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"Please, don't give me that!" the Colonel yelled. "I give you the orders, you obey them! ..Unless, of course you would rather me tell the Fuhrer you disobeyed my orders.."

"What!?" the Alchemist yelled back. "Why do I have to babysit someone? Anyways, last time I checked, we didn't allow little thirteen year old boys in the military!!"

"This is an order!" Colonel yelled once more.

"..........." the Alchemist paused for a moment. "Fine, Mustang, you owe me...big time."

"Heh heh, stop by my office tonight, I'll pay you in full." Mustang said with a slight smirk.

"WHAT!?!?!" the Alchemist screamed. "Do you honestly think I would ever do something like THAT with you?!"

"Sigh....well, here is your portfolio on him, you will meet him infront of the main building tomorrow at 0900 hours." Mustang said as he handed the alchemist the portfolio. "You two have quite a lot in common, I can't wait to read the report...don't forget to say every single detail that happens between you two. Both while guarding, and while...well, let's just leave it at that, I'm sure can figure out what I'm trying to say. "

The Alchemist swiped the report out of Mustang's hands and walks out of his office, completely disgusted. She stood outside of his office reading the portfolio, she was surpirsed about most of the things he has accomplished, while being so young. She then started walking down the hallway. About half way down the hall, she hears someone close a door behind her. Out of curiosity, she turns around to see who it was. Hughes! Maybe if she was quick enough, he wouldn't notice her. She turns back around and walks as fast as she could. Then all of a sudden...

"Hey! Sara!" Hughes called. "I have more pictures of Elysia that you just have to see!"

"Hughes, I don't have time, I'm going to eat, then go to bed, it's late..." Sara said while yawning.

"What a coincidence! I'm heading down to the cafeteria too! I'll show you the pictures down there!" Hughes said cheerfully.

Hughes and Sara walked down to the cafeteria, grabbed their dinner, and sat down at a table. Before Sara could even get a bite of food, Hughes pulled out a photo album full of pictures...lucky her.

"See?? Isn't she adorable?? This is her before she is eating her lunch, this is her eating her lunch, this is her finishing her lunch, and this is Elysia putting up her dishes!" Hughes continued to talk. "I taught her how to put up her dishes, she is so adorable!"

"Yes Hughes...she is adorable," Sara said after taking a bite of her dinner. "Now, just let me eat, I have to 'babysit' someone called 'FullMetal' tomorrow."

"Ha ha, you are have to 'babysit' Ed?!" Hughes laughed. "Good luck with that! Lemme tell you though, don't ever call him short!"

"Thanks for the advice, but I think I am going to go to bed now...goodnight Hughes." Sara said while putting up her unfinished dinner.

Sara walked out of the cafeteria and straight to her hotel room across the street as fast as she could. She put down the portfolio and fell back on the bed, falling asleep instantly.

When Sara awoke the next day, she hurried up and got ready. After all, she only had an hour and a half to get ready!

"Damn alarm clock," she said while getting ready. "I forgot, it messes up from time to time."

As soon as she had finished getting ready, she hurriedly locked up her hotel room, and ran out of the hotel. While running to the front of Central Building, she had passed a food stand. She ran back to it and carefully picked out the best apple she could find, she shouldn't forget the most
important meal of the day!

Once she picked out the apple and paid for it, she started eating it while on the way down to the main building. She continued eating the apple while waiting for the 'FullMetal'. She waited and waited, but still no sign of him.

After what had seem like forever, she looked up, and saw someone walking around in a suit of armor, and next to the armor, was the child she was looking for! She quickly walked over to them and tapped the child on the shoulder.

"Um...are you the one who is called 'FullMetal'?" Sara asked nervously.

"Heh heh, so I see that you've heard of me, the one and only 'FullMetal Alchemist'!" the Alchemist said while smiling.

"Oh! That's good. I am the one who will be guarding you while you are on this assignment." Sara replied.

