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02-16-2008, 04:25 AM
I had a dream that was so vivid I just had to rush and put it on paper. Will be updating one chapter per day or every two days. Hope you guys have fun with this. Do review if need be.


A Haunting Past

Chapter 1

Freya Takahashi opened her eyes to a quiet morning. The warm, piercing light from the window signaled that it was near afternoon. She sighed deeply and moved her tired limbs, stretching each finger and toe carefully before dragging her still lifeless body away from the large, luxurious bed. As her senses started to tune in, her ears picked up an unfamiliar ring, the sound of hearing nothing. She wondered about it for a few moments, but thought that perhaps she had overslept and a large part of the 20-bedroom mansion’s inhabitants had already started their day’s work elsewhere. It was then that she realized that was impossible. Usually, there were sounds of cleaners scurrying past her bedroom and maids chattering happily as they begun their daily routines, but now, there was only dead silence.

Panic rushed through her as she remembered that her maid should’ve been in her room by now, packing her belongings for the family vacation – a trip to the Sato family villa in Japan. She grew furious at the thought that no one had come to wake her and that she would soon miss her flight. Breaking into a bold stride she opened her bedroom door and called out rudely to the empty large corridor.

“Maaya!!” Her voice echoed as it bounced off empty walls.

“Maaya, where are you?!” she shouted again, but there was no reply.

“Damn it!” she grumbled and stepped out of the room, slamming the door hard behind her.

Trying her best not to look unkempt Freya ran her delicate fingers through her matted fiery-red locks, roughly tugging onto the knots painfully. Then, she broke into a brisk walk and a determined search. She went from room-to-room, calling out names as she searched for her parents, her siblings, her maids and housekeeper. She explored every room of the 17th century styled commode before giving up and finally ending her hunt. She flopped onto a flamboyant couch in the living room, out-of-breath and worried.

“Where the hell could they be?” she muttered between heavy breaths.

Suddenly, Freya felt the air around her grow cold, as if a stagnant breeze had blown in. It was then that she felt a pair of blood-red eyes watching her. She sat up and stared at the slowly manifesting form just six feet away from her. His appearance was smoky but she could see that it was a young man, with dark hair and a slim build. His features were blurred but she could tell that he was smiling at her, beckoning her to follow him.

Freya’s voice got caught in her throat and her body started shivering at the sight. But as her bottled up sounds began to build under immense pressure, her chords exploded and she broke out in a shrill scream.

“Freya! Freya! God damn it girl, wake up!”

Freya opened her eyes as she felt her body being shaken. Her gaze was met with an inviting pair of emerald green eyes and a warm smile.

“There you are, miss. Sorry to have been rude but you were having a bad dream,” Maaya got up from the bedside and started picking up various strewn clothing in the room.

“Oh, thank God….” Freya let out a heavy sigh in relief.

“Wait, what time is it Maaya?”

“It’s eight in the morning, miss.”

“Oh good,” Freya replied, happy that it was all a bad dream. Unfortunately, the image of that mysterious ghostly figure had been imprinted in her mind and as she remembered him, a slight electric tingle ran down her spine. Shaking her shoulders, she got rid of the unpleasantness and pushed those thoughts aside. Then she focused her mind on the day’s happier subjects and the fact that she would soon be off on a much needed relaxing journey.

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I need more tantalizing on this woman. Update soon, I'm not hooked yet but very well could be soon.