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02-17-2008, 11:30 AM
Rogues Dilemma

Two hearts melted by the sweet words spoken in their eyes.
A beautiful nightelf Huntress at the side of a nightelf Rogue.
a Rogue with a hidden face in the moonslight, hidden away from
the Huntress' onspoken kisses.
They lived in the green woods of Elwyn forest. Two young spirits
enjoying life to his fullest.
A new night falls on the waving leafs of the forest. Huntress sleeps
after a sweet melody of warm touches by her Rogue. Rogue looks outside,
knowing he will take the night by surprise. Because the love between
the young elves has a hidden face. Huntress only knowing that his man
provides their rich life by selling rare items on the crowded markets
of Stormwind. So pure her love is so deeply she trusts the words of
her man. Gently Rogue gets up moving outside, ready to take away
all the precious from the rich. The night fades as Rogue hides his
loot at the roots of the old oak near their house. Locked up in a box
with a key that hangs on the necklace of Huntres´pet Tiger.
Weeks pas by followed by months. With every day Huntres´love grows,
with every night Rogues´heart darkens with the love for the reputation
that he has among the wicked of the two mainlands.
A silent night closes the eyes of the simple souls of Azeroth.
A night without the grace of the moon. Rogue moving swiftly on his epic
mount towards the comforting arms of his beloved. He didnt came home the
night before. Huntres´ walking back home after asking the whereabouts
of Rogue in Stormwind. But Rogue still thirts for one more victim. The
moonles night is perfect to fully cover his face behind his bandit mask.
Near his house he sees a female silhouet. Rogue sneaks
slowly from behind, no thoughts he has only that it will be one more
Without further hesitation Rogue makes his moves, takes the jewelry
and disappears.
Huntres´laying on the ground not knowing what hit her. A gentle breese
touches her neck. Truth hits her. His smell, the moment he took the necklace,
the moment his smell left on her neck. Rogues´smell burning her love
trough her pure soul. Soulles, thoughtless she trys to get home.
A shattered day follows with a bitter sun shining on the darkblue water
of Elwyn Lake.
Rogue returning home after spending the nights last hours in the many pubs
of Old Town.
At the first sight of his homes door his heart freezes. Huntres just
laying outside at the doorstep not managed to get inside.
Huntres awakes aware of the precens of Rogue.
She turns around looking in Rogues eyes with the last drop of love
that still remaind after the mercyless night.
Moments pass by, feelings build up.
Huntres´last words: at my moment of need your love taste bitter
My heart speaks, you dont mean nothing to me..she becomes silent,
fighting to calm the blizzard that takes away the memories from her
pure heart.
Rogues last action: He puts his bandit mask on, no thoughts he has,
his cold heart beholds him from the feelings to his one and only love.
He gets on his mount his final words spoken almost silent: I need to do what i must do,
Huntres torn apart by the sight of Rogue moving away, she lets her eyes
cry the oceans...
At this moment both recall the words of the last night they shared:
Everytime i kiss u i reach for the sky
cant u feel my heart beat fast i want this to last.....

Days pass by The burning sun above him, Rogue travels to distant lands.
He struggles
against the feelings in him. Will his spirit seek the sweetness that
Huntres'charishes for him or will he cave in into the dark.
Slowly he gets aware of his surroundings, his mount breathing heavy
thirsting' for a drop of water.
He finds a pool of water he takes a moment to rest. He sees all
skeletons near the pool, then he realises that he is near Zhul'Fharak.
A dark shadow falls on the pool then swiftly gone. Rogue looks up
hearing something commin closer. A cloud of sand rises Rogue covers
his eyes slowly the sand clears, he sees a darkened dragon
The dragon clearly dont tolerate the distant visitors of the pool
Rogue slowly steps back to his mount, not to give away ground easily to
this dragon.
Rogue draws his glimmering dagger...he confused. Thoughts and memories
live up in his heart.
his heart speaks:
what am i supposed to do after what all we've been trough
after all love is gone
is there something left to proove
I will slay this dragon or i will be one more victim to him
like the night i made my love my victim
Dont know whats worth fighting for.dont know how i got this way

