as well, as time goes on - although the last kanji I submitted for Weiss's "No Surrender" still doesn't seem to have been added, so maybe there's still a backlog and I might hold off for a while before doing so in case I'm adding to an already busy workload.

But to get back to my point:

Today I went to make a list of the WK and E.M.U/M songs on the site which lack Kanji, etc. And I was surprised to find that there are three songs listed under Weiss Kreuz which don't belong there (one is Anime Tenchou, the other two come from Koyasu Takehito's solo album Meri-san no Koneko and have no connection to WK at all).

When I got to Sotsugyou M, I found E.M.U songs interspersed with M songs and some of the M songs incorrectly sub-credited as solos to Midorikawa Hikaru rather than the group as a whole. (Of course, there are also a bunch of E.M.U songs missing from the site and none of them seem to have kanji, which may be part of the confusion). I didn't find a separate entry on the site for E.M.U.

I'm willing to formulate a proper list of what songs are E.M.U and what are Sotsugyou M since I have the CDs etc in front of me and I know who sang what, what was on which album, and which were and weren't connected to the characters. My question is - if I did this, would it be applied to the site? And if so, where would I best be posting it so that it would be easy for the site admins to find it and verify it?

Obviously it's useless me submitting any kanji or additional lyrics if the categories are so messed around...any advice??


03-11-2008, 06:10 PM
First, there's no backlog anymore (but don't be trigger happy...), because just after you ranted in that topic I got promoted. I probably have missed some of the stuff before I was appointed so you mind telling me where it is?

For WK I can easily get a listing of all WK songs right now, but I can't do so for E.M.U and Sotsugyou M since they're not anime titles. And I've said time and time again about how things got jumbled up which made the sub-credit fields got automatically written if it was empty.

Just put up anything you want to post or change here - we update daily these days.

03-11-2008, 06:22 PM
Sotsugyou M is actually an animated OVA, and some of the songs relating to it are anime related, although it's main thrust is manga and drama and such like. So from that perspective it should stay under animation if the OVA soundtrack songs are to be included on the site ;)

Sotsugyou M currently has 29 songs listed under it as "anime".

Some of these are and some of these are not character related/M related songs. Some are straight E.M.U which doesn't have a category. I don't have time now but I will sort out what is what and post something - is it okay on this thread or...??

As for Weiss - I'm surprised then that No Surrender's kanji hasn't been added - unless it got lost in the mire somewhere. I'll check and see if I still have a copy on my hard disk. I know I have kanji for several of the others which I'll post a couple of soonish.

Also I'll mention that Sora no Soko, Tiny Little Song (Both from Koyasu Takehito's Merisan no Koneko CD) and Double Dear (Anime Tenchou) are still included under WK :)


03-11-2008, 07:03 PM
oh mk, I thought M is like E.M.U, another group with Midorikawa in it.

Can you post links when you're at it...

About No Surrender, I can't remember doing/locking that post, the date is long before I started work too (December last year, the post was in Sep). I'll put it up now.
...and I'll also put up the one for Tonight.

I've created the section for E.M.U here (http://www.animelyrics.com/jpop/emu), you can go straight to using the form there.

Oh gawd I tried moving some of the non-related stuff but my source isn't reliable enough...
Some of those that I think are really from Sotsugyou M aren't listed there.

03-12-2008, 06:31 AM
Heh :D Ah, see this is where it becomes clear as mud *lol* :)

The basic thing is that the seiyuu for E.M.U are the seiyuu for the characters of "M" who are a fictional group of boys in (a slightly surreal) high school. One animated OVA about these boys was made (Oretachi no Karunivaru) and a soundtrack was released in conjunction.

The basic thing is all the songs are performed by the same group of seiyuu. The difference between Sotsugyou M and E.M.U classification is that on the CD sleeves some songs are credited to the seiyuu by name and some to the characters by name.

It's not an exact science since the original E.M.U album is all credited to the Seiyuu as E.M.U but does include what amounts to M character songs.

Are your eyes exploding yet? :) LOL XD

So basically, of the songs that are on the site already (lets not complicate it beyond that, huh?) the following are from E.M.U directly, (NOT "M") -

From the "Girl" album (or Memorial Box Disc 1)
Boku-tachi no Kotae ~Rule~
Girl~Namida Ga Niji Ni Kawaru Made~
Juudai Wa Paradaisu (although the title for this one is actually written in Kanji etc as Teenageはパラダイス, Teenage has furigana for "Juudai" so what the point was I have no idea...)

The following appeared on the Equal Live album and subsequently on the Memorial Disc release:
Bokutachi no Sedai Kara ~Shinseki no PUROROGU~ (Kanna Nobutoshi, Sakaguchi Daisuke and Okiayu Ryoutarou only)

These two were from the Smile a Go Go album - they were released as a single too, however:
and the B-side, I believe:
Kotoba Ni Dekinai Koi O Shiyou

This one was from Smile a Go Go
O-Mo-U (Midorikawa Hikaru and Sakaguchi Daisuke only)

The following songs you can decide whether to move or leave them. They appear on a joint E.M.U / M album "Oretachi no Sotsugyou" and are generally considered E.M.U songs on account of them appearing on the E.M.U Memorial Disc release (which M songs did not appear on). But they are sometimes credited to the characters, so its up to you...

