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12-31-2007, 01:50 PM

This is another one I'd corrected on .tv after the split -- I'm trying to go through and find all of those so I can fix them here, too.

First, a few errors in the transliteration:

>Anata e wa kono ai ga
anata e wa kono ai ga todokanai

>Kono ude ga chigireru hodo
kono mune ga chigireru hodo

>Anata o motomeru mo
anata o motomete mo

Also, the first "kurushimi sae mo", the one after "tenohira ni koboreochiru", should actually be "inochi ni terasarete".

And here's my translation (I'm feeling too lazy at the moment to point out all the things wrong with the original and why they're wrong; if you'd rather I did, though, I will):

In the pouring rays of the sun
Even the tears that wet my cheeks
Have dried up now

Illuminated by the life
That spilled over in my hands
I embraced all of myself

Even with the pain
That time teaches me
My feelings can't reach you

I can only watch
As time goes by

If you can save me from my sadness
Even if I have to throw everything away,
I want to love you

Even though I long for you
So much it tears at my chest, you disappear
Into an unfulfilled dream

Like a small boat
Wandering alone in the wind
While listening to an aria that weaves the waves

Like a child who counts the stars to fall asleep
Her entwined fingers unadorned

Even if I have to throw everything away
I want to love you

12-31-2007, 10:00 PM
I suppose I need your full translit as well, just to keep the translit consistent with your formatting, and also about on-site lyrics having legit credits.

01-02-2008, 02:30 AM
Okay, I wasn't sure whether you wanted that or not. Here it is:

furisosogu hizashi no naka
hoho o nurasu namida sae
ima wa mou karehatete

tenohira ni koboreochiru
inochi ni terasarete
dakishimeta watashi no subete

toki wa oshiete kureru
kurushimi sae mo
anata e wa kono ai ga todokanai

sugisaru toki o tada
mimamoru dake

watashi no kanashimi o sukueru nara
subete o sutete mo
anata o aishitai

kono mune ga chigireru hodo
anata o motomete mo kiete iku
kanawanu yume ni

hitori kaze ni tadayou
kobune no you ni
nami o tsumugu ARIA o kikinagara

karameta yubisaki wa kazaranu mama
hoshi o kazoe nemuru musume no you ni

subete o sutete mo
anata o aishitai