The dragon spreads his wings ready to make his move
Rogue drops his dagger, looks down and sees an old sword.. picks it up
with both hands screaming: im breakin a habit today,, his spirit awakens,
rage burning with love rises, finally a fierce roar scatters
trough the scourging dessert sands
The dragon stands up opens his mouth ready to burn the awakened heart
of the nightelf.
Rogue starts to run determined to return to Huntres. Dragon releases
his burning breath, the young one jumps a side then jumps as high he can
like if his love gave him wings and with one fierce swing
he stabbs the dragonsheart. The dragon fals down, Rogue takes a look at
the soulles dragon knowing that he not only slayed the beast but
also his own dark spirit. Fastly he gets back on his mount with
burning eyes full of desire for his Huntres

Lonely nights pass by while Huntress trys to survive without her man to
provide her and Tigers needs. Life took a hard grasp on her when she
gave her money to hunters to track her man and bring him back. Finally
she sold her belongings and moved into an old house in Old Town.
Rogue running trough Elwyn Forest to his home. Without hesitation he
knocks on the door, no words he has only his arms to close Huntres in
his awoken love.
A strange man opens the door, Rogue asks for her he tells the tale
that he is the new owner and that he can find Huntress somewhere
in Old Town
No questions he has, gets back on his mount and rides to Old Town.
He walks on the filthy streets lookin for Huntres. The night hits midnight
and Rogues paste slows down, he keeps repeating to himself:
All i have is you, no lies just me and u
A door opens with a nightelf hunter standing infront, an all cryed out
beauty opens AND answers welcome, come inside...Rogue spits his ears,,
that voice it must be....her
He looks up and sees Huntres with a nightelf goiin inside.
A wall of anger overfloads Rogues heart
How ?..how?...who?..what?...does his heart speak. Did Huntres moved along?
butt all that he stood against he was ready to take her back.
He walks into the small ally where he finds a window..
wanting to hear to see it.
The loud sounds of Old Town makes him unaible to hear anything but he
sees them together at the dinner table.
Seeing how she responds to the tellings of the elf.
Laughing and happy she looks. Rogues world crumbles in
as his body crumbles below the window. Missing the last moments
inside the house. Huntres smile disappears while she hears there
is still no track of Rogue.
The visitor an old friend of Huntres' family thanking for the
diner before he leaves. Rogue all numb resisting his desperate tears
still laying in the ally not knowing that the elf leaves.
A moment Huntres takes TO look into Tigers eyes.
A moment where she says:

Me and u till the end, guess i was wrong, its breaking my heart too
much when u not around
You moved on maybe i should do the same, im so confused about it,
is this faith?
tomorrow will be a new day..

She cleans the table ready to go asleep.
Then a knock on the door disturbes her. Curious about who it might be
she opens. Its the hunter friend saying:
here take it..in his hand a bag of gold. Huntres refusing saying she
not be able to pay him back.
The old friend comforts her by the words: Its okay,, i know u need it,,
please take it. Huntres reaches for the bag and
Only one thought she has while she reaches...All i have is
my memories of him,,but tomorrow it will be a new day.
She thanks the elf and gos to her bed. A new hope surrounds her heart
waiting for the new days sun to take her away
to new places.
The hours pass by, with Rogue only crying, untamed tears keep
flowing down his cheeks
The first sunshine breaks trough the clouds. The city slowly awakens,
people get on the street, the crys of Rogue getting
overwhelmed by the citys sounds.
The sun touching Huntres eyes to awake her for her new hopes.
For days without love for him, no more days with tearing memories.

The two young ones so close just one breath away from each other
Will Rogue awake one more time
will he remember the pure love Huntres charishes for him before
the new days wind takes it away
will it be..... ThE EnD?