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This is a action/adventure/humor/romance/drama fanfic. It's about the Digidestined and the Tamers teaming up to stop an evil digimon. There is also a friendship of a digidestined and a tamer, Matt and Rika.
Okay here goes...

Okay this my first fanfic so go easy on me please.
Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon and any of the characters.

“…” means they’re talking
Italics…means they are thinking
Bold Italics… are chapter titles or dates or flashbacks
Bold… are my author notes

Okay we’re all good.



It was the middle of summer in a park where a little girl probably the age of 7 or 8 was playing around with a rubber ball.

“Honey time to go home!” a woman called. It seemed to be her mother.

“Okay mommy!” the girl replied. Then she noticed something missing. “Mommy where’s Papa?”

“Oh…” The mother shifted her eyes and bit her nails. “Papa had to go somewhere. Guess he was busy because of his new job.”

The girl had a disappointed looked. “Oh…okay.” She said sadly.

“Come on pumpkin grandma’s making cookie at home for us.”

“Well okay.”

Her mother began walking to their car with the girl not to far behind. As the girl began walking a pair of dark hands grabbed her and wrapped around her tightly so she won’t escape. She pleaded for her mother but her mother didn’t noticed. She seemed to be frozen. In fact everything seemed to be frozen like as if time froze.

“See your future…” a raspy voice said. “See what you do to it…”
A light flashed around the girl. The girl saw buildings on fire, rubble on the ground, the sky dark, and…children laying on the ground lifeless! What weird it was that there were strange creatures next to them. She was so terrified, then the light disappeared around her and she was back in the park. Everything was back to normal and everything was moving.

“Wha? What happened?” she rubbed her head.

“Let’s go honey before Grandma’s cookies get cold!” the mother said sweetly.

“’Kay mom!” she ran towards her.


Wow that only took me about 30 minutes to finish. Okay on to chapter 1!

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I'll put up chapter 1 as soon as i can, i want to know if readers want to keep reading this

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That's interesting. I only spotted some minor errors so I'm not going to point it out. But you should change 'children laying...' to 'children lying...'. There's a difference in meaning. I'm glad that your presentation is clear, I have no complaint. But you should give a brief description of the place. It's good, so keep up! =>

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Chapter 1 The Digidestined

In a computer room of a regular school were kids somewhere the age of 13 or 14, except one who’s age is probably 9 or 10.

“Come on Yolie is it ready yet?” a boy whined. He had messy hair and wore goggles.

“Hold on to your goggles Davis. Just wait for a couple of minutes.” The girl sounded really annoyed. She had purple hair and round glasses and wore a green sailor school uniform.

“How many minutes Yolie!? This computer slow!” Davis yelled.

“Well thanks for pointing out Mr. Obvious.”

Their digimon, Poromon and Demiveemon, were watching them fight.

“They about the simplest things do they?”
“Now now, you guys shouldn’t fight right now.” A boy intervened. He was the same age as Davis and had dark purple hair.

“And why not!?” they yelled.

“Because its working and they can see you two acting like little kids.” A little kid pointed out.

Yolie and Davis looked at the screen and their faces flushed. “Oh.” Then they looked at the two other kids. “Ken, Cody! Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“Because we didn’t want to get involved too much…” Ken said.

“And it was entertaining for the Digimon.” Cody looked at the Digimon.

“Yeah it was and it was funny!” the digimon said. There were two Digimon, Poromon and Demiveemon were laughing and the other two , Upamon and Minomon were eating snacks.

Two kids, a boy and a girl, and two digimon, Gatomon and Patamon were waving on a video in the computer screen.

“Hi guys.” The girl said.

“Did ya miss us?” the boy asked.

“Kari! HI!” Davis said.

“Hey you guys. How is your vacation?” Yolie asked.

“Oh we’re doing great! We went to the beach and went fishing today. T.K. and I caught four huge fish and Gatomon ate one of them.”

“Hey I was really hungry and that fish was practically begging me to eat it.” The white cat said.

“How can a fish beg a cat to eat it?” Patamon flew into view of the screen.

Gatomon thought for a while. “I don’t really know.”

T.K. and Kari laughed. “Oh by the way, my brother’s childhood friend is coming to visit him in a few weeks.” T.K. mentioned.

“Why are you telling us that?” Davis asked.

“Because he wants everything to be homey for his friends and he needs everyone to do it. He’s staying at our mom’s place while our dad is in Australia doing a special report there.”

“Exactly who is this friend of his?” Cody wondered.

“I don’t know, they met when I was really young so I have no idea what his friend looks like or his name. All I know is that they’re really great pals.”

“Oh okay,” Yolie said. “ While you guys are gone we’ll take care of everything.”

“Alright Yolie just make sure Tai doesn’t get to pumped up about the big soccer game. You know how excited he could get.” Kari mentioned.

“Don’t worry Kari,” Davis reassured. “I’ll keep Tai under control.”

