View Full Version : VOTING: Entry Nine

02-17-2008, 11:42 AM
I remember when I died, as I died I lost myself, seeing the softly speaking specks float around my limp corpse. "Don't die!", they whispered softly. Their efforts seemed in vain, as they spoke at me, not to me, for I could not here the sound of their voices. Their beautiful voices... Some like silver on glass, tinkling merrily and clearly, and others like soft silk billowing in the wind, faraway and distant.
Everything was the purest of whites, like snow just fallen. Through the snow-white dreamscape I fell. I felt myself drifting downward, falling like a sheet of paper towards the blank plane. I reached out my hand limply and touched it, softly, like a baby mother tenderly touches her baby. It was soft, like newborn skin... Then, the white erupted as happens when a hammer falls in milk. Droplets flew upwards, spiraling into helixes and spheres, then began falling again. It did so slowly, the effect spreading like a ripple as far as my weary eyes could see. I watched, emotionless, as this white world ripped itself to pieces, as I continued to fall.
The world looked as if a canvas was being pulled off. White origami cranes fell past me, the sound of the wind, something I had not yet heard, flowing past me. Memories seemed to full themselves from the walls, as I continued to fall slowly, my tired eyes not taking anything in, only spectating the miraculous events around me. A distant ticking began, starting slowly, and continuing into a soft beat. Tick tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. I felt the beat in my heart too. I felt the soft thumping, thumping softly inside my white chest. I looked at my hands. They where as white as my surroundings, and my clothes, they were as they were when I was hit by the bus, yet pure white.
A cricket's chirping entered my ears, followed by a cicada. Then I heard a soft, melodious laugh, resounding in my ears. A symphony of sounds flowed into my ears, audible for split seconds, before they faded away. THe laughter remained constant. It became deeper and lower, and moved away from my ears. I felt my throat throbbing softly. I was laughing, I realized. The soft laughing was my own now. I laughed more, and felt rejuvenated. I leaned forward, and flipped over, enjoying the near weightlessness. Origami birds flew by, and trees folded themselves out of the walls. I smelled mint. A pungent aroma, soothing. Mint and echinacea, wafted into my nose. The smell of chocolate, the smell of curry, and then, the smell of night air filled the air around me.
I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I opened them to see indigo and pink flowing across my vision, the world painted itself indigo, and dabbed stars across my vision. The origami trees became smooth and pink cherry blossoms dropped from them. Bird's of every color flowed past me. Red, blue, yellow and green. Colors so beautiful, and colors so indistinguishable from each other, yet so subtly different. The ground became green with grass, and a road stretched itself out across the horizon.
I fell smoothly down, and my bare toes touched the soft grass. It was wet with dew. I walked slowly, unsure of myself. I walked slowly across the black tar road, and onto a train track. The sign was stuck at 3:16. I had been waiting for the 3:22 when I died. I closed my eyes, not caring that this dream was so surrealistic. I breathed deeply, letting the air flow to the very depths of my lungs...as I breathed out, I opened my eyes. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a light. I turned. The train. I heard a scream, a woman's scream. I jumped towards the sign, the train missing me by inches alone. A woman ran up and grabbed me tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks. She kissed every part of my face, as if she might never have seen me again. I stretched out my hands and wrapped them around my waist. My wife. I looked over her shoulder, at the clock. My eyes were full of tears, and I think I must have been dreaming, because I saw the clock read exactly 3:15.