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03-09-2008, 07:52 AM
(ok I know it is short, but it is the beginning of the story)

History of story: Vampires lurked in darkness and when their full power was restored and their master claimed the world as his own, so did his children who could run amuck in the sun spreading dread. While all seems in their control there are rebellions forming underground to overthrow the evil master. Should the evil master know of these rebellions he would have done nothing to stop them for he had the upper hand. As the rebellion marched onward killing any fiend they set their eyes on. It changed the evil master’s mind; the humans were slaughtering his precious children.

Petronius was the leader of the rebellion and he led them to victory, the war was all but forgotten and the tenuous pact that they made years ago with the vampires ceased to exist. For a year they have waged war against vampires and the revolution has just begun…

pres: “He must be stopped at all costs even if it means losing a few soldiers!” Crash shouted above the gathering crowd.

A woman screamed, “By now he has killed a million people and brought them to his side, we must flee to another country”

Crash yelled back at the idiotic option, “Where will you go, they took over the world!”

Petronius bellowed, “Silence!” He fixed his gloves on his hands and looked at Meria and Crash who was about to hit each other. “Settle down. The vampires do not know where we are currently located. We have nothing to fear from them, we have an army who has been trained for years in war. Plus, there is no way we can move to another country without being spotted, Meria.”

“Who of you will join us in this fight for survival?” He looked at each and every face. He bent down and looked at a little girl holding onto a teddy bear and smiled warmly.

Out the crowd Shouted a man, “Down with vampires!” and another started chanting with him. There was uproar of people shouting out rude comments. Then a boy the age of seventeen stuck his hand in the air and shouted “I will!” His mother shouted, “No, your to young!” and she clung onto him. The boy pulled away from his mother and stood next Petronius and said, “I will join. I’ve been training for this day for a long time”