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Kame.........Hame.....................Haaaaaa! Krillyn Blasted his kamehameha wave into to the ocean making the walls go over 55 feet high in the air. He took a deep breath as he was panting. I need to get more powerful this just isn't going to cut it. Master Roshi, Yamcha, and Oolong looked on as Krillyn continued his training. It's been a month since the fight with Cell and still no sign of 18. She told Krillyn she would see him again but when? yamcha said as he watched his friend train. Yes, i've never seen him be this serious when he was training before, he must really be upset. Master Roshi said looking on in amazement. Yea he really does like her alot, He did everything he could to save her life and she just blows him off like this! I can't stand that android. Yamcha yelled out loud not realizing that Krillyn heard what he had said. Krillyn then stoped right in the middle of training. He had a sad look on his face. Krillyn just sat down on the beach and put his head on his knees. Yamcha walked over to Krillyn. Hey bud don't be upset, I've never seen you like this before. you can't keep living like this. I know your right yamcha but I just can't help it. I miss her so much and I'm still waiting for her to show up. Krillyn I know she said that she would see you again but you just can't keep doing this to yourself. If she shows up then great but until then try to enjoy your life, you donno when someone might try to destroy earth again and we could be history. Maybe your right yamcha. I'll try my best not to think about her. Hey I know that's go over to Capsule Corp and just hang out over there just like old times, what do you think Krillyn. Yea I guess we could do that. We should go now. I just got my new air crusier we could ride in there Krillyn. Ok that's a good idea, that way Oolong and Master Roshi could come along. Master Roshi, Oolong, we are heading over to Capsule Corp to visit, do you guys wanna come? Yamcha yelled over to them. Ya sure we'll come. Ok then we'd better go now then. They all got into the cruiser and took off. About 10 minutes after they left, 18 landed on the small island. She looked around. It's quiet, I guess no one is here, but this is where Gohan said I could find Krillyn. So where is he? 18 walked into the house. Hello, Is anyone home? 18 said with a toned voice. I guess not. Oh well, I really wanted to see Krillyn but I guess he is busy. Maybe I should wait here for him. What If.............what if he dosen't want to see me. I mean I did treat him pretty badly but I couldn't help it. I hope he forgave me. I'll wait here for him to get back. Hopefully he won't be long. 18 sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Meanwhile at Capsule Corp, Krillyn, Yamcha, Oolong, Master Roshi, Vegeta, and Bulma were sitting in the living room talking, laughing and having a good time. Bulma sat there next to Vegeta holding baby Trunks. Bulma, *vegeta whispered* did you forget to tell them. Tell them what vegeta? Oh ya I almost forgot. You almost forgot? Vegeta said with a puzzled look on his face. Hey guys we have something to tell you guys. Oh no what is it this time. Are you gonna have another kid? Krillyn asked. NO YOU IDIOT. Bulma screamed as she kinda blushed. Baby trunks started to cry. Vegeta just looked frusterated but said nothing. Well if your not having another kid then what do you have to tell us thats so important? yamcha asked. Well....................you see............me............me and Vegeta......are going...... to get married. What??? yamcha fell on the floor busting out laughing along with Oolong. ah ha ha ha you....vegeta.....married...? that's the funniest thing i've ever heard in my life. Everyone just looked on in amazement. Vegeta was getting very angry. Along with Bulma. Congratulations you guys Krillyn said. As he thought to himself, this isn't fair, I mean it's great that vegeta and Bulma are getting married but how come vegeta out of all the people in the world is getting married before me. I'll Probaly never get married so whats the use. Krillyn hello, earth to Krillyn. huh? krillyn snaped out of it. It's getting late bud i think we should go. Oh yea sure. Alright guys i guess we should leave now. Krillyn said. Ok then bye you guys Bulma then waved goodbye as everyone got into the cruiser. See ya later. yamcha yelled as they took off. Meanwhile back at the Kame house 18 was getting very agitated. I'm tired of waiting it's been 2 hours already and still no sign. I guess i'll only wait a little longer. She stood up and walked outside and sat on the steps. *yawns* I hope Krillyn still likes me. All of a sudden a huge air cruiser landed on the small island. 18 looked at the air car. I hope that's Krillyn. First master Roshi and Oolong steped out of the car. Then Yamcha followed, then krillyn with a frown on is face. Yamcha looked over and saw 18 sitting on the steps. His mouth dropped. Then Master Roshi and Oolong also saw 18. Who is that? Oolong asked. I donno but she sure is beautiful. maybe she's here to see me. Master roshi said excitedly. Uh.....Krill..yn......uh..LOOK yamcha said. Krillyn looked at yamcha what is it yamcha. It's.....It's..........18! What? Where? He then saw 18 sitting on the steps. He rubbed his eyes. Is that really her? She sure looks real to me! master roshi exclaimed. 18 saw Krillyn and stood up and walked over to him. Oh no shes coming over. Yamcha what should I say? Just be yourself Krillyn. Uh hi Krillyn 18 said softly. Hi 18. So what you been up to lately. 18 asked. uh well...this and that. How about you 18, how have you been? Well pretty good. Sorry it took me so long to come and see you. Don't worry about it. How long have you been waiting here 18? Well not long really. Hey Krillyn we're going to bed. See ya in the morning. Oolong was sleeping on the chair. Master Roshi went up to his room and yamcha went on the couch. 