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12-11-2007, 04:09 PM
I was working my way through a doujinshi (where I get most of my translation practice from), and I ran across a confusingly worded sentence.

Confusing to me, anyway, which says little.

The sentence reads thus: 私の普段してることをわかってもらおうと思ってうそついちゃったの

Breaking it down grammatically isn't too bad, but I've never had a great grasp on translating もらう, and 普段してること is being outright obstinate. The situation presented is occurring shortly after the speaker has been accused of making one of her "usual blunders" (and it turns out that such is true), and it seems to me like the speaker is saying that she thought person A was trying to convince her through a lie that such a blunder was in fact usual fodder for her; but I'm just groping about with the words, really. Help would be much appreciated.

12-12-2007, 04:46 AM
verb + て もらう can be translated as "have someone do something"
eg: 兄に数学を教えてもらった
i had my brother teach me maths

i dont get why u said "普段してること is being outright obstinate"
it seems very normal to me
普段してること just means "something i normally do"

anyway on to the sentence:

best to split it into 3:
1) 私の普段してることを (the thing that i normally do)
2) わかってもらおうと思って (thought that I'd have you understand)
3) うそついちゃったの (i told a lie)

now to join that all into natural (sort of...hey its a translation) english, i'd translate it as:

I lied because I wanted you to understand (that this is) what I normally do.

anyway, im only 90% sure. i need to see the original doujinshi coz to be honest i don't 100% get your explanation of the situation. why don't u upload it for all of us to see?

12-21-2007, 10:39 PM
Thanks for the assistance, and yeah, I see that now. A lot of my grammatical issues are due to a lack of experience, and there are still a lot of little things that kinda throw me off.