"You are guarding me?!" he said. "Damn Colonel, he said I was just going to have an assistant! You are not going to 'guard' me."

"Yes I am." she replied.

"No, you're not!" the Alchemist yelled.

"Yes I am you little brat!" Sara retorted.

"Did you just call me little?" he asked angrily. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A PINT SIZED SHRIMP WHO CAN BARELY BE SEEN WITH A MICROSCOPE!?!?!"

The person in the suit of armor grabbed the alchemist's arms and held him back. But Sara and the alchemist continued to argue.
After what had seemed like hours and hours of arguing, they had finally settled down, the person in the suit of armor let the alchemist go, and they all sighed.

"Brother, I think you owe her an apology." the suit of armor said.

"Why would I apologize to her!?!" the alchemist asked in a very annoyed tone.

"Brother! She is doing her job! And I am sure she doesn't want to be here anymore than you want to be here, especially after the way you yelled at her! Apologize!" the armor yelled.

The suit of armor and the short alchemist continued arguing. After about five minutes, the short alchemist had lost to the armor, and the armor pushed him to Sara. And told him to apologize.

"Sigh....fine. I'm sorry." the alchemist said. "I'm Edward Elric and this is my younger brother Al."

"Younger brother? But he is bigger than you." Sara replied.

"WHA-----" Ed was cut short.

"Heh heh, it's a long story." Al said. "Sorry for the way brother was acting earlier, nice to meet you...uh...what was your name again?"

"Ack! I'm sorry, my name is Sara." She replied. "Nice to meet you too."

About my fanfiction:

I write these while I am drinking coffee, and coffee gets me 'hyper'. Most of the time I can't think straight when I drink it, and I guess that after the effects of the coffee wore off, I had a fanfiction. (That's probably the best way to put it.) x3 Please tell me if there are any spelling errors.

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Chapter Two:

"So, what do you think?" Sara asked as they walked down the street.

"I don't know, about what?" Edward asked.

"About everyone else being taller than you!" Sara teased.

"WHAAAAT!?!?!?!?" Ed yelled as he chased Sara down the street.

"Brother! She was just joking around!!" Al yelled as he was chasing after Ed trying to catch him so he could hold him back.

As soon as Al caught him, Sara stopped running and started catching her breath. She knew this would be an interesting assignment, after all, how often does she get to call someone short? She wasn't too tall herself.

Once Ed had finally settled down, Al let him go, and they all sat down for a few minutes. Then, it hit her...she had forgot she was to take Edward back to the damn pervert's office, for a 'surprise.' Hopefully, it wasn't for what she thought it was...

"Hey!" Sara exclaimed. "Roy wanted you to go to his office as soon as we met up, we need to head back!"

"What does he want with me?" Ed replied. "Does he want to find some way to tell me I messed up my last assignment??"

"I dunno, but he said to go back, so let's go!" Sara said as she hopped up and started walking off. "You guys better come!! I can't guard you if you won't follow!"

Al got up and started to follow Sara, while as Ed sighed and unwillingly tagged along. Ed must have chased her down a long way, for they didn't make it back to Central Building for ten minutes! ( Of course it could've been necause they ran the first time, and now they are walking... )

As soon as everybody had caught up to Sara, they all walked inside of the building straight to Roy's office. Once they opened the door, they didn't see anyone inside! Ed, Al, and Sara split up around the room, looking for a sign of anyone. Ed looked over on the left side of the room, and Al to the right. While as Sara looked around the center of the room, and behind Roy's desk. And then...it happened. Sara screamed so loud it seemed as if everyone in the whole building had heard. Roy grabbed Sara and pinned her to the ground.

"Damn you Roy, what the hell do you think you're doing!?" Sara yelled as she tried to struggle free. "You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"Heh heh, do I excite you?" Roy said as he leaned down closer to her face.

Ed and Al just stood their watching. Ed was laughing, while as Al didn't know what to do. Sara continued to struggle, but she couldn't get out of his tight grip. Curse her weak arm strength.