18 and Krillyn sat down on the steps outside. So 18, where have you been living at. Well I kind of move around alot. Oh ok. Well........um........you can stay here....If you want to. Well I donno Krillyn. You sure you don't mind. Of course not 18. Ok then, thanks alot Krillyn, I appreciate it. No problem. You cant take my room 18. No Krillyn i couldn't do that. It's kind enough of you to let me stay here. I can't take your room. Wait, I know! I do have a spare bed in my room. If you don't mind sharing a room....with me. Yea sure that would be great. I'd rather share a room with you then that old man that kept staring at me. *krillyn laughed* Oh ya that's Master Roshi he kind of has a thing for younger women. Ew thats sick! 18 said. Ya well he taught me martial arts when I was a boy. This is his house. Oh I thought this was your house. No I pay Master Roshi rent to live here. Oh ok i see. Im glad you came 18. I've really been wanting to see you. Ya I couldn't wait to see you either Krillyn. *krillyn Blushed*. Uh 18 how did you know where to find me. Oh ya, well I went to Goku's house and asked Gohan. You did? really? Ya it wasn't easy i kind of felt stupid. That's basicly why it took me a month to come and visit you. I really wasn't sure where to find you and i had alot of thinking to do. Oh now I understand. I thought you didn't want to see me. Krillyn, how could you think somthing like that. Uh well...I donno really. I just thought you would have better things to do. Of course not Krillyn. I told you I would see you again and here I am. Since my brothers are gone i have no one to talk to. 18 you don't have to worry about that anymore. You could always talk to me.....I mean if you want to. Ya sure Krillyn i do enjoy talking to you. *blushes* really? Ya of course Krillyn. *yawns* Im really tired Krillyn. Oh then i'll get your bed set up for you. *kisses krillyn on the cheek* Thank you so much Krillyn. Krillyn gets all spaced out. Uh Krillyn are you ok? huh? oh ya 18 sorry. I'll be right back 18. Ok krillyn. *krillyn walks upstairs to his room* my gosh, I can't believe she's here. This is like a dream come true. We're even gonna sleep in the same room. Krillyn started putting the extra blankets on the spare bed. Wow I still can't believe this. The girl i love is finally here and she's gonna live here, in my room. Krillyn picks up a pillow and puts it on the bed. Krillyn, where you at? Up here 18. Sorry i'm takin so long. No krillyn don't worry about that. I was just wondering where you were. Oh ok. Is it ok for me to come up? Ya of course 18 come on. *18 walks up the stairs and into the next room.* This is your room? Ya sorry that it's not clean. I really wasn't expecting anyone today. Oh no problem Krillyn it's the cleanest room in this house that i've seen so far. Well I've made your bed for you. Thank you Krillyn. Oh no i don't have anything to change into for bed. Uh 18 i'll give you somthing. Krillyn walked across the hall and into master roshi's room. He came back a minute later. Here you go 18, that's the best i can do for now* krillyn hands 18 a pair of blue shorts and a red tank top* Thanks Krillyn but where did you get these? Oh, Master Roshi always keeps spare cloths for unexpected guests. Oh I see. Uh krillyn, where is the bathroom? I need to change. Oh ya, just walk down the hall and it's the last door at the very end. Oh ok thanks. *18 walks out of the room* Krillyn falls back and lands on his bed. He thinks to himself about 18. He then stands up and takes off his pants and shirt not knowing 18 was standing at the doorway. Krillyn was only in his boxers. 18 couldn't believe that Krillyn was so built for such a little guy. Krillyn turned around and saw 18 standing there. Oh sorry Krillyn. No don't worry about it 18. 18 then went and layed down on her new bed that Krillyn had made for her. Krillyn flicked the light switch. 18 watched Krillyn walk over and lay down on his bed. He reached up and turned off the desk lamp. Krillyn couldn't sleep nor could 18. Krillyn didn't know that 18 was still awake. Uh....Krillyn? Yes 18. Um I wanted to ask you somthing. Ya 18 what's up? Well I..........I, uh.... wanted to know. yes 18 what. Well if you wanted to be more than friends. Sweat dripped down Krillyn's face as he Turned on the desk lamp. 18 are you serious. Well of course i'm serious. Of course i'll understand if you don't want to but i was just hoping that. *krillyn cut off 18 before she could finish* Of course 18! I've been waiting for you to say somthing like that for a while now. Really Krillyn? Yes of course. 18 stood up and walked over to Krillyn's bed and sat down next to him. He quickly sat up. 18 then kissed him on the lips. They continued kissing pasionatly and one thing led to another.(I'm not getting into detail right now)"Later on that night". I guess we don't need that spare bed then huh Krillyn.*krillyn blushes* I guess not. They both laughed. 18 then lifted her head up and kissed krillyn. Then she rested her head right next to Krillyn and fell asleep quickly. Krillyn the put his arm around 18 and stroked his fingers through her hair. Krillyn thought to himself. Wow i can't believe all this happened in one night. This is what iv'e been waiting for all my life, a perfect girlfriend. Krillyn then fell slowly asleep.


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My God man, paragraphs! Please use them. I attempted a read-through, but it's impossible until you break it into proper paragraphs. Also, Aies requested that you not mess with the default settings in text when posting up work. That goes for bolding everything as well. Bold and italics in writing should be reserved to emphasize a word or phrase. It means nothing when used on all the writing, only making it harder to read.

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I wholeheartedly agree

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What the HELL!