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Chapter. 1
The traditional ceremony has just commenced and the ten scouts take the
leave exiting the auditorium as hundreds of crowds cheer them on. Upon
coming out of the auditorium the Path of Destiny awaited them. The Path
of Destiny was a long path made of limestone with white marbled pillars on
each side. Atop the pillars were pits of fire which flickered wildly in the wind
; Keladorm began to look into the sky as he spoke "This will be the first
time in Twelve years since we've been outside of Arckaum" Arckaum was
the Academy of Hidden Arts it was the oldest school in U'c‚ediea and the
Biggest also the first school created. Arckaum is the weakest school of all
the others while it focuses on teaching the its students how to awaken
their inner power and use their mind , body and spirit. Arckaum focuses on
many things while others only focus on one or two things this may be the
reason why it remains at the bottom,but Arckuam also keeps the original
tradition and recruits it's students from the world instead of from other
schools making Arckaum the food for other schools to feed off of by

bringing in new faces , or fresh meat as it is looked upon in the world of
U'c‚ediea. Naliaa stops her conversation with her best friend Khalipso for a
second "Yeah I see why it's only done every six years" Naliaa walks at a
faster pace to catch up with Khalipso who was looking around her and
remembers when they'd first came to Arckaum and what they had gone
through in their time there " Aww I'm gonna miss you guys". Halbard looks
away trying to hide his real feelings " Heh, I'm looking forward to some
alone time". Shocked at this remark Odhin turns to Halbard "Oh is that really
, you were just telling me this will be the first time we've been apart from
each other. Halbard continues to look away from the rest of his fellow
scouts , Vulcan begins to pat his hand on his bandana trying to stop his
head from itching "Even so he's right I can't wait to see whats outside of
Arckaum I wonder how much has changed in these years" Vulcan continues
to pat his hand on his bandana, but stops to reach into his pocket for his
cigarettes. The start coming upon the portal that would take them each to
their destination points where they would then start their own each
individual search for three children worthy of coming back to Arckuam. This
would sum up a total of thirty students in all if every scout had done his or
her job correctly, for if they failed then they would be kicked from Arckaum
and have their memory of it erased. Douze begins to fiddle with his
necklace " Yeah I know I'm thinking about bringing my brother here, but I
haven't decided yet" Hashuto immediately cuts his eyes at Douze as if
Douze had just said something Dumb. "Whats their to decide either he
wants to be one of us or he wants to be a Norm" Nahissar begins to look
confused and annoyed "Norm? what the hell is that Hashuto?" Not bothered
by their looks Hashuto lets out a small sigh "It's what I call people with
normal lives." Douze closes his eyes for a second and then opens them "
Well I often wonder what my life would've been like normal. Naliaa jumps in

and attempts to stop a obvious argument waiting to happen "Douze I think
that thought has crossed all our minds at one point or another. Khalipso
also attempts to keep the peace and changes the subject as they were
now standing directly in front of the portal " With that being said I think I'll
take my leave now, I need to get some more girls to liven this place up a
little bit." Keladorm throws his arms over his shoulders "like wise I would like
to see that" Khalipso walks is the first to make her way into the portal,
Halbard begins to look around "Hey has anyone seen Grimm?"
Hashuto looks over at Halbard "He went the other way said he wasn't
wasting anytime saying goodbyes" Vulcan begins to take a couple Puffs
and puts his hand to his cigarette it immediately catches on fire and burns
to black ash blowing away into the wind."Thas Grimm For ya he's always
been that way, not a big talker Vulcan lets his smoke exhale before finishing
his sentence "He's a great person though. Odhin lets out a long sigh and
then begins to make his way towards the portal " I guess I'm off" as he
says this Nahissar begins to take off "I'm right behind ya buddy" Douze
looks to ponder leaving before he rushes to catch up with Nahissar " Wait
count me in too! Ha Ha" Halbard seems to accept the fact that Grimm will

not show and begins to walk through the portal. Keladorm stares at the
portal as it looks like a black void into the beyond he Knew that on the
otherside awaited his First test as a scout he begans to make an effort to
cheer his friends up before leaving. " It's only for a year it'll be over before
you know it" He smiles and turns to the portal. Naliaa smiles big and yells
BLAST WHOO! She take a running start and dives into the portal.
Tightening his bandana Vulcan thinks to himself " A blast huh? I hopes she
remembers that we can't interact with the children until they've been
erolled into the system, even then she can only give the invitation here it
can only began once all children are here; well im outta here too. Hashuto
begins to look back at Arckuam " Cya....looks like I'm the last person to
leave...I'm going to miss this place, I'm talking as if I won't be back, but it's
like when I left home for the first time it's crazy" Hashuto begins to look
down at the ground " On top of that I wonder if I can actually get three
children to come back here I mean it's like three outta like a million , but
what if I end up with alot more than three or what if I have none at
all...what if they fail the test- Grimm's voice rings out at him " You talking
to yourself again?" Grimm looks down at Hashuto with his arms crossed.
Hashuto hears Grimm's voice and looks up to find him standing upside down
on a tree branch " I thought you'd gone already?" Head first Grimm begins
to let himself free fall from the tree branch he first, flipping his body forward
in time to land on his feet. " I was watching from the trees the whole
time...I wanted to be the last to leave I guess." Hashuto throws a hand
around Grimm's right shoulder " Let leave together." Grimm's laughs a little
and notices that Hashuto is really scared , "Don't worry you'll do fine man"
Hashuto smiles at Grimm" I guess your
right." They both walk through the portal vanishing from sight.

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I dunno if you copy pasted it and maybe the format got messed up, but the two lines and then a blank line is kind of ... weird on the eyes.

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I dunno if you copy pasted it and maybe the format got messed up, but the two lines and then a blank line is kind of ... weird on the eyes.

TY ^-^ I thought it would be easier to read that way ,but I guess it was fine the way it was b4

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Some spaces are good, but alternating like that only really works for poems, or scripts.