But... she had just had an idea, Roy was close enough to her face, she could try biting him on the nose, to where it might cause him to loosen his grip. But then again....knowing how Roy has been acting, he might take that as a 'signal.' So, she thought of a different plan, just keep trying to get loose. Sure, it isn't the best idea, but she is trying to act quickly because Roy is leaning closer and closer to her face.

"ROOOOOY!!!!!" Sara yelled. "I swear,....if you don't let me go...!"

"What?" Roy said as he was a mere inch away from her face "I want to know what you'll do..."

Just then, everyone stopped as someone else, someone familiar, walked into the room. Ed started to laugh even harder now, because the look of embarassment on Roy's face was priceless.

"Uh...am I interupting something?" Hughes said. "Roy, you giving Ed and Al a 'lesson' or something?"

"WHAT??" Sara yelled. "Giving a lesson on what!?"

"Ha ha, nevermind." Hughes said while laughing.

Roy quickly got up and started brushing off his uniform, he knew that Hughes would never let him live this down, he was doomed until the day he were to die.

"Well," Hughes stated. "Everybody's ready, you guys coming?"

Sara was confused. So Roy wanted her to come to the office so....she shivered at the thought...even while Ed and Al were in the room! She knew that Roy was more than a pervert...

"Ah, I forgot," Roy said while looking at Sara. "We are having a little get together tonight, are you guys coming? Don't worry, it's 'child friendly', there will be fruit punch for Ed to drink."

Ed and Al looked like they were up for it, and since Sara was 'babysitting' them, that means she has to follow them and protect them. So she agreed and followed them to the little 'get together.'

Once they reached the room, she realized this was more than a little 'get together,' it was a wild party! Half of the military men and women in their were so drunk, they were topless! ( Don't worry, not completely topless, they just had their coats and shirts off, nothing more. XD ) She realized the Fuhrer mus thave been away on an important meeting. Sara quickly made Edward and Al leave the room as she followed them outside of the room.

"You guys are not going in there!" Sara exclaimed.

"Oh yeah?" Edward said. "..and you are?"

"No, I'm not!" Sara exclaimed back "I am going to stay with you guys!"

"Well, we need to go get something from the library" Edward stated. "We'll be back soon."

"I'm coming with you." Sara replied.

"No, you're not." Ed sharply replied. "If we need you, which we won't, we will call for you."

By time Sara had thought of a reply, they had already left.

After about twenty minutes, Ed and Al still had not come back, as soon as Sara started walking towards the library, Roy came out, and 'lucky' her, he must've had a lot to drink, because in just a short twenty minutes, he was already drunk.

"H-h-hey, why ain't y-you comin'?" Roy stuttered.

"What are you talking about?" Sara asked.

"C-c-c-coome on...ya know ya wanna!" He stuttered once again, while trying to stand up straight.

After Sara didn't reply, he came towards her with his fingers up at his mouth. Sara thought his fingers were supposed to represent fangs, or a really bad overbite.

"I-I-I'm gonna get youuuu!" Roy said as he came even closer to Sara with his fingers still by his mouth.

"Eh??" Sara was confused now.

Sara pushed him away, and he fell down. She freaked out, because as soon as Roy hit the ground, he stopped moving. She checked to see if he still had a pulse, which he did. She was saved. Looks like he just passed out.

While trying to lift Roy up to set him down on a neaby chair, she heard snickering. She looked up to see Ed and Al peeking around the corner. How long had they been there?

"Heh heh, I'm gonna get you!" Ed teased as he held his fingers up to his mouth.

"Shut up and help me with this!" Sara struggled to say.

"Heh heh, fine." Ed said as both he and Al came over and lifted Roy onto a chair.

"We have to wait for him to wake up, okay?" Sara sighed.

"Okay." Al said quickly before Ed could say 'no.'

They all sat up against a nearby wall, and waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually, they had all fallen asleep.

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A very well written fan-fic. Keep up the good work. *repz*

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