M-SAIZU Dancing Shoes
Season ~Kokoro wa Sora ni Makenai You Ni~
Stardust Glider
Oretachi no Sotsugyou

And this one (from the same album as above) is not on the E.M.U memorial release, and it is mentioned in the M manga as an M song, but it was released as the penultimate E.M.U single so again, its really up to you where it goes:
Yume no Tsuzuki o Sagashite

Right. As for the "M" stuff, the OVA soundtrack songs ("OVA Song Collection" are the following:

Heart Wa Koukiatsu ("M")

Oujisama Ni Naritai (Sakaguchi Daisuke as Shimura Mikimaro)

(Ironically the other OVA CD tracks don't seem to be on the site. I have the opening transcribed and translated so I'll submit it later today with any luck)

Love Song Collection "M" release
Hohoemi Ni KISU o (Okiayu Ryoutarou as Takagi Shimon)
O-tanoshimi Wa Kore Kara Da! (Sakaguchi Daisuke as Shimura Mikimaro)
Eien no Love Song (Midorikawa Hikaru as Arai Tougo)
Koneko (Kanna Nobutoshi as Nakamoto Shou)
Rakuen ~Omae Shika Inai~(Ishikawa Hideo as Katou Yuusuke)

The "M" songs from the Oretachi no Sotsugyou album are:
Tenshi Wa Ore Dake Ni Hohoemu (Okiayu Ryoutarou as Takagi Shimon)
104oF (Ishikawa Hideo as Katou Yuusuke)
Hoshi Ni Natta Hanabi (Midorikawa Hikaru as Arai Tougo)
Another Face, Another Life (Kanna Nobutoshi as Nakamoto Shou)
Time Capsule (Sakaguchi Daisuke as Shimura Mikimaro)

And finally, the following were individual mini-disc single releases for each of the Sotsugyou M characters (sold as Character Special CDs). Again the site's list is incomplete but these are the ones you do have listed:
Nakamoto Shou: (Kanna Nobutoshi) "Hey Hey Bomb Bomb"
Takagi Shimon: (Okiayu Ryoutarou) "Brilliant Future"
Arai Tougo (Midorikawa Hikaru): "Motto Tooku Made"

I'll also dig out and submit Tsubasa Naki Sedai for the E.M.U section so that there's something there to add :)

I realise how incredibly confusing all of that is but hopefully it made a bit of sense somewhere along the line...;) I didn't list songs that weren't already loaded on the site because I thought it would confuse matters since they hadn't been submitted yet...so this post isn't a complete list but it's probably enough to be going on with...?

PS: Not to split hairs, but I definitely know I contributed the kanji for Weiss's No Surrender...is it possible to maybe be credited as such on the page...? It's happened before when I've given Kanji, but I know 100% that was my work...


03-12-2008, 09:31 PM
I think, what I'm gonna do is to duplicate the songs that are both credited as M and E.M.U.

...some of the submissions for this are darn horrible. If you ever want to put up the corrections please do...

...I wonder why the Love Song Collection songs are all up already? You fangirls =______=;;;;;;

We don't credit kanji submissions, because well, you're only just typing it from whatever source you got (or also in a lot of cases... copy-pasting) but tell you what, you PM your translit of the on-site songs you want yourself to be credited, if you seriously want your name there.

I'm done for today, I'll just leave Ore-tachi no Graduation in Sotsugyou M since it's basically very much related to the series, and I'll sort em later...

03-13-2008, 03:50 AM
Wow...you've shifted a lot of stuff - that must've taken you ages to do, looking up all the tracks and stuff :D It's great to see someone caring enough to weed it out - and I'll try and find a chance to look over the submissions that are messy and see if they're ones I have the kanji accessible for. I'm doing them for my own website so it won't even be extra work in the end *lol* :D

Either way it already makes a lot more sense and looks a whole lot better for your efforts, so thank you for taking the time to do it :)

You know, since everyone always calls that Midorikawa song Tsubasa Naki Sedai I'd clean forgotten the furigana says Generation *blushes* sorry about that. My bad...

On the subject of No Surrender...

Surely typing kanji and transliterating kanji take the same amount of work in the end...either way you're reading and typing it from a printed source unless you're ripping someone else's work...? I get where you're coming from, kind of, but it's a bit offputting in terms of wanting to add Kanji if its just going to be left with someone else's credit at the end of it.

I'll take your advice though if I'm contributing Kanji in future. Thanks for the tip :D

And thank you once again for all your hard work with the M/E.M.U sections!