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12-30-2007, 11:14 PM
There's already a translation for this one on the site, but I disagree with it in some areas, so I thought I'd translation it for personal use. There's a couple issues I'm having.

おまえの姿 見るたびに
馬鹿なヤツだと 思ってた

Every time I see your figure
I think you're an idiot

I happened upon another translation of the song that suggested the second line be "You made me feel like an idiot". This sounds much more natural but considering this is Vegeta singing, my translation would make sense too XD

プライドさえも投げ捨てて 俺もまた
戦うのだろう 迷いながら

I'm even throwing my pride away again
And maybe hesitating to fight

That doesn't feel right to me. I guess I'm not sure how to handle "戦うのだろう"

12-31-2007, 01:16 AM
You're correct on your first point, but don't go LBL(line-by-line) on the second. Join the two lines together and then it'll make sense.

01-04-2008, 06:53 AM
>おまえの姿 見るたびに
>馬鹿なヤツだと 思ってた
>Every time I see your figure
>I think you're an idiot
You missed the past tense in 思ってた(=思っていた)
"Every time I saw your figure
I used to think, what an idiot"

As AzureDark-san said, the end of the first line and the beginning of the second line is one sentence
"Even throwing away my pride,"

~だろう is used here to indicate a guess or conjecture.
"I suppose/think I, too, will fight again".

「~ながら」 means "while (continually) doing~". Additionally, this is part of a whatchamacallit, an inverted sentence?
So this part of the line, 「俺もまた戦うのだろう / 迷いながら」 is essentially the same as 「俺もまた迷いながら戦うのだろう」 (I, too, I suppose, will fight again, (while) continually hesitating).

01-04-2008, 02:57 PM
Thanks a lot, Datenshi!

Now that you bring the point of 思ってた up, I originally had it as past tense, but something at the time possessed me to change it. I'm glad to change it back because present tense doesn't work for that phrase well ><

The second part I finally manged to work out for the most part, but thanks a lot for helping clear things up.