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01-15-2008, 08:22 PM
I mean this as more a suggestion than "this needs to be fixed" so I hope this is the right place for it.

I noticed a sort of discrepancy in the romaji and translation of this song.
The romaji line says:
HEY HEY ningensanka ai nige ningen huanka?
and the translation given for it is:
HEY HEY human sucker ah human, human ****er

The reason for this is because the sung lyrics sound just like they're saying "sucker" and "****er" (There isn't any forced pronunciation noted anywhere though) but the kanji lyrics say:
HEYHEY! 人間賛歌 愛逃げ 人間不安か?
Clearly matching with the romaji above, but a completely different meaning than the translation that is used . The translation should be something like:
"HEY HEY! Human paean, does love escaping make humans nervous?"
(Or in this case do 愛逃げ and 人間不安か have anything to do with each other? this song doesn't really make sense so it's really tricky for me)

Anyway, I would suggest the translation of the kanji be used and then maybe have a translation note or something on it.

The phrase at the end of the song with these words is correct, though, as the lyrics there are as
HEYHEY! 人間SU×××!! 嗚呼 人間‥人間FU×××!! lol.

01-16-2008, 01:05 AM
I wonder how I should do this .------.

The JP lyrics were compromised so that it has the phonetic effect it has in English as you mentioned on the last part.

...lol I was like "paean? huh?" gawd you all need to stop using words I've never seen asdf

I -think- the translator knows this, but chose to put the "deliberate meaning" over the "literal meaning" in his trans. Word puns are hard like that. At these times, yes it would suffice to give a note.