“And make sure Matt doesn’t overstress about the preparations.”

“Got it!” everyone replied.

Behind a stage, after Matt’s band practice…

Matt slouched on his chair as he read a letter from his old friend. He read the letter to himself

Dear Matt,

When my mom told me that she would be going to Paris for a while, I was going to freak because who would want to be in a place called “The City of Love”? Anyways she told me that I’m only staying with her for a week then head back to Japan. My grandma had to visit her side of the family in Hong Kong where they’re vacationing. My mom still has to stay in Paris and since nobody is going to watch over me while they were gone my mom asked your mom if I could stay at her place for a while. And that I heard from your mom that you’re staying at her place too since you’re dad is off at an other country for a report. So maybe we can catch up, I can’t wait to see you, your mom, and T.K. I wonder how tall you and your brother gotten.

Your friend,

He was interrupted when someone put a box on his head. “Now I wonder who it might be…” Sounding not so surprised, he turned around in his chair and looked up at the person. “Hey Sora, what are you doing here? Don’t you have tennis practice?”

“Hi Matt,” A girl with short red hair was standing behind his chair, holding a box. “I made you some cookies for you and your band and practice was canceled for the day because of a certain messy head soccer star accidentally hit a soccer ball towards the net and hit the tennis coach.” She chuckled.

Matt snickered. “I’m guessing it’s Tai, huh?”

Sora chuckled. “Yup! He always seem to get into a lot of trouble that way.” She then noticed that Matt was holding a piece of paper. “Matt what is that?”

“Oh this?” he held out the paper. “It’s a letter from an old friend of mine from Shinjuku, but the person forgot to tell me that the letter was sent from France.” He then sighed.

“Really? Let me see.” Sora tried to grab the letter but Matt kept it away from her.

“Sorry Sora but this letter is quite personal and it’s for my eyes only. “

Sora nodded. “Alright Matt I respect your privacy” she then walked towards the door. “You’re coming to the Digimon meeting right?”

“Uh huh, of course I’ll come it’s on 6 ‘o’ clock at Izzy’s right?”

“Yup!” she then waved. “See you later!”

“Okay see ya.” Mat then looked at the letter. I wonder if you are... Matt shook his head. No probably not. She only plays the card game. He then smiled. He began to remember his memories with his friend.


“Aww man!” the 8 year old Matt bellowed. “I lost…again!”

A young girl that was probably two years younger than him chuckled. “Don’t get upset Matt. You’ll beat me…someday.” She giggled.

“Ha ha , laugh now but someday I will beat you!”

“Yeah sure you’ll will.” She said sarcastically. She picked up cards that seemed to be Digimon cards.

Matt began to pick up his cards. “I can’t believe your gonna move to Shinjuku.” He sounded very sad.

The girl was surprised at him for bringing up a conversation like that. “Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m gonna die or anything.” She reassured him.

“Yeah I know but who will I play a card game with now? None of my other friend knows how to play it.”

“We’ll think of someway to communicate with each other.” The girl pondered. “Maybe we can send letters to each other. My mommy could help me send e-mails.”

Matt’s face brightened up. “Yeah we could do that but first.” he held out his pinky. “Will you promise me something?”

“Okay what is it?”

“Will you promise me the next time we meet may I challenge you to a card game?”

The girl was dumbfounded for a moment then she smiled. “Okay,” she held out her pinky and linked her’s to Matt’s. “I will challenge you. But you better watch out, I might be able to beat you really quick ‘cause I’ll be more experienced.”

Matt laughed. “Wow you said a big word.”

“Hey that’s mean.” She still smiled. She then realized what time it was. “Oh Matt I have to go now!” She then gave Matt a big hug.

Matt was surprised but then he hugged her back.

The girl released the hug. “You’ll remember the promise right?”

Matt nodded. “Right!”

The girl ran at the direction where her house was. She waved back to Matt. “Bye Matt!”

Matt waved back. “Good-bye!” he lowered his arm. “Good bye Ruki.” He said quietly.

Don’t worry Ruki, I remember the promise. Matt lowered his head. I hope you remember it too. I wonder how much you’ve changed. From the looks of your letter it seems you’re still a bit of a tomboy. No wait scratch that, you are a tomboy. He then ruffled his hair and stood up from his chair. He began to pack up and go to Izzy’s apartment. He stepped outside and looked up at the sky, it was a bit cloudy and the temperature was perfect. Wind blew and some strands of his hair were on his face, he then smiled. I want to see you again and T.K. really wants to meet you. We finally get to see each other after eight years, Rika.


I know the flashback and the last paragraph was cheesy, but I couldn’t think of anything else okay. Well just tell me what you think, the next chapter is about the Tamers. :rollt: Soooooo bored

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If you can't see it, I'm soooo sorry. It depends of what background/skin you perfer. If you want to see it, just try to change the style okay? I dont know why it appeared in a black color font. :( Once again sorry...

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